• Published 17th Apr 2021
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Reformed Unicorn Group Podcast - Quoterific

Four former unicorn villains share some laughs and fun upon reflection about their past

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Chapter 2- Enslaving Thoughts

"So, what is it with us and wanting to enslave ponies, or in Sunset's case, people?" Trixie thought out loud.

The whole room was an awkward silences as Trixie delivered the first question of the show. It was a strange and rather uncomfortable first question and every unicorn in the room reacted with shock. Tempest was enjoying her can of pop, but the contents of the can was spewed from her mouth. Starlight's, knowing where Trixie was going, only gave her friend an unapproving roll of the eyes followed by a small glare. Sunset had both hooves holding her face.

"And whatever do you mean by that?" Starlight added through gritted teeth.

"Well," Trixie spoke in the third person as usual, "Technically Trixie was under the influence of the Alicorn Amulet, but Trixie did place the whole of Ponyville under a glass dome and made Twilight's friends do things for my bidding," Trixie sheepishly.

"You also said you deleted Pinkie's mouth," Starlight lightly joked, "You may want to teach me that spell."

At Sugar Cube Corner, a certain party pony felt something with her Pinkie Sense.
"No thank you, Starlight!" Pinkie shrieked, "How would I enjoy cakes and sing!" Pinkie gave a dramatic gasp. She then broke out into song, causing the customers to cover their ears.

"I don't know what would be better sometimes," Rainbow Dash groaned, "Trixie's spell or the Poison Joke."

"Well," Sunset hesitantly broke in, "I did turn into a raging she-demon and enslave an entire school and turned everyone into a zombified army to invade Equestria," Sunset sighed.

"At least you moved on along with everyone else and helped defeat the sirens," Starlight comforted her friend.

"And you did tell Juniper that you enslaved an entire town with the same talent of equal sign cutie marks," Sunset quipped. Both friends had a laugh at the memories.

"I think I may have broken the enslaving record under the Storm King," Tempest mused. Starlight and Trixie shared a comforting smile towards the dark purple unicorn.

"At least Twilight offered you a hoof of friendship, and you are quite powerful even with a broken horn," Trixie answered, causing Starlight to give a small glare, but Tempest just smiled and waved a dismissive hoof.

"I am travelled far to spread the news of the Storm King's defeat, and I'm glad to be in reconciliation of my past," Tempest spoke sincerely.

"It's good we have so many friends to help us back on track," Starlight thought.

"Indeed we do," Tempest said.

"And I helped someone else as well with their mistakes and I've made more friends in my world as well," Sunset smiled.
"We all have," Starlight answered.

"Well, that's all we have time for this afternoon," Sunset answered to their listeners, "Have a great day and always lend a hoof to those who have lost their way."

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