• Published 17th Apr 2021
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Reformed Unicorn Group Podcast - Quoterific

Four former unicorn villains share some laughs and fun upon reflection about their past

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Chapter 4- My Shadow Follows

“Fillies and Gentlecolts,” Trixie introduced, “We are very excited to announce that we have a very special guest with us today!”

“Many lovers of scary stories would know him best as the Pony of Shadows, but now has one of the bestselling books with My and My Shadow,” Tempest eagerly announced.

“We are talking about, the one and only,” Sunset rounded off.

“Stygian! Welcome to the show,” Starlight greeted the unicorn.

“Thank you so much for having me on the show,” Stygian thanked the unicorns.

“Now tell us what happened when we last met when we banished the Shadow back into limbo,” Starlight wondered, “How did you get into writing this series?”

“Getting back into Equestria had its challenges,” Stygian told his story, “And I just didn’t want to be known as the Pony of Shadows or my past. It was actually Princess Luna who understood my turmoil, with her similar incident with Nightmare Moon. She encouraged me to take up writing. It all went from there.”

“Truly amazing stories and tales,” Tempest scanned through a copy of the third edition, “So much planning and detail. What was settling into modern Equestria like?”

“It was a challenge at first,” Stygian chuckled, “Technology comes and goes like madness. But I’ve settled in fine, and the other Pillars pop by to see me.”

“Now let’s get talking about your series,” Sunset inquired, “What do you want ponies and creatures to take away from this series?”

Stygian took a deep breath and said, “No matter how sunny the day may be, or how bright we feel, a shadow is cast behind us and follows our very step. No matter where we turn, or even when it gets dark, we have our shadows. My shadow was my past anger, and anger is always the shortest distance to a mistake. It took hold when the Pillars abandoned me, thinking I was trying to match their power. I just wanted to respect and grew in resentment. I became the very worst of myself that forced me and the Pillars into limbo.

“However, it was thanks to you Starlight, and Princess Twilight Sparkle, that me and the Pillars reconciled, as we didn’t listen to what we had to tell each other from the very start. I want readers to understand that no matter how dark our shadows are that follow us behind, we must embrace the light around us, such as our friends, when we need an ear to listen to.”

“Thank you so much for your insight. It is a beautiful collection of heartfelt truth,” Tempest said softly.

“I even read your friends’ Friendship Journal,” Stygian turned to Starlight, who froze in her seat. Not that cursed book of misery.

“Your friends’ accomplishments could rival the Pillars themselves. They are truly spectacular in their own way!” Stygian hugged his copy of the Journal of Friendship. Starlight just breathed a sigh of relief.

“I may take a copy of the Friendship Journal to my world if that’s okay? If a former villain think it’s good, why not?”

“No!” Starlight hugged Sunset’s face, “By Celestia, do not put that Journal into your world! Think of what your counterparts would do to that thing?!” Starlight begged.

“Okay then,” Sunset said slowly.

“Well,” Tempest decided to close, “That’s all for now. Thank you to Stygian for joining and get a copy of his latest edition out now!”

Ponyville shook as a purple alicorn shouted, “Spike, get the bit bag and a checklist. We are going shopping and heading to the bookshop right NOW!”

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