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This story is a sequel to The Perfect Drink

Every year, on Hearth's Warming, Berry Punch makes a drink for ponies. One special, perfect drink for each pony that needs it. This year, Ocellus wants one.

A Jinglemas 2019 gift for GaPJaxie

"You magnificent horse! I can't believe you did it! What you wrote is fantastic and I'm going to give it a proper review. But damn, you outdid yourself!" - GaPJaxie

"Friggin' amazing! Your sequel is basically everything I wanted out of a sequel and better than I could have written!" - Petricord

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Wow. This was interesting and a good sequel to the original. Even though I'm only 17, I wonder what my 'The Drink' would be. Of course, I need to wait 4 years to really know.

And the bit with comparing Discord to the Jester was certainly intriguing, but all the while it felt... I don't know... something.

Happy Hearth's Warming Everpony, VShuffler42

Hmm, an interesting premise. This is the first time I've read this, and I'm not sure if I've read the first one. Should I have?

I tried to write this as such to not explicitly require reading The Perfect Drink.

But that being said, go read The Perfect Drink. It's a masterpiece!

And while you're there, go ahead and make the 10,000,000th comment on FimFimfiction.

9999974 9999978
You might say it’s perfect.

It was not done by me.
It was done through me.

Very well done.

"The court jester is a special position for a pony," Berry explained. "Normally, nopony is allowed to make fun of the princesses. But as a fool, the court jester can. It's important to keep the princesses humble. But it comes at a price. Because as a fool, everypony can make fun of the jester. So when the jester makes fun of the princess, they don't feel hurt, since any joke he makes about them, will come back to him ten fold. He could tease Celestia in one moment, and then take barbs from Maud, there, the next. And that's the secret." Berry leaned closer to Ocellus to whisper.

"Discord is a fool. The Fool. The greatest of all. He can fool absolutely anypony. But... the other side to that, is that he can also be fooled by anypony."

This is absolutely god damned brilliant and is going to help with how i view him from now on.
Shakes, you're a top tier fucking writer. Thank you for writing a wonderful sequel to one of my favorite stories.

This was just as excellent as the first. I'm glad Jinglemas gave you the chance to write it.

I wish I could fit half as much in two thousand words. Brilliant.

Now I'm gonna have to go and read the first one. :yay:

Dan #12 · Dec 23rd, 2019 · · 1 ·

If only Professional Fools were still a thing. Donald Trump is badly in need of one on his staff.

Maybe John Oliver and Stephen Colbert could learn to juggle... and then reenact Hop-Frog for the White House correspondents dinner. It's traditional to roast the President.

That was absolutely wonderful.

I'd dare say Princess and The Frog was the last good disney film. Yeah, sure it was an inverted Princess story, but it had characters with actual personality outside the generic tropes. They had actual flaws that had an effect on the story and on their lives rather then it just being something solely made to push the plot forward and they had actual growth as characters without sacrificing their core person.

A hundred percent win in my book. Bad guy was a bit of a let down, and the songs were the usual hokey disney, but thats what butters their bread I suppose.

Barkeeps, mama's, and diner ladies have been fixing shit since time in memorial. Ironically Jordan Peterson is the one who wrote a book about it. And summed up the whole of the Barmamadiner experience

And tellingly bases a lot of his work on Disney:twilightoops:

No... no politics, please

She’ll get something better when she’s older.

A really good sequel. It's really nice to see Ocellus really has everything and gets some good lessons. It would be interesting, most people's drink orders seem to not change... even Discord's. But of course he never really got his the first time. We'll see what happens with his, and with Ocellus.

Role Magic is deep stuff.

There really is some kind of magic to bartending.

It doesn't even require booze, as you've seen and I've experienced. :)

"Of all creatures, you're the last one I'd expect to be upholding the law," Gallus scoffed.

I can't help but feel that upholding the rules when people least expect is expressly in Discord's nature. Unending irregularity would be too regular...

This was good, with everyone involved well-characterized.

Now that's a message I can certainly get behind, recognizing the difference between want and need. :twilightsmile:

Was going to say this but you already said it better.

I had nearly forgotten how much I liked the "Goddess of Drink" style Berry Punch. Brilliantly executed continuation of a great core concept.

Really looking forward to next year's Jinglemas, now.

nice drive-by truckers reference

10034698 I have no idea who or what that is, so any reference is purely coincidental.

10035191 nice accidental drive-by truckers reference
there's a line in this song that goes

stop me if you've heard this one before
a man walks into a bar ...

Brilliantly done, from the meditation on Discord as Card 0 to the rationale for Ocellus's Drink. Glad I finally got to this point in my Jinglemas backlog. Thank you for a lovely read.

"Well that's all you're getting..." Berry said, pushing it back towards her, " Ocellus. "

How in the world did Berry Punch knew that was Ocellus

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