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This was a really lovely read! Love how Luna and Lyra interacted with each other.:heart:


I'm just waiting for Donut Joe to ascend to become the Alicorn of Donuts and Chocolate (not coffee tho)!

Joe is already so much more than a mere Alicorn.



Thank you for this, MrNumbers! I loved it, and I really appreciated all the effort you put in. (7000 words, wow!)

Merry (late) Christmas :yay:

That was so good. I'm sick as a dog and I'm still feeling happy from reading it.

Lyra and Luna had great interactions.

This is an absolutely lovely, wonderful story, Numbers. I got a serious case of Subtle Emotional Whiplash throughout, and I thoroughly enjoyed every word. :twilightsmile:

Always fantastic to see you're still around, need to hit you up about something at some point.

9374493 Well thanks! The feeling has always been mutual. Hit me up any time you like. :twilightsmile:

This one... this one I'm keeping. I think I need to make a new bookshelf for it. One for all the stories that are warm and soft and deep all at once.

...Also, now I really want donuts.


...I really should have known this was you. Not many authors on here can make me fundamentally change how I view a character. I think I got most of what I wanted to say squared away in the collab (I'm now wishing I'd saved my comment gosh darn it), but yeah.

This is amazing.

I feel very ripped off the collab page got deleted for that.

Yeah I loved your original comment, it took me a lot of restraint not to break anonymity to reply to you guys

Donut Joe: the kinder, gentler world's version of the uncle-ish bartender you always wished for.

Lovely story, I loved the back and forth dialogue, especially where Donut Joe is concerned. Also, totally wishing I could eat your words (I haven't had breakfast yet :twilightsheepish:)
Anyways, I hope you and yours had a Very Happy Hearth's Warming, and have a Happy New Year🎉

Just beautiful.

That was quite cute. Though the disappearing doughnut moment may have helped convince me.

:magical finger guns:

“I need to see if they’ve got the translated collection of Cute Cute Kiss Boys in yet ..."

OMG? People buy Cute Cute Kiss Boys 2 when they could be rereading Cute Cute Kiss Boys 1? LOLLLLLLLL that's a joke right... DON'T THEY GET IT RUINS THE BOYS' ENTIRE CHARACTER ARC?

Here's my review: Cute Cute Kiss Boys 2 Is Neither Cute Nor Kissy. It's Trash. 0 stars

Seriously though, I'm always down for adorbs Luna slice of life. Thank you for this.

Hey Horizon this is just a notification for when you get back to let you know that Alphys from Undertale borrowed your account.

You might want to do some password security or something.

Thanks, got things re-secured.

... is she wrong tho

Monochromatic is when you take a step more or less saturated.

No, Monochromatic is when Twilight and Rarity get together. :trollestia:

“To give a gift, you have to understand what it is that they want,” Winter agreed, “and Twilight is very much in want of nothing. Even before she became a princess."

"Except more books."
"Too obvious."
(And then you covered that angle. :derpytongue2:)

“This is what happens when you let Celestia guide social customs by herself for a thousand years. Everything gets complicated.”

"I long for the days when I could've simply composed a poem for her, or slew some fell beast in her name. Preferably both."

I would hope Equestrian sci-fi would still trend towards the optimistic. It's not like they're blithely marching to ecological oblivion... are they?

It is indeed fascinating to see how other people think.

"A case of the morbs" is indeed a wonderful bit of slang.

Winter looked down. There were only three donuts on her plate. “The prophecy,” she hissed.

:rainbowlaugh: The mental image of Luna intoning that with the utmost sincerity over donuts is a wondrous thing.

A superb story of two unlikely but excellent friends. You strike a fantastic balance of lunar angst and lyric whimsy. Thank you for a fantastic read.

While it is never explained how Luna and Lyra became friends. I like the dynamic between them. I especially like the nod to the comics at the end.

I loved this, Lyra and Joe especially. I love that your bookseller was a person, with interests and relationships.

This is probably the most adorable story I love the interactions between Lyra and Luna.

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