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"Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice." ~ Dr. Sidney Freedman, M*A*S*H S3 Ep5


Rarity spends time with the love of her life, Princess Twilight Sparkle, at the annual Hearth's Warming Ball.

Nothing will interrupt their dance, not even a changeling attack.


Written for Jinglemas 2019, for the very lovely and author of the Best fimfic story at Bronycon 2019, Miss Monochromatic! There was no pressure for this story... nope... none... at all... OH God I'm still freaking out please don't hate it or me.

Cover art used without permission, so any issues I will remove. By bewarethemusicman.

Edited by the wonderful Pascoite, Anon Y Mouuse, and Moonshot.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 10 )

Bravo, Rob!

I'm crying now..,I hope you're happy.

That was truly beautiful and so very much like Rarity. Thank you for sharing!

This was great! I think Mono would be proud.
I enjoyed that you chose to focus on Rarity and Twilight when they're old, and you did a good job writing First Person Rarity. I would have enjoyed an entire story just of them dancing with no attacks. That said, you wrote the ensuing chaos well with some nice comedy bits, and that poignant ending.

Nice to see the final version up!

An excellent piece. Such a sad, but inevitable ending.

This was so good ;-;

God damn.

First of all, let me say this particular ship is totally not my thing.

Now that it's out of the way - you did a good job. I dunno if you tried to mimic Mono's style (or maybe it was unintended) but your story actually reminds me of "The Last Train Home" (which I dropped but read through the first few pages to get some impression). Also it totally resonates with that one lilfunkman's series.

So, like I said - not my cup of tea, but I guess Mono will like it. Didn't expect you to pick post-ending Rarity. Also, I totally expected Rares to die in the end. Like, on screen.
PS. The logic behind changeling attack is not specified but, frankly speaking, with the focus of this story it is not that important.

Rob please. You can't just play with peoples emotions like a fiddle. Cute, sad, short and sweet. Nicely done

I'm pretty sure that I can. I get a special privilege.

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