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From the first day they'd met, Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara were best friends.

On the day Diamond Tiara stood up to her mother, things proved to be no different.

Chapters (2)
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A great imagining of how docile Silver Spoon became friends with assertive Diamond Tiara in the first place, and even before her long overdue redemption, a few signs of a better filly under the surface, which weren't really glimpsed in the show itself. I'm about to read part 2 with interest, to see the continuation of this tale... :twistnerd:

A very good start to the formerly dastardly duo's new relationship, hopefully one built on mutual trust and respect now. Tears were kind of inevitable, but now all the mental debris is out of the way a hopeful future is in sight. Thank you for this lovely read! :pinkiehappy:

P.S LOVE your inspired choice of front cover. If that image doesn't sum up DT's self imposed hubris before her wake up call, I don't know what does now. :pinkiesmile:

Diamonds are hard, but that comes with brittleness. Nothing can scratch a diamond short of another diamond... but all it takes to shatter one is a solid blow from a common hammer. Meanwhile, silver is a relatively soft metal, but also highly malleable. It will bend rather than break, and dents can be beaten back out... at least, until you do it too many times and metal fatigue sets in, a whole bunch of little cracks that you can't notice until they make a big one.

But silver can be recast, and under the right conditions, even diamond can regrow. And a friendship as close as this one is easier to repair than either, given the right time and circumstances.

Beautiful work, Bookish. Thank you for it.

Quite the heartwarming story, and the way you wrote Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's relationship throughout the story was excellent. Their reunion in the forest was especially poignant, and it's these interpretations that explain why their characters fascinate me so much. Even when they've adopted a new, friendlier way of looking at things, they still show signs of the Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon that became best friends. Excellent work as always, Bookish. :twilightsmile:

Did ... did you just use science to teach a beautiful lesson about friendship and character growth?

You are my new favorite person in the history of ever.

She took out the crystal from Silver's bag and looked at it. "I already know the kind of pony I want to be. But it's not going to be easy. If I survive tonight, I..."


Part of me wants to know what she meant by that, but I've seen stories go down that dark road before. I don't need to see it again. :unsuresweetie:

This is an interesting character study, and one I can really get behind. It really shows that for all of her faults, Diamond Tiara is just a rich kid putting on airs and trying to prop herself up. But it doesn't take much for Silver Spoon to see the pony behind that mask, and once the mask is forced off, she's there to help Di cope with the fallout. Diamond Tiara is really lucky to have a patient filly like Silver Spoon as a friend, and she was indeed a fool to cast her aside.

Not much else to say here. I just really liked this one. :pinkiesmile:

Wish list for season 8 or 9: MORE DT AND SS! We NEED to see more of them. After CotLM, they just disappeared, except for a brief speaking role in one of the Equestria Girls shorts. That is not the sort of lesson that kids should be learning from reformed bullies. CotLM was good, but we need more closure than that, and more evidence that these two fillies are still relevant in Ponyville.

This though, this was perfection. Even with CotLM long past, it's always a weird feeling when a story makes me truly sympathize with Diamond. Here, it felt perfectly natural and believable from start to finish. Nice to see that Spoiled really took her little lesson to heart as well -- she seems genuinely concerned for her daughter, and is much more respectful when speaking to other ponies. I wonder if we'll ever get any closure for her...

Assorted thoughts:

Board meeting tea party is adorable.

She'd had to calm Diamond down from that "smile", more than once.

It kills me that the show never did an episode about the two of them specifically, because this line right here could be it.

In front of her sat a large tree stump, twice her size, and covered in vines. Of course, it was—she and Diamond hadn't used it in almost a year. She pulled the vines away, revealing a rope handle. She pulled it up, wedging the stump open and revealing a hollow more than big enough for a filly to jump to.

Silver did just that, pulling the stump closed over her, and sliding down a twisting path which always threatened to make her nauseous if the ride down ever lasted five seconds longer than it always did.

Knothole, is that you?

also did Diamond take another route because those vines should've been cleared away already otherwise

If you've never read The Silver Standard, then let me take the opportunity to give it my strongest possible recommendation, especially in light of the elements touched on in this story.

This... is a fantastic idea.

I love reading stuff that steps away from the norm. Great work.


Knothole, is that you?


Also, good eye! We'll just say Everfree vines are a hell of a drug.

Thanks for the rec, I just put it on my queue. I'll get around to it... ::looks at wordcount:: ...one of these years, I'm sure. :twilightsheepish:

Oh, this was quite good. SIlver Spoon and DIamond Tiara don't get nearly as much attention from writers they deserve!

Also, seconding the recommendation for The Silver Standard.

A hint of a smile spread across Randolph's muzzle. "Entirely my prerogative, Miss Spoon," Randolph said. "Daily ten-thousand-step regimen."

Why am I now imagining Randolph with a FitBit?:rainbowlaugh:

So, you know. I don't exactly use it. You probably shouldn't, either."

So, a very expensive piece of décor which can't even serve its main purpose.

Well, they've been around... just... no dialogue since then.

I hope she's just exaggerating.

I think the fandom wanted/knew these two to have a good side from the first time we saw them (or at least since season two). Now with their redemption, not to mention a lack of screen time that a lot of fan-favorites get, That love has just kept on growing.

"I don't blame you one bit. You left me when you needed to," Diamond said.

"No," Silver replied, shaking her head. "I left you when we needed each other."

Silver Spoon was the friend Diamond Tiara deserved, but not the one she needed at the time. :twistnerd:

I love you so much. This was so dang adorable!

The humor is right up my alley. Hehe, a cute Silvy makeover scene full of cutes. Perfect touch of silliness to where they’re smart but still very much believably foalish way of carrying themselves in the things they do. The little origin take on how they sort of rebel together against certain expectations is pretty cutesy.

This was a much nicer and more serious take on a first meet than my little AU one. Bravo, really felt like you were just having a blast writing Diamond in this with Silvy. Read so smoothly, loved the first chapter. xD

Now to go finish this story. I loved

“Want my glasses?”

“No.” Diamond said immediately.


Beautiful interpretation of events between parts we never got to really explore in the show. Lovely all around. I do hope they get an episode focus before the generation ends. We need one last post episode with these two. The sooner the better. :fluttercry:

An excellent start to a short and sweet story. You use "hand" exactly once, and "...have a have a few that..." is a likewise easy fix. There's are only two mistakes I found, which is almost as impressive as the well-crafted tone.

Even that little makeshift tent close to your castle she doesn't think we know about -- I suggest "she thinks we don't know about"

So, just that once, she'd been fine with seeing Diamond get her "just desserts." -- just deserts

Huh, I honestly never knew about the deserts/desserts discrepancy. (that said I had ponder whether to keep it as is due to the young age of the character and the fact that it was in scare quotes. decisions.) Thanks!

Egh, "just desserts" has basically replaced the original phrase so can't really be considered incorrect anymore.

I like this. It's neat. Thank you.

Silvy at her best. :heart: This was a real treat in all respects. :twistnerd:

Silver placed a hoof on Diamond's shoulder. "You were Diamond Tiara back then,
you've been Diamond Tiara since I've known you, and you'll be her in the future.
A 『diamond is unbreakable』, right?"



That's two hidden references out of four! I wonder if someone will catch the others--one's a little more vague, the other's kinda shameless and I'm shocked no one's grabbed it yet. :3

Happy it meets the Adorabully Ambassadors' approval, lol.

My only regret is that I only had one of these stories in me. If we could only get a post-Crusaders episode for these two, I'm sure I'd be off to the races with all sorts of possibilities. :pinkiehappy:

I would love to read about more meetings of the Tiara Corp board of directors.

You're telling me. :fluttercry:

I was saying the same thing on Chantal's twitter. Hope to get at least one DT & SS focused ep before the gen 4 series ends at the least. They always had such potential for fun in the series. Shame only the comics ever bothered to explore and have fun with the Filly 5 and others in their circle.

Fantastic. Though now I've got this in my head as I'm writing my own Diamond Tiara-themed story, so I'm going between :raritystarry: and :raritycry: as I consider this one, because I know mine won't be anywhere near this good.

In a way, I consider your explorations of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon to be amongst the most consistently interesting material you’ve done in this fandom.  Because in contrast to, say, Moondancer or Sunset or Starlight, Diamond and Silver really weren’t characters we were meant to sympathize with, nor for that matter was there much sign from the show they ever could be*.  Yet even before Diamond finally got a Face Turn of her own, you’ve been willing to look at them with a much more understanding perspective, a knowledge that even they have a story worth the telling, and so it’s been that much more fascinating for me to see what tack you take doing so.  And that feels especially true here, in a story that seeks to explore the specific nature of that aforementioned Face Turn and how, at a certain level, it was both more and less of a Turn than it might have seemed.

Right off the bat, I will say that I continue to be impressed and delighted by how well you match your prose to the perspective of the characters you’re working with.  Like, just in general it’s neat to see you take a more overtly descriptive approach to a lot of the prose here, with an emphasis on detail and space in particular that feels, if not atypical of your style, certainly distinct from the more evocative stuff you did with, say, the “Best Friends Forever” duology.  But more specifically, it’s great because it keys us into Silver’s point of view, to the detail-oriented fashion by which she processes ponies, places, and things.  The moment where she first sees Damond’s room especially and uses it not only to size up Diamond’s character but indeed to compare it to her own, both tells us so much about who Silver is and is a keenly compelling little read besides.  And it’s a running them of the entire story, too, the way in which Silver’s meticulous attention to detail, the way she analyzes what she sees, allows her to really understand Diamond at a level nopony else, not even the three ponies most responsible for Diamond finally standing up to her mother, does; it’s why she knows just where to go, it’s why she knows just what to say, and most importantly it’s why she knows how much of this she actually can’t do because it is still ultimately Diamond’s life and Diamond’s choices.

Which naturally brings us to Diamond herself, and with her the crux of the whole story.You do a fantastic job of digging deep into who she is and why here, especially because the way the first chapter sets up the second isn’t immediately obvious.And yet it’s all there plain to see; the specifics of the dynamic between Silver and Diamond, the explicit acknowledgement that their bullying is a kind of push-back against their otherwise-rigidly-controlled lives (and as you did with “Tiara Turnabout”, I really do respect your willingness to show us characters we normally sympathize with from the perspective of characters who profoundly do not; this is more prevalent in chapter 2 with Silver’s terse conversation with the CMC, but that moment where she and Diamond dissect how to target Twist, and why they’ve chosen her as their target to begin with, is likewise striking and telling), the fact that they’re both coming from a vantage point of, at once, profound privilege and an emptiness they want fulfilled, and most keenly of all, where Silver finds Diamond…in ways both explicit and a bit more under-the-surface, Chapter 1 lays down everything we need to know to understand Chapter 2.Just at a structural/technical level, it’s really well done; the way the conflict between Diamond and her mother first enters the story, not through any overt action but a few slight slips of the tongue here and there is especially powerful.But moreover, it reveals to us a greater depth to Diamond’s emotional arc as seen in “Crusaders of the Lost Mark” by showing us the path she’d already been walking to get there**. The fact that she’s always been pushing back in this way…the fact that she sees a better future for herself but struggles to figure out how to get there…it works so harmoniously with what the show’s already given us to enrich and deepen our understanding of the character and how she can continue to grow and change.

It’s also kind of impressive how well you blend tones here to get the needed emotional response.  Like, the opening Tea Party That Is Actually A Board Meeting is comical; the imagery and structure of it is absurd, and recognizably so, and the overt “Glengarry Glen Ross” reference especially underlines this fact.  And yet…with Silver’s own inexperience to act as a counterweight, we are also allowed to recognize it as profoundly heartbreaking, how much this little girl’s view of the world (and the place she’ll need to take in it) is already informed by something so vicious.  It’s never cloying or on the nose, and indeed I respect that you don’t treat it as an intrinsic Evil for Diamond, but that aspect feels unmistakably present even so, especially once it starts to inform her and Silver’s conversation on the whole.  Likewise, as somber as Diamond’s heartfelt confession to Silver at the lake is, it’s punctuated perfectly by humor that not only reinforces the dynamic between the two of them, but manages the feat of being at once heartwarming for its sincerity and amusing for its Mean Girl tone. Which is perfectly in keeping with that Grand Thesis I keep talking about, how this story at once asks us to recognize how much there was to these two characters already without the need for a Redemption, and then shows how even the stuff we don't necessarily like about them feeds into that very Redemption as well.

Something else I noticed here, incidentally, and it’s a garnish that’s ultimately so incidental to the story as a whole I honestly hesitate to call it “world-building”, but I rather appreciated it all the same: you consistently use magical tech here rather than the more traditional technology the show probably would (all those wonderful, multi-functional crystals), and I honestly really like that.  I never especially cared for the show’s choice to consistently bring its Equestria closer and closer to the real world in terms of its technology/the items ponies use in their day-to-day lives, so having an alternative interpretation of the concept here (and one that subtly plays into the themes about Class built in to the narrative; one doubts a “regular” pony has this kind of thing at their disposal) was a fun little bonus.

A bonus on top of a story that really, really works.This exact kind of thorny redemption story, the kind that dares to sympathize with these characters even when they might seem rather unsympathetic is becoming a newfound specialty of yours, I notice, and here especially it manages to expertly walk a wide variety of tightropes deftly and powerfully.

* indeed, in Silver’s case specifically, she didn’t even really get the transition to Sympathetic that Diamond did. 
** and double-kudos, for that matter, to better emphasizing Silver’s part in that episode too; it’s another in a long line of fantastically done expansions of off-to-the-side elements from the series.

This is very well written. I always love excellent Silver Spoon characterization!

Very classy, and a nice look at the relationship from Silver Spoon's perspective. The scene you describe is one that no one wants to experience, but that everyone wishes that when it happens, they had that kind of friend to help them get through it. Great job as always.

"Come on over here already! I'm just going to touch you up a bit."


"Well,oneof the reasons. We started making an itemized list once, at Twilight's suggestion, but we realized had to stop at a hundred or we'd be there forever."


This was my favourite story of yours that I have read :twilightsmile: It's like the characters are nice in their own way, and the standards of others don't really matter to them.

Me too!
"Oh my gosh," Diamond said, "do you even know anything about the stock market?"
I love this line lol it’s snobby valley girl combined with business nerd I love when people give Diamond actual interest in business

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