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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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A New Era

Apple Bloom's eyes fluttered open slowly and the very first thing she saw was Goten's concerned face staring down at her. His look of worry turned to one of joy and relief when she gave him a tired smile.

The half-saiyan picked up his little pony squeezed her tightly against his chest.

"You used up so much energy your anthro transformation wore off too." Goten told her. "I thought I had lost you."

"No way." She chuckled, enjoying the warmth from his body. "Just thought a nice little nap would do me some good after a day like today."

The couple giggled and Goten placed the mare back down on her hooves as gently as he could. She wobbled a bit, now having to get used to four legs once again. Hopefully, this whole transition between forms wouldn't always be this way.

Vegeta, Goku, and Piccolo all stepped towards the two; Luna being held in Piccolo's arms as her leg was still damaged.

Goku was back to his normal state, and wore a proud smile so wide, Apple Bloom thought his face might rip; it as a comical scene to see.

"You did it, Apple Bloom!" He cheered. "I knew you had it in you!"

"Indeed thou hast." Luna agreed, flashing a smile in the yellow mare's direction. "Thou hath saved all of Equestria from a fate most gruesome. Thou art truly a hero, Apple Bloom."

The namekian holding the alicorn nodded and smiled in agreement. Vegeta crossed his arms over his chest with a smirk and a curt laugh.

"Not bad for a small fry." He said.

Apple Bloom started to blush at all the praise being directed her way; they were all calling her a hero and a savior.

"Ah, shucks." She said, kicking at the ground with a foreleg. "It was nothin'. Just doin' what needed to be done."

"And doing it magnificently." Whis' voice carried from above.

The group looked up to see the blue deity float slowly down as he held his scepter at his side; a small smile present on even his features as he touched down to look at each of them. His eyes fell on Apple Bloom after a few moments, and he smiled slightly wider before speaking.

"You not only saved Equestria, young mare," He said. "you saved a soul."

Goku and the others looked confused, but Apple Bloom knew what he was referring to; she had helped Sapphic see reason, and shown him though words that hatred was no good to anyone. All it was was a tool to be used to write in the next chapter of a cycle of vengeance; a cycle she herself looked to put an end to.

The mysterious Whis looked around him at the assembled. "I'd say you've all earned something special today, Z Fighters."

He waved his hand through the air as if to address them all. For a second, it looked as though nothing had happened, until Luna gasped as her leg snapped back into place, fully healed. Piccolo put her down, and sure enough, she was once more able to stand.

Goten's hole in his chest was gone too; completely intact as if nothing had even touched it. His joy grew dramatically as he realized his halo was gone. He was alive again.

Goku and Vegeta too no longer had their halos; Whis had granted them life and healing for their deeds this day.

Vegeta suddenly looked as though he had an epiphany. Turning to the blue deity, he stepped forward.

"Whis..." He started. "My son, Trunks...he was here as well...can you...can you bring him back to life too?"

"I did." Whis simply answered. "There he is right there."

He pointed behind the Z Fighters and as they all turned around, sure enough, Trunks was flying towards them.

"Trunks! Trunks you're ok!" Goten shouted out to his incoming friend.

As the half-saiyan landed, he was tackled to the ground by Goten, who gave him a huge hug as they both landed with a hard thud on the ground. Trunks' face turned red with embarrassment at his best friend's display of affection, and he awkwardly hugged him back before squirming out of the embrace. Apple Bloom could only giggle as she watched the sight unfold.

Once Trunks was finally back on his feet, Vegeta walked forward. The two stared at each other for a moment, neither one saying anything. Then the saiyan prince extended his hand as if to shake his son's. Trunks took the hand hesitantly, and was rapidly puled into another embrace by his normally hard-headed father.

He didn't know what to do; this was the first time his father had ever full on embraced him like this.

"Dad...are you ok?" HE asked cautiously.

"Yes, Trunks." He answered, not letting go of his son. "I am ok. I'm more than ok now."

He let go finally, and looked his son in the face with a very serious look. "Never, ever, let your guard down like that again, boy! You should die like a warrior next time! Be ready for anything, like I've always taught you!"

"Uh...ok, dad, no problem." Trunks nervously laughed, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.

Whis walked to stand beside Piccolo as the group watched the father and son reunite.

"I'd love to stay and bring everyone back from the dead, but I have a schedule to keep to." He said. "I suggest you get to work on those Dragon Balls, Piccolo."

The namekian gave him a look, but scoffed when he remembered who he was. This was the master of the God of Destruction afterall; he probably had known Piccolo's plan before he did.

"Yeah, I'll get to work on them as soon as possible. Thanks for the help."

"My pleasure. I just wish I had time to sample some of the cuisines before I go." He stepped away from Piccolo ad tapped his staff on the ground to gain the attention of everyone present. "Alright, now. Goku, you and everyone who is coming back to our dimension needs to come over here now. It's time to leave."

The saiyan's face fell a little a this news; he had indeed made a deal with Whis, and it was time to make good on it.

He walked over to Whis who waited patiently for anyone else. Vegeta walked over as well, ready to head back to Earth and to Bulma; Trunks followed close behind him.

Apple Bloom felt a pain in her heart as she realized Goten might be leaving her to go back home. She looked up at the half-saiyan with pleading eyes, and he looked down at her with gentle reassuring ones. He knelt down and took her head in his hands.

"Don't you worry, Apple Bloom." He told her. "I'm not going anywhere."

He gave her a quick kiss before standing back up and repeating his last statement to his father.

"Hm? Are you sure Goten?" Goku asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yes, dad." He said. "I'm going to stay here on Equestria...with Apple Bloom. Tell mom I'm sorry, but...my place is here with her. I love her, and I could never leave her no matter what."

Goku smiled as he listened. "Ok, son. Take care of her, and treat her good. And take care of yourself as well."

Goten nodded and smiled, waving a good-bye to the three of them.

Vegeta looked at his son as he stood beside him; he noticed the distressed look on Trunks' face as he heard Goten's statement. Trunks obviously did not want to leave his best friend since childhood behind; the two were practically connected at the hip, and had a bond not even Kakarot and he would ever posses.

"Trunks." He said, grabbing his son's attention. "If you wish to stay, I will not stop you. Besides, Kakarot's son might need some help dealing with the other villains this world might offer up."

Trunks laughed and gave his dad one last hug, which Vegeta returned with a single arm and a small smile.

"Thank you, father!" He said, running to join Goten and Apple Bloom next to Piccolo and Luna.

As he ran he turned back and gave a final wave. "Good-bye!"

"Farewell, son." Vegeta replied, not loudly enough for anyone to hear as he watched his only child leave to make his own way.

"Well, if we're all decided then..." Whis pressed.

Goku nodded. "Yea. We're ready to go."

"Splendid." He said. "We have lots of God of Destruction training to do."

Whis tapped his scepter onto the ground, and the trio was engulfed in a long beam of light, and vanished with it, no trace of them left.

The remaining Z Fighters stared into the sky at the waning beam; each one holding a confident smile on their faces. After the light was completely gone, Luna turned to Piccolo with a slightly curious look.

"So..these 'Dragon Balls'...what are they?" She asked him.

Piccolo sighed. "Well, to make a long story short, they're seven magical orbs that can be used to grant wishes. I planned on using them to bring back Sapphic's victims and restore Equestria."

"Really?" The princess of the night exclaimed. "You have the ability to create such items?"

"Yes, but...I need a certain material t do so before hand..."

Luna put a hoof to her chin in thought and after a moment, had an idea. "I think I know what you can use..."


"Come on, Apple Bloom!" Goten called out for his wife as he stood in the doorway to their home. "We don't wanna miss the dragon!"

Apple Bloom, in her anthro form, cam down the steps at a half rush, trying to finish getting ready for the big day. It had finally been a full year, and Piccolo had made it public knowledge that the Dragon Balls were now finished, and that it was time to fix what went wrong a year ago.

The time had flown since the battle with Sapphic; in that short span of time, Apple Bloom and Goten had gotten married and built a home together. They'd rebuilt Canterlot and Ponyville as well, and Princess Luna decreed that a statue of Apple Bloom and Goten be erected in Canterlot square in memory of the battle.

Luna herself had taken on the weighty responsibility of raising the sun and moon each day and night, just as her sister had when she had been banished to the moon decades ago. The task had been rough on the princess at first, but over the year, she had learned how to control it.

The day was sunny, and the birds chirped in the sky as the slight breeze wafted through the air. It was a perfect day for the arrival of Equestria's own Eternal Dragon.

Apple Bloom finally joined her handsome husband at the door, and they walked outside into the day to head to the town square. Ponyville was abuzz with life as the news of the Dragon Balls had reached each home; ponies gathered to see their loved ones again after what must have felt too long or them. Apple Bloom herself was excited to see her siblings once more. She couldn't wait to show them her and Goten's precious new addition as well; the little anthropomorphic baby colt she carried in her arms looked out at all the ponies with curious and excited green eyes. His red fur reminded Apple Bloom of Big Macintosh, who would have been the little guy's uncle. His mane and tail however were black, whereas she remembered her big brother's as being more orange in color.

As they made their way along, they heard a familiar voice call out to them.

"Goten! Apple Bloom!" Trunks shouted across the way, running towards them and waving.

"Hey, Trunks!" Goten replied, bringing his best friend into a bro-hug.

"Today's the big day, huh?" Trunks said. "Piccolo finally got the Dragon Balls finished."

"Sure did." Apple Bloom confirmed. "It's been exactly one year just like he said it would. I expected it to be a few days more, but he was right on the money with his work prediction."

"Sure was." Goten agreed, booping his lovely wife on the nose; she scrunched her muzzle and playfully pushed his face away. "Speaking of a year, it's been almost that long between you and that Lyra gal, eh?"

Trunks' face became flushed as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Haha, yeah, it'll be a year in another month. I swear she only likes me for my hands though."

"Nah, if she was only into you physically, she would've found another stallion by now." Apple Bloom offered. "I reckon she actually does like ya, Trunks."

The purple-haired half-saiyan just smiled embarrassedly. He stayed with them as they continued on their path. As they neared the own square, the number of ponies multiplied as everypony was eager and ready to see the rise of the Eternal Dragon.

Pinkie Pie looked back at Apple Bloom and company, and excitedly jumped into the air to give a cheer-filled greeting. "The southern anthro just smiled and waved back at the over-zealous party pony who seemed to make confetti appear wherever she went.

Apple Bloom noticed that Princess Twilight still wasn't around. It was a shame really; the poor mare had been absolutely broken by seeing her big brother killed like that. She remembered they'd had to put her into the mental institution in Manehatten not long after the battle with Sapphic. Apple Bloom and Pinkie Pie both had hoped se would get better with time, but as it seemed, that was not the case.

Her small bout of sadness was interrupted when the ponies began to cheer at the sight of Princess Luna and Piccolo descending upon the town with what looked to Apple Bloom a set of blue Dragon Balls being levitated by Luna's magic.

The duo waited until the cheers died down to begin speaking.

"Citizens of Equestria;"Luna said in her royal voice. "this day marks the one year anniversary of the day that the great heroes Apple Bloom, Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, Goku, and Vegeta all risked their very existence to save us all from the tyranny of Prince Sapphic."

More cheers erupted from the gathered ponies, and some even turned to shout thank yous at Apple Bloom and the others. This display always made the southern mare go red in the face.

"An now, thanks to the tireless efforts of our world's Guardian, Piccolo, the Dragon Balls have been completed, and it is time to bring home all of our lost friends and family lost one year ago."

Piccolo stepped forward to speak. "There is one hiccup though. Unfortunately, my knowledge of Dragon Balls is a bit limited. I only know what I absorbed from Earth's former Guardian, Kami. His Dragon Balls were only able to grant one wish, and had quite a few restrictions on them. Unfortunately, those restrictions apply to my own set as well."

He looked straight at Apple Bloom an her family, stepping through the crowd of ponies to speak with them personally.

"Apple Bloom;" He began. "I'm sorry. I tried to make a set like Dende's, but I jut don't have the knowledge. Even with the bark of the Tree of Harmony making up the Balls themselves, I could only let through enough of the Eternal Dragon's power to grant one wish every year. This means if we wish back those killed by Sapphic and his followers, we won't be able to wish back Sweetie Belle and your family for a whole 'nother year. Are you ok with this?"

Apple Bloom's face fell at this news, and yet somehow, she had expected it. BEcause she had expected it though, she had prepared herself for it to be a reality. She wasn't going to let her selfish wishes take precedence over what needed to be done first.

She looked up at the Guardian of Equestria with a sad smile. "I reckon I've waited this long, what's one more year?"

Piccolo smiled, and ruffled Apple Bloom's mane, making her son laugh at how silly mommy's hair looked now. Piccolo took a glance at the infant; if he was going to be anything like his parents, Equestria would never need to fear anything again.

He turned back and made his way back to the seven blue orbs glowing on the ground; the Dragon Balls were ready.

Putting his hands towards the them, his white cape flowing in the breeze, he shouted the incantation.

"Eternal Dragon! By your name, I summon you forth: Ti-Lung!"

The sky turned dark as the Dragon Balls glowed brightly with magical energy; the winds picked up, and leaves and loose items began to be thrown around by the wind. In an instant, a long, slender dragon shape emerged, and coiled several times in the air before finally materializing above the town; it's scales were a beautiful aqua, and it's eyes a dark blue as it stared down at it's summoners.

The ponies all watched the massive creature with awe as it spoke.

"You have summoned me; what is your wish?"

Piccolo didn't wait a second longer. "Ti-Lung, I wish for all those killed by Sapphic and his followers to be brought back to life!"

There was a long silent pause as Piccolo started to think he may not have given the dragon enough power. He was relieved when Ti-Lung finally spoke.

"It shall be done."

The chorus of cheers was deafening as ponies threw hats and other items into the air in celebration; hugging each other and dancing around for sheer joy at the miracle that was being performed before their eyes. As Apple Bloom watched, ponies began to materialize before them, and each one seemed to be welcomed whole heartedly by many others. The tearful reunions were enough to make even this tough mare feel a small heartthrob. She nearly cried in happiness when she saw Pinkie reunited with the other Elements minus Twilight and Applejack once again.

After the wish was completed, Ti-Lung spoke again.

"I have brought back every victim except for the ones named Discord and Celestia."

Luna looked up at Ti-Lung at these words. "But...why not them..?"

"I cannot revive those that were deities or half-deities. I have not the magic to perform such acts." Ti-Lung explained. "You have made your wish. Farewell."

With that, Ti-Lung vanished in a bright light, and the new Dragon Balls shot into the air, and scattered off in seven different directions, not to be used for another year.

Piccolo looked over at Luna, who was looking down at the ground in a saddened state. He walked over and placed a comforting hand on her back.

"I'm sorry, Princess." He told her sincerely.

The alicorn wiped a small tear from her scarred eye, and smiled up at the namekian. "Do not be, Piccolo. Perhaps it is for the best that my sister does not return. Afterall...it is because of our actions in decades past that this entire thing happened. Maybe...maybe with her gone...we can start something new."

"I think we an too." Piccolo agreed.

The duo came up to Apple Bloom's family once more and held a small conversation, before Piccolo brought business up.

"Well, Apple Bloom," He said. "Luna and I are ready to go and negotiate a treaty with the changelings. Will you come with us? It was you that promised them peace, afterall; I think they'd feel much better if you were present at the meeting."

Apple Bloom nodded. "Of course. Just give me one sec."

She turned to Goten and handed their son to him, giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Make sure he gets his mid-day bottle this time, alright?" She teased him.

"You're never gonna let that go, are you?" Goten chuckled.

"Nope." She answered, imitating her late brother. "Hehe...I love you, and I'll be back soon."

"Love you too, sweetheart." Goten replied back.

Apple Bloom waved good-bye to everyone, and took off with Luna and Piccolo across the sky. As they flew, the Guardian of Equestria turned to speak to her.

"So...how does it feel to be a hero?" He asked her in a joking manner, knowing she hated being called that.

"Oh shush." She laughed. "Y'all know I don't like that. I'm just a pony like everypony else; doing my job."

Piccolo smiled; she was no ordinary pony at all, but she was humble about her accomplishments, and that was a good sign for the future.

"Well, Misses Everyday Pony," He teased. "I hope you keep up the good work."

She smiled and laughed as the trio soared across the waters, headed for the changeling homeland. She knew that today would be first day of a new era; an era without hatred or revenge; an era of peace...an era...of friendship.

The End?

Author's Note:

I cant thank youall enough for staying with me throughout this story! x3

Iwish I had a big old speech prepared, but I don't, hehe. So you'll have to settle for:


I hope you will join m in the sequels and tie-ins I have planned, and even if you do not, thanks for supporting this story and giving it a chance. I know it wasn't perfect, but I'm glad most of you at least enjoyed it.

Until next time, thanks for reading! :heart:

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I'm satisfied with this end. I'm... sad that Discord's gone, but considering how he is with rules and all, I won't be surprised if he has a trick up his sleeves for the future. A bit more neutral on the issue of Celestia. Cadance and Twilight will need to set up and give Luna a hoof, I suppose. Hopefully Shining's return will help Twilight's recovery. I've got no issue with a one wish dragon either. It's good enough for now that Piccolo regained enough of his Magic Namekian skills to pull it off, rather than solely his Warrior Namekian. He can always try and improve them in the future.

I notice you didn't give a name for AB and Goten's son. Any particular reason why? Also; does Piccolo have a look out? Or does he bunk with Luna in the restored Castle? Please don't say he just meditates in the wastelands, don't mean mean to him :derpytongue2:

5903238 I'm glad you are happy with the ending or at least ok with it haha As for your questions:

AB and Goten's son's name will be revealed in the sequel

As for Piccolo's accomadations; you'll find out in the next tie-in ;)

Very good job with the story. You can count on me to be there for the sequel.:twilightsmile:

Stay classy :moustache:

This was truly a epicly fun ride you brought us. Can't wait to see what else in store you have for us. This is officialy my favorite DBZ/MLP crossover story on this site. It really gave me the same chills and excitement as the show itself. Now lets see if we can go even further beyond!

TrunksXLyra? Hmmkay...

5903490 Think of the hair their kid will have!

5903549 Trunks' light purple plus Lyra's aquamarine equals...

Why do I have the feeling you will ship Luna and Piccolo XD that´d be awesome, also if you´re going for a sequel... GOLDEN FRIEZA!!

P.s. I loved the story!

The only real question i have is, is Apple Bloom and Goten's son the result of 'extra-curricular activity' or their potara fusion?

5903645 Well, they made love in the Time Chamber on their last day there, and a child (at least in humans) take 9 or so months to be born and since then a year has passed, so... :raritywink:

5903661 My curiosity is satiated, thank you.

Well now I do believe this is the second DBZ fic to be completed on this site. Congratz my friend on a story well written. I'll be waiting for the next saga. :eeyup: Until then...

Plot twist, Piccolo's Dragon Balls turned out like the black star Dragon balls from Dragon ball GT.

5903969 But it would make for one heck of a sequel, would it not?

5903994 I suppose in an alternate universe, but I already have a sequel planned out :twilightblush:

5903994 In fact I already finished one of the Tie-ins that bridge the two. It's just waiting approval

Once the nimbus set sails, there's no stopping.me from joining the adventure!...

Just Mail me when a story comes, OK?... And with that said, Cirrus!
*a thin, curly cloud appeared as Mallory hopped on it.*

Next stop, Griffin's new Fimfic!

only if twily goes batshit insane, but pilaf style.

Aw, it's over already? :applecry:

I hope you're planning of making a sequel. :pinkiesmile:

Comment posted by Griffin Productions deleted May 4th, 2015

5940898 Explain to me the joke.

5940933 Then why such an exact number?

5940977 Ahh...

There's a pun about how Krillin has so much semen that he can impregnate an android. She is an android, right?

5941467 YEs, she is an android; but she was human before that, so she's more like a cyborg in technical terms.

5941762 Cool! It all makes so much more sense now!

5964286 5 days is what harry potter takes me to finish.

5963931 Thinking in chinese. Sorry!

5963790 Why the hell do you think I made my username a paradoxical statement?


Yeah. That's what he did.

5978811 Not really. I'm just reading and commenting a lot.

5979014 Hey, I know there are a lot of spelling errors, others have pointed it out and I have noticed myself. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but I do not have time to go back and correct every error. Please don't fill my notifications with corrections; not that I don't appreciate it, I just already know of all of them.

NOOOO! WHY DID THE STORY HAVE TO END?! But seriously amazing story!

5993059 If she's a super saiyans its obvious she's at least half saiyan even though he doesn't know she's fused. I assume you read on to where he realizes she isn't natural born anthro, and that's why she was able to.

5993950 thank you but the story is far from over if you check my other stories.

5903919 I dint know. The black star dragons balls are mentioned to be more powerfull, if those were exactly i can guess Celestia and Discord would have return....Not to mention the planet blowing up in one year

6128003 It's not that they're more powerful, it's just that they don't have as many restrictions set upon them for safety reasons like the red star ones.

6129144 Yeah. For one they can actually wish to kill someone and the dragon will actually do it

6196500 No theirs two versions The namikan dragonballs is shenlong and shenron is the earth's version

6197689 Actually, The namekian's dragon is named Porunga. Earth's is named Shenron.

6199772 Then who's Shenlong then nobody?

6202054 I assume it's just what everyone thinks it is pronounced as, or maybe that's how the weeaboos say it :derpytongue2:

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