• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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Farewell, Appleten

Appleten saw the beam incoming, but was still in too much pain to even attempt a dodge or block. The beam hit her square in the chest, burning her slightly, and sending her flying back with enough force to create a small crater when she hit the ground; tremors once again erupted from her impact, and she let out a slight yelp as she did so.

As she opened her eyes again, she noticed her entrails were still hanging by something in the air, and trailing down to her. Following the line of her organ, she saw Sapphic floating above, wearing a few feet of her digestive tract like a scarf. He was making a show of acting glamorous in the grotesque fashion choice; a display that looked rather silly with only one arm.

"I always thought bloody colors matched my complexion. What do you think?" He chuckled darkly, starting to descend.

Appleten just coughed up another spat of blood in response as the tyrant neared her, dropping her strewn about guts to the ground with a flop.

* * *

"Oh no!" Goku cried out; his wide eyes glued to the screen and the grisly sight it presented.

Appleten was in horrendous shape; the pain from her wound was making it impossible for her to move or even do anything to defend herself, and Piccolo had left with Trunks' body. If someone didn't do something soon, Appleten was going to die.

Vegeta clenched his fists next to him, and stared angrily at the changeling king as he sauntered over to the prone form of the potara warrior. The smug bug was cackling as if he had planned for this all along. Of course, Vegeta had no way of knowing if he had or not, but it didn't really matter. In his eyes, Sapphic had gained an awful and sudden advantage, and from a piece of armor no less; not his own strength.

"Damn it!" He grunted through clenched teeth. "What rotten luck; that insect has gone too far! First my son, now he's going to murder Appleten! Can no one stop this bastard?!"

Goku had to agree with the saiyan prince; Sapphic had gone way too far now. Appleten was virtually helpless and Sapphic was taking advantage of that fact like a true scavenger.

"There's got to be something we can do! King Yemma, you have the rulebook right there! Please, see if there's a loophole we can exploit!" He shouted at the gargantuan giant behind the massive mahogany desk.

The king of the check-in station flinched a bit at the tone of Goku's voice, and pulled his huge rulebook out onto the desk with a mighty thump.

* * *

Sapphic's fist began to glow with a blue aura as he stood several feet away from the near-death fusion fighter. As the glow intensified, he raised his fist up as if in a challenging gesture; the energy began to swirl around his clenched hand like a whirlwind of power, and after a few more moments, his entire arm began to shake with the strength of the ki.

Appleten sensed this was an extremely powerful attack, whateverit was, and that if he hit her with it, there would be no surviving. Horseapples; if only she hadn't been so careless. She could've ended him with the Spirit Sword after she took his own blade away, or even simply snapped his neck like a tree branch. Now she was the one laying with her stomach gouged open and her guts trailing all over the place, slowly bleeding out and dying. Not a great way to go.

Sapphic began to rise into the air ever so slowly, and his hair bean to rise up as well. The long dark green locks looked menacing; like the tendrils of a demon slowly stretching to life.

"This attack is a lot like your Apple Bomb, anthro." He shouted so she could hear him from where he was. "It isn't a projectile like it, but in terms of power it far surpasses your attack's."

He rose ever higher as the power swirled like electrical dust around his limb.

"You may have flattened all of Canterlot with your move. But with this? I am going to level this entire mountain and the castle that sits on it! There will be nothing left of you but a whimpering whisper of a ghost in the wind!"

Appleten tried to get up, but the massive pain made her lay back down immediately. She tried to fight through it, but it was too far gone.

"I have to thank you for this, though." He continued as he finished his ascension. "Without you beating me half to death, this old attack of mine would probably just break the base of the spire. You've given me a rather generous power boost, Appleten; for that I thank you. But now...this is the end."

He raised his glowing fist up, getting ready to charge like a bullet straight down at her and end her life in one fell swoop. If she could just reach one of the earrings....

"Farewell, Appleten. Five-Knuckle Megaton Fist!" He shouted, darting downward like a sleek jetstream of blue through the perpetual sunset. He would close in n her in mere seconds, and she was but a fingertip away from her right earring. She knew she'd never pull it off in time; Sapphic was almost upon her. This was the end...

"Special Beam Cannon!"

Sapphic looked up and changed his course of direction as the spiral beam of powerful energy narrowly missed him and drilled deeply into the ground. As he regained position, his energy attack dispersed, and he looked up just as Appleten did to see the source of the familiar voice.

"Piccolo..." Appleten breathed harshly.

The namekian hovered above with his smoking fingers pointed down at where the attack had struck. He snarled angrily at the changeling king, and looked as though he wanted to rip his heart out.

"You were a fool to come back alone, Piccolo." He shouted.

"He's not alone!" Another familiar, and almost ghost like voice came from beside him. "Kaioken!"

Luna rammed her body full speed into the completely shocked changeling king.

"Thou lookst as though thy hath seen a spectre!" She taunted, smashing his body into the ground, and raising a hoof to crush his skull.

He got the strike, and flipped the alicorn over, slamming her into the ground twice before letting her go. Piccolo came up behind ready to beat him down, but Sapphic sensed the namekian incoming, and planted his still armored elbow into Piccolo's face. The namekian's nose audibly broke, and Sapphic grabbed him by his purple shirt and slammed him overhead and onto Luna with severe force, causing both of them to cry out.

"No...he's...killing them..." Appleten rasped to herself. "I...no....not me...I'm done for..."

She reached for the right earring once more, and grasped it.

"Farewell, indeed, Sapphic...." She gasped before ripping the potara earring off of her being.

There was a loud pop, and a flash of light, and Apple Bloom and Goten both tumbled away from each other before standing up, frantically checking their bodies for injuries. They looked at each other, once satisfied, and then turned to Sapphic. Goten turned into his Super Saiyan state, and Apple Bloom unleashed her power. The two charged for the tyrant with battle cries, ready for round two.

* * *

"Hey, Goten is still fighting in Equestria!" Vegeta told Goku, whohad been scanning the book with King Yemma.

Goku quickly came back to the massive screen and saw that Vegeta's statement was true. His dead son; halo and all, was still in Equestria and fighting. Normally he'd be taken straight back to Otherworld, or at least if he were on Earth.

But then again, Goten wasn't on Earth was he? In a sense, Equestria was the same as the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku figured; a different dimension where the rules of Earth did not apply.

King Yemma confirmed this with a cough to get the saiyans' attention.

"It says her that if the deceased somehow are able to get to another plane of existence that is not the living world of their own dimension, they do not have to follow the rules of Otherworld." He stated, readingfrom the text. "Since Equestria isn't Earth, he technically isn't breaking any rules being there."

"That means we can go too! we can help them, Vegeta!" Goku excitedly announced.

"Hold on, Kakarot." The saiyan prince interjected. "You already said to me when I got here that your instant transmission won't be able to take us to Equestria. How in the blazes do you expect us to get there?"

Goku thought on that for a moment, and came to conclusion; he wasn't absolutely sure it would work though.

"I have an idea. Let me find him firs, though..." He said, placing his fingers to his forehead and concentrating.

"Find who..?" Vegeta asked, curious.

The mighty saiyan from Earth did not respond for awhile. After a few moments of tense silence, however, his eyes shot open.

"Grab onto me, Vegeta!" He shouted.

Vegeta did so hastily, and Goku used his instant transmission to teleport them to wherever he had sensed his target. Vegeta had not gotten used to the rushing and thrashing way Instant Transmission carried matter, and he felt as though he would be sick. He stifled the urge to vomit, and was able to hold on until they emerged in a sort of garden like area.

The place looked like the Supreme Kai's world a little bit, but there were subtle differences, and a few not so subtle. The biggest hint that it was not there, was standing before them; a scoop full of ice cream frozen before his mouth as his eyes looked down at the two saiyans.

"Oh...hello, Goku...Vegeta...what brings you here?" Whis asked, a tad bit surprised.

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