• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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Whis' Condition

Sapphic turned in time to block the fierce strikes of the Super Saiyan Goten as he closed the gap between them. Goten was quickly joined by Apple Bloom, and the two launched a dazzling assault of punches and kicks in tandem with ach other. Sapphic ducked under one, and slammed blasted Goten away with a quick ki attack.

He turned to Apple Bloom, who tried to spin kick his head off. He ducked down once more, and launched his powerful fist straight into the her crotch mercilessly; a cheap shot if ever there was one.

Apple Bloom yelped loudly, and immediately rushed her hands to her pain-wracked baby-maker and squished her legs together. The changeling king wasted no time in taking the advantage to back off, and get a good view of his new assailants. They had appeared out of nowhere, and were fairly strong. He scanned the Super Saiyan, who was already getting up, and recognized him as Goten. He was about to question how the boy could be alive, until he saw the golden halo hovering over the half-saiyan's head.

He looked at Apple Bloom, who was still trying to stand up through the pain in her nether regions. At first, he didn't recognize her at all. Then he saw her eyes; those innocent and yet determined amber eyes.

"Wait...you?!" He shouted.

Now the name Appleten made sense to him; that hadn't been a naturally born anthro, she had been a fusion fighter. Apple Bloom and Goten had fused to create that insanely strong warrior. That explained how she'd been able to go Super Saiyan when he could not; potara warriors could effortlessly use the abilities of both fusees regardless of species. Appleten must have removed one of her earrings, and that's how these two were here now. If only Piccolo and Luna hadn't interrupted, this fight would be over now.

Just as he thought about them, the namekian and the alicorn attacked him from behind once more. They were quick, but Sapphic was faster, and dodged each one of their powerful attacks with relative ease. He had been wounded greatly, but thanks to Appleten beating him within an inch of his life, he had gained a huge power boost with his saiyan blood. These two, powerful as they were, were no longer a match for him.

He placed his hand on the ground and held his body weight with it as he brought his feet up; Luna missing a strike and going over him. The changeling king kicked out both legs in a show of deadly agility, an lodged the tips of both feet into his assailants' chests, sending them flying away.

Luna was the first to recover, and fired several magical bolts at him, giving out a yell. Sapphic dodged the first three, and caught the last like a baseball, throwing it back at her. The orb exploded at the alicorn's hooves, and launched her skyward. Before he could give chase, Piccolo attempted to restrain him with a full nelson hold from behind.

Sapphic scoffed, and using the awkwardness of holding a person with only one arm in a full nelson, performed a rapid hip toss, and punt kicked the bouncing and grunting namek into the air towards the princess of the night.

He expected them to collide and fall, but Luna regained flight, spreading her wings majestically as Piccolo also recovered by grabbing Luna's ethereal tail and hopping onto her back in a horse rider's position. Piccolo grasped Luna by her mane as she dive bombed toward the changeling king.

He raised one hand up and charged it with energy, yelling as he did so. Sapphic got ready for whatever puny blast Piccolo would throw, but was surprised when instead, the namek grabbed Luna's horn with his still pulsating hand. The alicorn lowered her head as he did so, aiming the deadly body part at Sapphic directly.

"Fire now, Luna!" Piccolo shouted.

Luna did not hesitate, and shot rapid fire orbs of magic-infused ki in all directions around Sapphic, who started to laugh when not a single one was even close to hitting him.

"You really need to improve your aim, princess." He mocked. "I think I knocked your head around too hard last time."

Luna quickly stopped her descent as Piccolo pulled back on her mane as if to stop a steed from Earth, and she hovered there as Piccolo let go to hold both his hands out in Sapphic's general direction.

The tyrant had no idea what was going on, until he remembered he hadn't heard a single explosion from the attack. With concerned look, he looked around him and saw every single orb the duo had fired floating around him as if it were a magical minefield.

"No where to run!" Piccolo bellowed.

"No where to hide!" Luna added.

"You're out of time! Nightmare Mines!" They both hollered in unison as Piccolo brought his hands down in an arch and stopped them as they pointed towards the now alert Sapphic.

The orbs moved towards him slowly at first, and abruptly their speed increased a hundred times, and each one exploded violently against his exposed muscles as he curled into a full body block against the attack. The sound was a deafening mix of thunder and a battalion of cannons as the cacophony of destruction continued. Once all of the orbs had made contact ad done their job, Piccolo and Luna both watched and waited. The namekian was sensing for the evil king.

After a moment, Piccolo's senses pinged, but too late as Sapphic leaped at them and smacked Piccolo off of Luna's back with a massive punch, then delivering a rib-shattering kick to Luna.

The princess gave a curt scream of pain as she felt some of her bones break from the strike, and tumbled down along with Piccolo, who, noticing her pain, grabbed her from behind and cushioned her fall with his own body. When they impacted, the ground caved in, and they fell into an underground cavern along with the dozens of newly created boulders from their landing.

Sapphic had no time to celebrate though, as Goten and Apple Bloom were once again on him; their attack like a dance of death to him more than an assault. The pair seemed to play off of each other's attacks flawlessly as if they were one person. This could be trouble.

Goten launched a high kick that Sapphic sidestepped, but his face was mashed back into Goten's foot by a fierce and surprisingly strong punch by Apple Bloom. They locked fists and tried to double punch his lights out,but he jumped up and hovered above them, charging a beam attack to try and fry them.

Goten immediately and without hesitation grabbed Apple Bloom's wrist, and hurled her into the air at Sapphic. She used the momentum to flip around and aim a fast kick at the tyrant. There was no time to dodge, and her hoof buried itself in his muscle-molded gut.

There was a pause before he was flung back a ways, and regained his composure.

Her power was incredible...but...

"Appleten packed a lot more of a punch then you." He taunted.

Apple Bloom said nothing as Goten flew to join her in the air.

* * *

"So that's why we need you to take us to Equestria." Goku finished explaining to the deity before him.

Whis nodded, having been listening intently, while still enjoying his bowl of custom made ice cream. each bite he took, he made a cute-ish face and his cheeks blushed ever so slightly, which caused Vegeta to nearly vomit.

As Whis swallowed the last of his treat, he looked down at his staff; more specifically into the obsidian black orb that was atop it.

"Ah, yes, I've been keeping tabs on that little skirmish." He said with a slight smile as he watched some more of it play out on his scepter's orb. "It's quite the display of power and teamwork, wouldn't you say?"

"Look, Whis," Vegeta boldly stated, taking a step forward "we don't have time for these silly little conversations! We need to get to equestrian, and we need to get there now!"

Goku covered his mouth as if trying to shush Vegeta; no one should ever speak to someone as powerful as Whis was like that, and especially with that tone of voice and body language.

Whis himself suddenly became serious, and yet, not in a threatening way as Goku had expected. He stood up, and looked down at the two saiyans as if mulling over an idea.

"I'll take you to Equestria," He said. "but only on one condition, and you may not break this condition after the battle is over."

"What is it?" Goku asked, willing to do near anything to help his friends and end their suffering.

Whis turned away and placed both his hands behind his back at the waist before speaking.

"I will only do so...if Goku takes on the role of God of Destruction afterwards."

Both Vegeta and Goku's eyes snapped wide open in shock at the condition; their breath near leaving them.

"But...why? Isn't Lord Beerus already the God of Destruction?!" Goku pleaded, trying to make for another condition.

Whis turned back to the two with a slightly saddened expression. "I'm afraid Lord Beerus is nearing his end. He has lived for an unfathomably long time, and his power is finally taking it's toll on his body. When this sleep cycle ends, his life will as well, and a new God of Destruction will need to be chosen for this universe."

He walked closer to the two warriors, who were still agape with disbelief. How could it be happening now that Beerus was dying? What rotten luck....

"You refused my offer before," Whis continued. "but I think now you have an extra incentive to change your mind. Just agree to become Lord Beerus' replacement, and I'll transport both you and Vegeta to Equestria to save your friends."

Goku started to shake a bit. How could he be the new God of Destruction? He didn't think he had it in him to destroy planets and kill entire species of people because some comic balance said it needed to happen. He just couldn't! There had to be another way...

"Why does Kakarot have to do that?" Vegeta piped up. "Why not make me the God of Destruction? Kakarot cannot do it because he lacks willingness to destroy life...at least I have already done so before...I can get used to it again."

"Vegeta.." Goku breathed, hearing his long time rival's offer.

"I'm afraid not, Vegeta." Whis said, shooting down their hope once again. "You are not as strong as Goku is. And besides, he has more in him than you give him credit for. In time, he will make a magnificent God of Destruction."

Vegeta scowled. "But can't you see he doesn't want to do that?! He has no desire to be a god, let alone one that destroys!"

"What he wants is of no consequence." Whis calmly replied; he moved his scepter around him in a small orbit. "The cosmic balance determines what happens...not what we want to happen. He can either do it, and have both Equestria and his own universe, or he can refuse and watch Equestria burn and then his own universe fall apart from the lack of a destroyer to keep balance. It's your choice."


Goku couldn't...he just couldn't...bt I he didn't, so many more lives would be lost then just the onesin Equestria. He didn't know how he knew this, but the cosmic balance spiel that Whis was talking about didn't sound like a lie. It was true that the universe needed a destroyer god, and without Beerus, Whis saw only Goku as a prime replacement.

"I..." He finally spoke. "I will...do it."

"I'm sorry." Whis said, genuinely not hearing it.

"I said I'll do it." Goku repeated louder and with more conviction. "I'll become the new God of Destruction..."

The deity clapped his hands together in elation. "Wonderful! Now about that trip to Equestria; stand next to me please."

The saiyans did so as Whis posed himself to tap his scepter on the ground. "It will take three minutes to get there. Hold on tight."

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