• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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Lover's Kamehameha!

The group of warriors watched horrified from below as the gargantuan beam of ki and magic energy soared towards them and the surface of Equestria. The power was just about on par with even Apple Bloom's newfound Rainbow Power, and it was approaching fast.

"Apple Bloom, if that hits the surface, Equestria will be completely destroyed!" Goku shouted urgently. "We need to stop it!"

She nodded and they both took up the stance of the signature Kamehameha.

"Times ten..." Goku stated before they launched the attack.

"Kamehameha!" They both shouted together; Goku's red beam intertwining with Apple Bloom's rainbow colored one and slamming headlong into Sapphic's planet busting attack.

The sound was loud and nearly deafening as the energy waves clashed, and after fluctuating position, held steady in the dead center; neither beam giving way at all.

The duo struggled underneath the pressure, trying to push Sapphic's own attack back at him, but so far, they were only able to hold it at a standstill.

"Come on! Put everything you have into it!" Goku shouted to her.

"I am!" Apple Bloom hollered back, pouring as much energy as she could into the blast.

Goku grunted as he realized they were both at their full power right now; Sapphic really was using everything he had to destroy this planet.

"Oh no!" He said through gritted teeth as he continued to try and push it back. "We don't have enough power! We need more power!!"

"I think I can help with that.." The familiar voice piped up.

Vegeta had crawled his way out of the gorge like impact zone, and was now once again in Super Saiyan 2 mode. He took a stance on the opposite side of Apple Bloom, spreading his arms out wide as if to try and embrace something before bringing them together at the heels of his palms.

"Final Flash!" He shouted out viciously, adding his own immense power to the attack as the yellow beam burst forth to join the others.

The deadlock wavered a bit, but didn't do much other than push the attack back a few inches. Goku growled as he witnessed this.

"It's...still not enough...no!!"

Apple Bloom started to sweat profusely as she poured every bit of her energy into the attack; she was not holding anything back at all, and Sapphic was still fighting back. What determination he possessed....

The three powerful warriors tried to give more energy for the beams, but they were at maximum, and had no more energy to give. Even Apple Bloom was at the limit of her new Rainbow Power just holding this intense beam back. She took a glance back at Goten and Luna; the alicorn's horn was still stuck in the ground through his chest, but he looked as though he were starting to stir back awake. The question was, would he wake up in time to help?

Whis continued to observe the beam struggle from the sidelines, a thoughtful look on his face as he watched the three Z Fighters specifically.

Sapphic growled loudly in frustration as he couldn't push his attack forward anymore. The combined power of the fighters below was holding his attack at bay. Damn them; all his magical and ki based power was packed into this attack, how could they be holding it back like this?

He had one last idea for victory, and since he knew he was to die anyway, he did not hesitate to enact it. Drawing upon the very energy that allowed him to live; his life force and soul, he injected every ounce of it into his beam, giving a frightening warcry as he did so. electricity coursed through the beam as did massive pressure blasts which started to push his attack forward.

The electrical surges traveled down the Z Fighters' beams and struck each of them; Vegeta was thrown back and unable to move from the static coursing through him. Apple Bloom and Goku held on, but another, more powerful wave of the hocking pressure struck, and Goku was thrown back as well.

The Super Saiyan 4 slowly and shakily got back up and pressed the attack once more, joining his beam to Apple Bloom's, but the electricity had weakenedhim, ad the next wave not only put him down for the count, but sent a severe jolt into Apple Bloom herself.

The anthropomorphic mare started to panic a little as her left arm dropped suddenly; all feeling in it lost. The attack had rendered her arm numb and incapable of responding to her brain's commands, and her rainbow Kamehameha shrank in size slightly, now only powered by one hand.

Sapphic cackled insanely from above as his planet killing attack started to push forward once again, overpowering Apple Bloom's own beam.

"Now you'll know!" He nearly shrieked in anticipation. "Now you ponies will know the pain of losing everything because of another! You'll learn the helplessness that we changelings felt as you slaughtered us; just as I will now slaughter you all!"

He laughed again, and before giving the final push, he shouted to the heavens; "THIS IS FOR YOU, MOTHER!!"

He bellowed like monster as his eyes and mouth emitted bright white light; he poured his whole being except his physical body into the attack, and the beam advanced faster and faster; Apple Bloom was unable to stop it.

"No!" She cried, trying to press forward, her left arm still dead and useless, and Goku and Vegeta unable to get back up.

She couldn't let this be the end; this couldn't be how it was all going to go. But she had no energy left; in fact, she only panicked more when she realized she was no longer in her Rainbow Power form. She had used all of the energy from the transformation to stop the beam, and now she as trying to stop a soul weapon with a mere Kamehameha wave.

It looked like this was really the end.

At least, that's what she thought, until she felt an arm wrap around her waist from behind. The feeling was gentle, and yet powerful all at once, and when she turned her head, she saw Goten, back up and in action; his Super Saiyan energy swirling about him as he brought his right hand to bear under her's; their palms forming the sign for a single Kamehameha. He let some of his energy into the attack to slow the beam down, but it still advanced ever so surely. It wouldn't be long before it touched down on Equestria's surface.

"Goten..." She grunted to him, trying to keep her energy going with his. "I can't hold it back...I'm out of energy...."

"I noticed.." He said, turning his head to her; his nose touching her muzzle. "So I'm going to give you some of mine."

Before Apple Bloom could ask how, Goten pressed his Super Saiyan lips onto her own set and kissed her deeply. She could feel his intense energy transferring into her, and giving her just enough to power back into Rainbow Power state.

Their lips separated, and Goten smiled at her. "Let's do this!"

She nodded and smiled back before they both turned their heads to the task at hand; their hands thrusting forward to shoot out a massive single Kamehameha. Sapphic's attack slowed to a near stop at the added and rejuvenated power.

"No! I won't let you do this!" The changeling king shouted, his life force waning.

The beams struggled, but Sapphic's still inched forward like a snail. Goten and Apple Bloom continued to fire their beam, but it wasn't stopping the attack.

"It was a good try Goten..." Apple Bloom offered. "I love you..."

Goten grunted as he continued to pour his ki outwards "I love you too..."

"It's all over now!" Sapphic howled in victory.

Sapphic suddenly sensed another power level from his side, and before he knew who it was, the being's voice answered for him.

"Masenko, ha!!!" Piccolo yelled, shooting his attack at Sapphic to try and give the lovers below an edge.

The masenko beam hit, and exploded against Sapphic, causing him to lose his focus long enough for Apple Bloom and Goten to give everything they had in one final push. The duo howled defiance as their Lover's Kamehameha forced Sapphic's Soul beam back rapidly.

Sapphic regained control just before he was completely overpowered. he Kamehameha was just about at his fingertips.

"No! You can't beat me! I'm the strongest being in the universe!!"

At that, Whis coughed casually with a look of slight annoyance, and Sapphic lost it; his energy vanished, gone in the blink of an eye as the massive beam swallowed his body whole.

"No...I...lost...? Hooo...."

* * *

Everything was white when Sapphic opened his eyes again. He jerked into a standing position, and looked around wildly, seeing nothing but white forever long. When he turned his head again, he saw the blue man with the scepter, standing there looking at him with a strange smile. That same chill went all over Sapphic as he locked eyes with the stranger.

He looked to where the being he believed they had called Whis was motioning, and saw Apple Bloom, no longer in Rainbow Power mode...heck, she wasn't even in her anthro body. She was in her normal pony form once more, and looking right at Sapphic.

It was that instant Sapphic realized he too had been returned to normal; his exoskeleton was back, as were his clear wings and his once missing arm. His injuries were gone, and he felt no pain at all. He then noticed Apple Bloom as well had not even a scrape on her.

What was going on now...?

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