• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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"I Am...The Namek."

"Piccolo, I must know;" Sapphic spoke to his waiting opponent as the two hovered high above the royal city. "what in all of Equestria makes you think you even stand a chance against me? A mere namek like you will be little more than a warm-up."

Piccolo's face remained neutral as he spoke. "It's a good thing I'm not a mere normal namek, then."

"Oh, please. What makes you so special from any other slug-biped?"

"Do you know what Kami translates to in this language?" The namekian asked suddenly.

"What? No, why des that even matter?"

"You'll find out soon enough."

Piccolo was in front of Sapphic in an instant, and planted a fist firmly into his steel-plated skull. The changeling king reacted quickly, and ducked under Piccolo's next attack to hit with a punch of his own. The namekian disappeared as if he were a cloud of smoke as soon as the tyrant's powerful knuckles met him.

"Nice try." Piccolo's voice said from behind him.

Sapphic turned sharply to see him hovering with his arms crossed as his large white cape continued to flow in the wind. He knew Piccolo had used the afterimage technique, but what surprised him was the speed at which he did so. Their little exchange had only been mere miliseconds, and he had had an afterimage prepared.

He couldn't think too much longer on this as Piccolo started to beat him around with powerful strikes from every limb, chaining them together in a flawless combo of pain. Sapphic noted that he'd have to reward the armor smith pony somehow for crafting such sturdy armor; even under all the damage he suffered so far, only small dents appeared throughout the suit.

Piccolo kicked Sapphic back down to the ground, and he managed to catch himself as the namekian followed.

Sapphic blasted a beam of energy from his palm and it hit the namek square in the chest. The blast was supposed to have vaporized him, and yet the only thing the beam had done was knock Piccolo back several feet. Perhaps he was no mere namek afterall, Sapphic thought. He might actually have to go all out against him.

Piccolo circled around and came in hot for a kick, which Sapphic rapidly sidestepped. He grabbed Piccolo's flowing cape, and pulled hard, lifting the namekian off his feet and back away from the king as he threw him. Sapphic fired off several ki blasts after him as he tumbled down the street, but he recovered, and dodged each one in a zigzag-like pattern as he closed the gap between them once more. His fierce kick did not miss this time, and Sapphic was forcefully thrown back as the kick connected with his armored gut.

Piccolo dashed in pursuit and managed to get a few more punches in until Sapphic burst out his air bomb again, sending Piccolo back and gaining a bit of distance once more. The changeling king's jaw dropped in disbelief as Piccolo was already dashing back at him for more. What in the world was this namekian on?

He successfully hit Piccolo with six ki blasts from his hand, but it did little more than slow Piccolo down. Sapphic avoided another attack, and made to gain some ore distance and try to form a type of strategy.

Now it was Piccolo's turn to fire off a volley of ki blasts; Sapphic barely dodged most of them, and a few more exploded harmlessly on his armor. As the namekian closed in for another attack, Sapphic shouted in anger, letting loose another beam more powerful than the last one he had used. The attack hit Piccolo, but once again, the most damage it did was burn a hole in his purple gi, and burn his green skin a bit.

"What the hell..?"

"If you think that's impressive..." Piccolo chuckled.

He did not finish his statement, and decided he would let his body language do so instead. He spread his legs apart, and put each of his fingertips together in the middle of his chest. An orange ball of fiery energy started to materialize between his hands in seconds.

Sapphic sensed the power level of the namekian rise as the attack grew bigger and brighter in his clutches.

"Light Grenade!" Piccolo shouted out as he fired the rather large ball of energy from his being; the attack rocketed forward like a bullet intent of lodging itself in the tyrant's brain.

Sapphic tried to dodge, but the blast was much to fast, and had been fired so suddenly, his reaction time was not sufficient, an the Light Grenade as Piccolo had called it hit it's mark and exploded violently, engulfing Sapphic in a bright and powerful light.

When the explosion cleared, Sapphic was nowhere to be seen. Piccolo knew he hadn't disintegrated him, and searched forward in case the usurper had been flung back. As he expected, Sapphic lay several yards down the long street in a crater he had created upon impact with the cobblestone roads. A few windows had shattered from his landing as well, and even one building had been demolished; it's once tall walls now nothing but crumbled stone on the bloodstained ground.

Piccolo waited in the air as Sapphic recovered, and immediately hopped back into and aerial standpoint. He stopped several feet away, and sighed in aggravation. His armor was glowing with the heat of the Light Grenade, but it was already starting to cool in the winds of the high altitude.

"Ok, I'll bite." He said. "What's a Kami?"

The namekian smirked a little, happy to get to say this to his adversary. "Well you see, several years ago, I had to help Goku and the others save the Earth from an android named Cell. To do this, I needed a huge power boost; the one I had gotten from fusing with another namek named Nail wasn't enough."

Sapphic rolled his eyes beneath his death's head, but listened.

"There was only one sure way for me to get super strong before too much time had passed, and that was to fuse with the Guardian of Earth at the time; Kami."

Sapphic now raised an eyebrow. "Wait a moment, are you saying that--"

"That's right." Piccolo confirmed. "I fused with God, and became The Namek."

There was silence for a moment, but after a few seconds, Sapphic started to laugh uproariously; obnoxiously. Piccolo was puzzled, but then figured out why the usurper was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe.

"You...you want me to believe..that you are now a deity?" He managed through gasps. "Oh...ohoho, that's rich. Thanks for the laugh,Piccolo, I needed that after such a long day."

"Don't believe me?" Piccolo simply replied.

"Of course not." Sapphic remarked, smiling devilishly. "Look, you may be strong, but you're not that strong. And even if you did fuse with the one named Kami, he must have been one weak deity to you Earthlings. You're power is still nowhere close to mine."

"Then why am I still talking?"

"Trust me...you won't be soon."

Appleten and Trunks watched from below as the two exchanged words.

"I think Piccolo might actually have a chance, Appleten." Trunks offered, hopefully. "He hasn't even taken off his weighted clothes yet, and he's kicking Sapphic's butt."

"Yeah...but I got a feeling Sapphic ain't using his full power yet. He's underestimating Piccolo, and now I think he's learning that he can't do that." Appleten replied, not taking her eyes off the two warriors above them. "Once Sapphic gets serious, Piccolo could be in big trouble..."

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