• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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Training Begins?

Goku and his family watched as Vegeta and Apple Bloom stared each other down in the front area of their mountain side home. Vegeta had not lost his smirk once since setting this up. Apple Bloom had not lost the nervous pit she felt in her stomach.

The saiyan prince pointed to the mare, which made her flinch a bit.

"Listen up, Apple Bloople, or whatever your name is," he stated.

"It's Apple Bloom." She corrected.

He ignored that. "Kakarot says I can't use my full power against you. Not that I was going to anyway; you wouldn't survive if I did."

She gulped once again, thinking of a possible scene where her lifeless body would be left broken and battered in the yard of Goku's home.

"So here are the conditions. I will only use ten percent my normal speed and only five percent my normal power. I will also not use any transformations or blasts."

"Wait? Transformations? Blasts?!" The young mare questioned.

"You will have the first move." he continued, ignoring her question. "We begin whenever you are ready."


"No more talk!" Vegeta shouted, not even bothering to drop into a fighting stance.

Gohan cringed. He had a very bad feeling about this whole idea. Why would his father think it was ok to put someone like Apple Bloom against someone like Vegeta, even if Vegeta only was at fifteen percent strength?

Apple Bloom however, did drop into a stance. Or rather, she rose into one on her hind legs.

The two stared a few moments longer, then the yellow pony leaped into the air, a kick aimed straight at the saiyan's face.

Naturally, Vegeta moved his head to the side, and Apple Bloom flew past him, landing on her rump behind him.

She quickly got back up and aimed a mule kick at Vegeta's legs, but Vegeta sidestepped, and she fell on her belly. He hadn't even turned around to look. How could he have seen her attack coming?

She quickly got up again, regaining composure as much as she could. Vegeta had yet to even uncross his arms, and that fact was starting to irritate her.

She leaped up towards him again in a wind-up punch-like motion, but Vegeta stepped back to avoid the blow. Instead of merely dodging and nothing else this time, he quickly slammed his right knee into her gut.

The pain was sudden and immense. Her eyes went wide and she felt like her whole stomach was about to fly out of her throat. As she hit the ground, hacking horribly and gasping for air, Vegeta continued to stand, arms crossed, over her.

"Get up." He said, not even looking down to her.

She tried her best to stand back up, and fell on her first attempt. She was deathly afraid he would kick her while she was down, but he made no such move.

When she finally was on all fours again, and wasn't shaking as badly, she prepared for her next move.

Gohan was twiddling his thumbs nervously, but Goku looked to be remaining completely calm. His eyes were focused on Apple Bloom, analyzing her fighting style and technique to see what could be improved.

She tried for a sweep kick, but Vegeta merely hopped and slammed a kick into her chin, which sent her rolling back, the steel toe of his boot nearly shattering her teeth. As he landed, he still held the same pose. She was starting to get annoyed that he didn't even think he needed his arms to fight her.

She got up, a bit slower now, holding her mouth with her front hooves. "How's...hows about y'all stop bein' rude and fight me like I actually am more than a tick!"

Gohan gasped and grabbed the sides of his head in exasperation. This was not going to be very pretty, and he knew it.

Vegeta smirked again. "Remember, you asked for it."

He suddenly vanished in a woosh.

Apple Bloom, taken aback, looked around for him, but a split second later, her jaw was met with a fist launching her upwards quickly.

Vegeta hopped up to meet her in the air and proceeded to jab with his fingers at several points on her torso, yelling short battle cries with each strike. It was as if she was being punctured by millions of knives all at once, and her body was going to go numb if this kept up.

The saiyan then smacked her upwards, and rolled to float underneath her in midair.

"It took me a few seconds to find your weak spots because of your anatomy." He admitted. "But it's all over now."

He placed a hand flat on her back. "Big Bang--"

Goku felt the rise in energy instantly and yelled out. "Vegeta!"

Vegeta made a guttural noise of disappointment and scowled. "Right. You're lucky, kid."

He then twirled around her body to kick her down from above, and she smashed hard into the grassy yard, making more than a little dust fly up.

As soon as she made impact, Chi Chi and Gohan were both rushing to her side to check her. She was still alive, and didn't appear to have any serious injuries.

Vegeta floated down to stand next to Goku.

"I said no blasts, Vegeta." Goku said. "What was that all about?"

"Can I help it if my saiyan heritage gets a hold on me sometimes?" Vegeta replied, snarkily.

"Yes, you can." Goku answered. "I do. So can you."

Vegeta merely scoffed and began to walk away.

"H--hang..on there, partner..." Called the weak voice of Apple Bloom.

Everyone turned to look at the barely conscious earth pony trying to rise to her hooves. She was bruised almost all over, and one of her eyes for some reason refused to open for the time being. Her bow had fallen out of her mane, and lay next to her in the grass.

"I'm...I'm not out yet.."

Gohan placed a hand on her. "Apple Bloom, stop..."

"I...ain't...lost yet...Gohan...I'm...still....standin'..."

Vegeta looked on in curiosity. Goku looked on with appreciation. Both saiyans didn't take their eyes off the young mare from Ponyville.

She was finally standing, albeit unstably, and was looking at Vegeta with determination. "I gotta...get...at least...one...blow...in..."

She limped over to the saiyan prince, and when she finally made it to his position, she thumped a hoof against his leg with a grunt.

Vegeta looked down at the pony, a small amount of respect in his eyes. But only a small amount.

"It think it's time to end this. For your sake." He said.

He tapped one finger against her temple, and she fell limp to the ground.

Everyone stood around her, not quite sure what to say. Goku, however, still wore a small smile. This young pony without a doubt was full of determination. It was up to Goku now to figure out how to help her harness it to become stronger.

He picked up the unconscious form of Apple Bloom and walked into the house.

"You need some work," he said. "but what you just showed us proves you have what it takes to get stronger. Sleep well for now."

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