• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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The First Steps

Author's Note:

So this will be multi chapter thing.
It is a Dragonball and My Little Pony crossover, so if you don't want that, there's your warning :3
Please enjoy! I will continue updating this when I have time to!

"Good, your doing really good, Gohan!" Goku shouted encouragement at his oldest son.

Gohan and Goku had been sparring for the last three hours, and both were pretty tired. But, being the battle hardened saiyans (or half-saiyan, in Gohan's case) they were, that did not stop them at all. They loved the thrill of battle, and the stinging pain of work in their muscles. It made them feel strong, resilient. Alive.

Gohan launched a punch directed at his father's face, which Goku caught with ease. He pulled Gohan into a knee which planted itself into his gut hard.

The half-saiyan had the wind knocked out of him, but managed to stay standing long enough to see Goku put a palm up in his face.

The two stared, Gohan looking a bit shocked. Then after a short minute, they relaxed and began laughing whole heartedly.

"I thought for a second you were actually gonna blast me, dad." Gohan chuckled. "You haven't really lost your touch at all, even being a grandfather."

"Ah, when it comes to being fit, age is just a number." Goku cheerfully told him. "I feel like I'm forty again."

The two burst out into another spat of laughter before looking outside. The sun was setting beautifully out on the western horizon; turning the sky a nice shade of orange with a tinge of violet.

"Well, Gohan," Goku announced. "I'd say it's time to head home and get some of Chi Chi's delicious cooking!"

"I agree." Gohan said, touching his rumbling belly. "I've worked up quite the appetite."

The two began to walk out of the training shrine when a voice interrupted them.


The warriors turned to the source of the voice. A small, four legged hooved creature with a pale yellow coat and a red mane and tail stood panting beside they're shrine. The small creature carried a saddlebag on each side of her torso, and a bright pink bow was tied in her upper mane.

"Um, hello." Gohan said, looking a bit perplexed. He had never seen anything like this horse-like creature before, at least not one that was able to speak.

"Howdy.." The yellow mare began, clearly out of breath. "I'm...I'm...Apple....Bloom....and I...I come ta'....ta' train with...hoo...."

"Hey now, take a moment to catch your breath there." Gohan said, walking over and kneeling to be eye-level with the one that called herself Apple Bloom. "You been running away from something?"

"Huh? No...I...just been runnin'..." She answered, starting to catch her breath a bit better.

"You're a horse..?" Goku asked, trying to see if he'd seen any horses like that in all his years on Earth.

"No.." Apple Bloom answered. "I'm a pony..."

"There's a difference?"

"Course there's a difference." She looked at him incredulously. "Ain't you ever seen a pony before?"

"Well, no, not one like you anyway." Goku answered, nervously laughing.

Gohan looked at her saddle bags. "Are you traveling?"

Her eyes seemed to brighten a bit. "Eeyup! I came to train with the greatest martial arts master in history!"

Gohan was a bit taken aback. This hooved creature that was no taller than his waist was going to train with someone in martial arts? He wasn't quite sure how that would---

"I mean I already got mah cutie mark in karate," he beamed, showing off her flank. "I figure I gotta refine my talent though, yknow?"

Gohan and Goku both looked at the small pony's rump, and the picture of a hoof breaking a piece of wood that was seemingly tattooed there.

"Who drew that on you? Or did you draw it yourself? Is it a tribal thing?" Gohan questioned.

Apple Bloom looked confused. "It's...it's a cutie mark...have y'all never heard of---"

"For the sake of understanding, just assume we don't know anything about what you---"

"I got it." Goku said, walking over and kneeling down to Apple Bloom himself.

He placed his hand on the young filly's head and closed his eyes. Several images poured from her mind into his own. He saw many colorful ponies, a lush land full of vegetation. He saw a farm, a town, and many other wonderfully cheery things that Apple Bloom had witnessed.

He removed his hand from her head, and smiled at her.

"You come from a very beautiful place, Apple Bloom." He said.

She was wide eyed. "Did y'all just read mah mind?"

Goku nodded and smiled. "I now know everything you know. I also know you've come to see me specifically."

She quickly nodded, mouth agape at the fact he had just seen her entire life. She then blushed a bit realizing something.

"You didn't see...uhm...everything, didja?"

"Hm?" Goku replied. "Oh! Nope. I only looked through what I needed. I didn't access anything too personal, don't worry!"

She relaxed a little, and stood tall before the two warriors, which compared to their bipedal height, was not very tall.

"Well, I reckon y'all know I have come to train with you, Son Goku, sir!" She said, bowing quickly.

He giggled, and put his hands on his hips. He couldn't help but keep a big, goofy smile planted firmly on his features.

"Dad, you thinking about actually taking her on?" Gohan queried.

"Of course I'm gonna take her on!" Goku laughed. "She came a long, long way to see me, and I think she deserves to get what she came for!"

His stomach growled at him loudly just then. He grabbed it with both arms, and made a silly looking embarrassed face.

"But, uh, first I suppose we should at? Hehehe." He smiled nervously at the two. "You can come with us, Apple Bloom. I'm sure you'd love Chi Chi's cooking!"

"Great!" She beamed. "But, who's Chi Chi?"

"All your questions will be answered soon." Gohan smiled down to her. "C'mon, let's head home."

Apple Bloom trotted after the father and son duo, a wide grin planted on her lips. She was about to train with Son Goku, who, according to one of the books in Twilight's library, was the greatest martial artist ever. This was the first day of her new life.

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