• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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Hours of chasing Bubbles had passed by the time they were ready for another break; all three of the new kai students sweating and panting horribly.

Goten and Applejack had no need for rest for too long, but Apple Bloom was still a living pony, and she was just about to pass out from exhaustion. King Kai noticed this, and had announced they take an extended break for the young mare with the pink bow so she could sleep and regain her energy.

As Goten sat down to rest for a short while, he saw Apple Bloom walking groggily up to him, but smiling all the while. She looked up at him with those big amber colored eyes and Goten laughed before putting his legs down so she could climb atop him.

Apple Bloom curled into a ball and huddled up close to Goten's chest; her head positioned over his heart. She found it strange that it was still beating even though the half-saiyan was deceased, but didn't think about questioning it in the slightest as the rhythmic thumping in his chest coupled with his long strokes down her back carried her off to sleep.

Goten looked down at the mare as she slept happily on his body. He thought it as about the most adorable thing he'd ever seen, and he wasn't going to do anything to disturb her, even if his leg was falling asleep already.

Applejack figured now would be an ok time to talk to Goten, seeing as how Apple Bloom couldn't be mad if she didn't hear anything.

As he trotted up to the pair under the tree, Goten waved silently at the orange mare with the three apple cutie mark. She gave a small nod back in return before sitting down next to them, smiling at her little sister's sleeping form.

"So," Applejack started, clearing her throat a little. "what do y'all think of my little sis there"

Goten chuckled. "She's an awesome little pony. Her potential is so high to become a great martial artist, and she's tough enough to handle the training that goes with it."

"What about personally?" The mare persisted. "What do you think of her, personally?"

Goten looked up thoughtful, the smile never leaving his face. It was a smile so innocent, the young man couldn't be holding any knowledge of Apple Bloom's feelings.

"She's a great friend." He finally spoke. "She makes sure I'm always happy, or at least not super sad, and I try to do the same for her."

"Do you ever wonder why she's so nice and tryin' to do things that make you happy? Just curious."

"I suppose she was raised that way. Although, I must admit, she does seem to focus a lot of her efforts on me personally."

Well, she knew he wasn't purposefully friendzoning her sister, then; he was just oblivious. But that was good, because it meant he didn't hold any hidden agendas to being around Apple Bloom.

"She ever do anything special for ya?" Applejack pressed on, genuinely curious about her sister's attempts to get him to notice her.

"Well, she likes to hug me and cuddle up with me when she sleeps. She says I help her keep her nightmares away." Goten said.

Nightmares? Applejack didn't think Apple Bloom had nightmares. At least not the type that needed outside influence to keep away; nightmares of that intensity were usually signs of something.

"What nightmares?" She finally asked.

Goten frowned slightly, remembering what Apple Bloom had told him. "She says she keeps having flashbacks about you and her friends that she let down. She guilts herself all the time for not being strong enough to save any of you; it haunts her badly."

The orange farm mare looked back at her sleeping sister who was smiling in her quiet slumber, moving along with Goten's rising and falling chest. Applejack had never intended her sacrifice to cause any guilt in Apple Bloom; she would never intentionally leave her with such an awful problem.

She nuzzled against Apple Bloom's face gently, only stirring her a little as she did so.

"I'm sorry, little sis." She whispered. "Please don't blame yourself for the things that happened. It wasn't ever your fault. Please remember that."

The young mare's ear twitched slightly, and Applejack smiled. She looked back up to Goten, and tipped her hat.

"When y'all leave here, keep takin' good care of my sister, will ya?" She requested, a small tear in her eye. "She needs you...a lot more than you know."

Goten solemnly nodded as Applejack went to find a place to lay down for awhile. That boy was so innocent it was stunning; and he really cared for her little sister. She hoped Apple Bloom would gain the courage to just tell him what she wanted to, because if he was this much to her, she couldn't let him slip through her hooves. Applejack herself had lost something like that as well because of her inhibition to say anything; she didn't want that to happen to Apple Bloom.

* * *

Goku was soaring through the air, doing barrel rolls and flips all over the place. Not half an hour ago, the mighty saiyan had located not one, but two of the Dragon Balls, and had met no resistance in either case. He looked down at the four and five-star balls in his hands before putting them in his backpack for safe keeping.

He hoped everything was going well on the other's ends.

* * *

Trunks followed the blip on his dragon radar through the caves of the mountain where the ball was to be located; the dingy and cramped space didn't bother him too much, in fact, as his eyes instantly adjusted to the darkness, he was reminded of home.

He finally emerged into the chamber where the six-star Dragon Ball lay untouched; just ripe for the taking.

As he walked forward to grab it, he sensed movement behind him. He stood straight up and turned his head back to see the newcomers; both were dressed in similar black coats with armor emblazoned with the five and six-star balls respectively. One was about Trunks' height, and had bald, scarred head; his eyes a pitch black, and fangs like knives were visible on his smirk.

The other was a little taller with orange colored hair styled in a small mohawk. His blue eyes on Trunks, never blinking.

The three stared down each other for a few moments before suddenly, the duo bowed down before the purple-haired half-saiyan.

Trunks smiled darkly, a hint of green appearing in his eyes; now he really did feel like he was home.

"Talbot, Anil," He spoke to the two. "rise."

"As you command. We are so very happy to see you, Grand Elder Seven." The bald one named Talbot said, his deep voice echoing off the cave walls.

"Do you two have the seven-star ball with you?" The Trunks imposter asked his subjects.

In response, the one named Anil brought it fort and handed it off to Seven. Indeed this was the seven-star ball, and now with the six-star ball in his possession, all he had to do was get back to Vegeta and Goku, who had no doubt acquired the others by now. Soon, everything would be going his way, and he would finally be able to take revenge on the ones who had killed his beloved mother and so many of his siblings now lost without her.

He began to laugh, a sound that chilled the air to the very core of every living being within earshot of the evil sound. "Trunks" turned to his followers, and held the two Dragon Balls before them.

"Our efforts will soon be rewarded, my loyal servants." He hissed, his eyes completely green now. "And we will all live like kings once it's over!"

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