• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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The Sisters Fight

Sapphic entered rather loudly into the throne room of the castle; blasting the massive doors right off their hinges and splintering them to pieces. He tossed the now deceased guards away from him as his shifty emerald eyes took in the entire room.

The princesses were not to be found, but he knew he sensed them somewhere; their power levels were much to big to miss.

"Hiding like little fillies, are we, your highness'?" He mocked, cackling after saying it. "How disappointing. And here I thought you were going to give me a good fight for, oh, say destroying all of your subjects like dirt beneath my foot."

No response, but the power levels were getting closer; he couldn't tell from what direction, though. They must be fluctuating it so he wouldn't be able to pinpoint it.

"Cowards..." He finally scoffed. "Fine, I'll just blast you out of hiding!"

He raised a hand up, and a rather large sphere of ki materialized in his palm above his head. He'd destroy the throne room and the entire tower it sat atop and make those alicorn bigots reveal themselves.

Just as he went to throw it down, however, the bricks busted apart from under him, and he was nearly impaled by the long, slender horn of Celestia as she charged out, covered in a mighty red aura. Luna too was shrouded in this energy; it was like a sheet of rage clinging to their very bodies.

Backing off quickly, he looked at the two rulers to analyze what they had to offer him; it was unmistakable. The aura that encased the alicorns was indeed the signs of the Kaioken attack. No wonder he hadn't been able to pinpoint a location; they must have been moving around under the Kaioken's speed boost.

"Prince Sapphic," Princess Luna began in a loud and thunderous voice. "you will now receive judgment of the highest authority of Equestria for your crimes! Your warpath will come to an abrupt end this day, as shall you!"

"My sister speaks true." Celestia stated, not nearly as loud, but just as stern. "You are a threat to harmony itself, and as Princess of Equestria, Luna and I shall finally rid the realms of your curse!"

There was silence for a fewmoments save for the sounds of battle down in the streets below. The silence was broken by a low chuckle which gradually evolved into a laugh; a laugh which was coming from Sapphic.

The changeling tyrant held his tightening belly muscles (which Celestia cringed a bit at seeing), and threw his head back as he howled jubilation into the air.

"Doth thou find us to be but jesters?" Luna demanded, more anger flashing across her face at the prospect he was not afraid of them.

After a few failed attempts to contain his laughter, Sapphic looked to the pair of pony goddesses with a confident grin. "Oh, Luna, you have no idea...it's funny, really."

He took one step forward before continuing his speech.

"You have no idea what I am capable of. All the destruction you've seen is but a taste of what I will do to you. It's only fair I save all my best for the ones who cost my hive everything!"

Celestia put a hoof forward in response. "Your hive sealed it's own fate when it became a threat to my subjecs. Your mother was a fool and a usurper who wanted them for nothing more than food."

Sapphic's smile suddenly vanished, and his face became serious, quickly. "At least she did something for her subjects; she only did what she did to keep them all fed and alive. What have you done for yours? I've been doing nothing but crushing pony bones into dust all day, and only now do the royal sisters came to confront me. No wait, that's not right; because I came to you! "

Another step, and the air began to pulsate as Sapphic's power started to rise.

"My mother put herself in danger to try to save her kingdom...to save me! You killed her, and then hunted all of us down just to save yourselves! Instead of negotiations, you immediately moved to wipe us from existence!"

"Your mother was the one who incited violence, Sapphic!" The sun goddess exclaimed over the popping in her flicking ears. "Her actions caused our retaliation! If she was a true ruler, she would have--"

"My mother was a hundred times the ruler you two selfish whores will ever be!!"

With that shout, Sapphic exploded towards the sisters; hatred and bloodlust in his green eyes as he closed the distance between them. They jumped of in separate directions just as his fist came smashing down onto the place they had been standing, crumbling that entire half of the tower down.

The chilled air hit all three of them as the walls came down, and Sapphic stood facing out towards the battle below.

Luna made the first move; moving swiftly as her Kaioken would allow her body to, she made ready to smash down on Sapphic with her front hooves. He sensed her first, and jumped up to avoid it.

Celestia jumped in immediately and fired off several magical blasts from her horn in Sapphic's path. The grotesque prince crossed his arms over his face as the raw energy hit him, searing away a few tendons. He couldn't feel it, but he was still a bit annoyed by the dull itch.

He fired a beam at her in retaliation, and she dived down, then pinballed with a whistling noise off the remaining floor, up towards him. He caught her before she could stab him; his powerful grip clamping down on her muzzle and neck. He would've crushed her then and there, but Luna came form behind with a mighty kick form one of her back legs, amplified by the Kaioken.

Sapphic was flung back, bounced once or twice on the hard surface of the tower, and brought himself to a halt, once again standing upright.

Giving another feral shout, he stomped his glowing feet into the brick, causing a few to spring up, andkicked each one towards the alicorns. The sisters easily crushed the stones, but Celestia immediately ate a mean right hook from Sapphic, who had only used the stones as a temporary distraction to land a hit.

He had put a lot into that punch, as Celestia spun around like a top in the air before hitting the weakening floor with a heavy thud, and grunt.

She tried to stand back up as Luna charged towards Sapphic herself. The Kaioken was a great ability, but if she got hit like that again, it might do some serious damage thanks to it's drawbacks. Trading defense for offense was always risky, but if they could just hit him in a vital spot, it would be worth it. However, if she was going to make it that far, she was going to have to avoid anymore attacks like that.

Luna and Sapphic exchanged several, high-speed blows until the latter got in a big uppercut. The attack launched the princess of the night upwards, but she stopped ascending as Sapphic grabbed her flowing tail. Using it like a rope, he slammed all of Luna down into the brick floor, and then tossed her over head to do so again, not releasing her tail. He spun round, dragging her roughly across the surface, and tossed Luna into one of the crumbling walls of what remained of the once mighty tower. The bricks shattered apart as they absorbed a massive amount of her momentum, causing her to topple over in mid-air after that hard hit.

As gracefully as she could, she regained her control, and stared, breathing heavily, at the scowling tyrant. Her back was screaming in pain; much more than it should be from a hit like that. The rest of her body, though not as intensely, was feeling a similar effect.

Nodding at her younger sister to do the same, Celestia charged forward once more, a hoof outstretched in attack. Sapphic turned quickly, grabbing her hoof, and placing a hand under her chest to toss her hard at her sister. Luna could not evade her elder sister's tossed body, and they collided, then smashed into another, less than sturdy wall, crumpling in a heap.

"We're too slow, sister!" Luna grunted, exasperated. "We need to up our Kaioken..!"

Celestia gave a warning look to her, knowing the added risk. "No, sister, if we do that, he will be able to hurt us much worse than if we stay in times one. Remember the drawbacks King Kai told us of when he taught us this."

Luna seemed to ignore the warning as she stood up once more. "If we stay in times one, he will destroy us because we can't get past his defenses! Kaioken x2!"

With that, her aura increased, and she leaped into another exchange of blows with the changeling. Celestia grunted and she too wen up to times two before joining in on the assault.

The blows were fast and furious, but Sapphic was still evading most of them and blocking the rest. Even at times two, the royal sisters couldn't land a hit. They prepared another volley when the changeling prince grabbed their muzzles, and violently slammed their regal visages into the floor, cracking it further. Without a breath, he ran past them, grabbing their tails as he did so. Shouting he flew into the air and began to spin them like a pair of nunchacku.

He brought both their spins to a halt by slamming them together above his head, and then throwing them back down into the desecrated castle. The alicorns fell through each successive floor as the tower crumbled atop them. Their descent came to an end as they hit ground level, and the brick finally quit falling.

* * *

Many ponies turned to see one of the towers crumble down, but none could really focus long, what with the changelings all over.

Flash Sentry's mouth went agape as he witness the princesses become living wrecking balls against their own abode. Before returning to fight, impaling another drone on his spear, he prayed silently that they were alright.

* * *

Luna burst forth from the rubble; her red and blazing aura signifying she had entered times three state. Her body was visibly shaking form the exertion, and her eyes had become white with her righteous magical fury.

Celestia stood as well, but her Kaioken aura was gone. She had deactivated it before they had started to crash through what was once part of the castle, knowing she was not as physically tough as her younger sister. The pain might have killed her. No, Kaioken was far too risky to use, at least for her. She looked at her sister, the times three already starting to take it's toll on her after a few seconds.

This had to end now, or Luna's rage would make her abuse the Kaioken too much, and she would fall. Celestia had to end this, and she had only one idea of how she might do it.

"Luna..." She croaked, obvious pain in her voice. "Try to keep a cool head for a little longer, and distract him."

Luna broke her rage for a moment to look to look at her elder sister. "You mean..."

"Yes, I'm gong to use the Spirit Bomb..."

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