• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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March Into Battle

"Ok, so from the information you've all given me, here's the plan." Piccolo started, bringing everyone close.

Appleten, Luna, Pinkie Pie, Maud, and Trunks all came around in a tight nit circle to listen to the namekian's plan of attack.

"If Sapphic is indeed keeping prisoners, they'll most likely be in the dungeon of the castle. Luna, since you know the castle's layout better than anyone else here, you'll go with Maud under ground to get them out."

The alicorn nodded, and looked to the small gray earth pony beside her, who looked back as well.

"Pinkie Pie will keep the drones busy inside the castle so that Luna and Maud can get the ponies out without too much resistance. You'll enter with Maud and Luna, but split off from them one you're inside." Piccolo continued.

Pinkie nodded rather rapidly and it looked as though her head might fly off because of it.

"Trunks, Appleten and I will lure Sapphic into the city and distract him long enough for you ponies to get the others away from the battle zone." He said. "Once everyone is safe, signal us from your position, and then Appleten can let lose on him."

The potara warrior cracked her knuckles slowly as if having a fantasy about the sound being Sapphic's bones cracking beneath her blows.

Piccolo looked around to everyone assembled; not one of them had any amount of hesitation present in their eyes. They were indeed ready for this fight.

"Keep in mind," The namekian added. "this isn't some fun little game. This is war, and there's no guarantee any of us come back from this. I want all of you to be on guard at all times and focus on the tasks at hand. One slip up could mean death in this situation."

He smirked when he looked at his assembled crew again, and saw no change in their behavior or readiness. They knew the risks, nd were still willing to do what needed to be done. Good.

Appleten walked out from the group a small ways; staring off in the direction of Canterlot. Her blood was still at boiling point, and her rage and desire for the changeling king's destruction burned inside her like hellfire beneath her skin. She needed this more than maybe even Equestria needed it; she needed to make him pay for every life he'd taken. Every poor soul he extinguished.

Piccolo turned to Maud as his cape once again caught a gust of wind. "Have you assigned someone to look after the ponies here?"

She looked at him, her expression not changing at all. He found this little quirk of Maud's to be a bit strange, but figured the Z Fighters must have seen him the same way at times.

"My family will take good care of them." She answered monotonously. "Blinky, Inky, and Ma and Pa can handle them."

The namekian nodded satisfied, and tuned his attention back to the fusion warrior; her fists were practically shaking with anticipation. Her power level was rising steadily, and he knew for fact thatif anyone was ready for his, it was her.

He stepped to stand beside her, as did the others. The team there for a few seconds, seeming to soak in what may be their final moments of peace.

"Let's do this." Piccolo said.

Maud immediately started to rapid fire strike the ground which gave way instantly as she quickly dug a passage through the ground. Using magic to slim down a bit, Luna followed after, as did Pinkie Pie, who let out a noise of excitement as she literally dove into the hole as if it were a pool.

Appleten took off from the ground like a rocket ship loaded with a fuel from parts unknown, and Piccolo along with Trunks immediately followed after; their auras making wooshing noises as they soared through the sky.

This was it; the final proverbial march into battle.

* * *

Sapphic returned to the Canterlot castle enraged. He slammed the massive entry doors open with frightening force, causing many of his changeling siblings to jump and some to flat out scream.

What he had found in Ponyville was a dead squad of his bretheren; a few cut up bodies, and some piles of ash was all that were left. If the same had happened to other groups in the other cities, that would explain the lack of reports.

He sat back down on his throne in a contemplative manner as his right hand drone cautiously approached the armored tyrant. Shaking severally, he finally coughed up some words.

"D-di you f-find what you were--l-looking for, my king?" He asked.

Before answering, Sapphic looked thoughtfully into the sky. "No, brother, I did not. All I found was a confirmation to my suspicion that somepony out there is trying to get rid of us and somehow save their home."

He leaned back in his huge chair as he continued.

"Well, if it's a fight they want, a fight they shall get." He stated. "If they want me and my people destroyed so badly, they will eventually come for me. I will wait righthere for them. No sense in going out and wasting my energy finding them when I know they are on my trail."

He relaxed completely; larger power level or not, he wasn't going to let this vigilante have their way. This was his kingdom now; his country. Soon, it would be his world.

He thought he saw the shadow from before again, and like before, he turned to see it and saw nothing. He only felt that strange cold feeling come over him again.

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