• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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I Am Neither Goku, Nor Vegeta

Goku and Vegeta arrived at where they sensed Apple Bloom's power level; the thick wall of ice in front of them prevented them from getting in to help her though.

From the sounds of things, she wasn't doing very good. Both of them could hear her cries of pain as Izotz dished out whatever he deemed worthy of punishment or taking the Dragon Ball.

"Quick, Vegeta, let's do it!"

Yelling out their attack names with vigor, Goku and Vegeta fired of their Kamehameha and Final Shine Attack respectively; the beams crashing against the wall of freeze and making a ton of sound. Unfortunately, the ice didn't even crack this time, much to both their shock and chagrin.

"We've got to get in there! Apple Bloom hold on!" Goku yelled out.

* **

On the other side of the ice wall, Apple Bloom could hear Goku's plea, but could do nothing except pray he and Vegeta could get to her somehow. Izotz had already tossed her against every surface in the small area and then some. For a guy with such skinny limbs, he was pretty strong to toss around a mare like a ragdoll.

Her head smacked against the ice covered floor, splitting her open on the point of impact; a small trickle of crimson blood ran down her eyelid as she closed it too try and keep the thick life liquid out of her optic organ. If this bashing kept up, it wouldn't matter much if she got blood in her eye or not, though.

The world was starting to go dark, and she felt Izotz grab her by the throat and held her away from himself.

"It's been fun, child." He said, some fog coming out of hi mouth with each word. "But it's time to end this."

She caught he sight of a large spear made of he cleanest ice she'd ever seen form in his hand, ready to impale her. Surprisingly, she wasn't even afraid. That was probably her near unconscious brain's fault though.

* * *

"Kakarot..if we don't get in there now..."

"I know, Vegeta!" Goku said, his muscles tightening. "We have to try again!"

"It's no use! The two of us separately don't have enough power to get through this wall! If we did, we would have by now! Both our most powerful attacks can't even crack it!" The saiyan prince reasoned.

"Are you suggesting we just let her die and watch Izotz run off with the Dragon Ball? After he killed my son?!" Goku shouted into Vegeta's face.

Vegeta had never seen Goku like this; it actually was making him a bit nervous to stand so close to the Super Saiyan 3. But, he knew Goku was smart enough to know friend from foe, and stood his ground. "Listen to what I said. The two of us...separately...cannot break it."

Goku raised his non-existant eyebrows in realization. "But, Vegeta, you hate fusion."

Vegeta nodded, and snarled. "We don't have much choice if we want to get the Dragon Ball and avenge your son! Or if we want to save the one who's being beaten within an inch of her life!"

Goku gave Vegeta an appreciative smile. He knew Vegeta was disgusted by the idea of fusing with him again, but he knew the stakes were too high to risk it; this reinspired his confidence again.

The two took their positions for the fusion dance. Before they began, Vegeta looked at Goku to say something.

"Stay in Super Saiyan 3 when we do it." He told Goku.

"But that will lessen the time we have to defeat Izotz..."

"I know it will...but if we don't go in full boar, he's going to just trample us. Trust me, Kakarot." Vegeta answered. "Besides...it's not like the lessened time is a bad thing. I do want to become myself again sooner rather than later."

Goku chuckled slightly. Vegeta does what Vegeta does, he guessed.

The two began the necessary movements; perfectly in sync with each other.


* * *

The spear was about to be fully formed when Apple Bloom heard Goku and Vegeta talking about something. She couldn't tell what I was, and at this point, it didn't matter. If they couldn't get through, she was finished. She couldn't believe this was actually how she was gonna go. Granny Smith would've said that her life had only just begun at Apple Bloom's age; eighteen certainly was young in the grand scheme of things.

She couldn't stop picturing Applejack for some reason; she was so sorry to have let her big sister down. Sweetie Belle then came to her drifting mind; her beautiful voice would never be heard again because of Apple Bloom's weakness. Goten...she wasn't even able to save Goten...

The thought of them all brought tears to her eyes, which froze on her face as they slid down. Her memories came back; all at once seeing everything she failed to stop. Everyone she failed to save.


"Pardon?" Izotz asked, ready to put the young mare on ice.


No. No more. No more losses. She was not going to be remembered as a failure of a friend who couldn't even fend for herself. She would not be remembered as the mare who was too weak to protect those she cared about. It would not end like this.

The air pressure began to rise around Apple Bloom, and Izotz looked mystified by the oddity. He then twitched, his senses telling him Apple Bloom's power level was skyrocketing upwards.

He needed to kill the pony before she became a problem. He thrust the icy spear forward, made of his strongest composition of the material; he aimed it straight at her belly, ready to watch her guts spill out onto the frozen floor.

As the spear neared her, Izotz was shocked when the entire thing shattered. The pressure was so intense near the mare's body, it had disintegrated his strongest ice like glass.

"What's going on..?" He demanded.

Apple Bloom let out a shriek of rage and determination suddenly; the sound was deafening and the shockwave from it blasted outwards, pushing Izotz into the opposite wall hard. The pressure from her sudden burst began to crack open the ice barrier, and in another instant, it shattered.

On the other side of the barrier, Goku and Vegeta were seen touching their fingers together; their faces confused, and split second later, a bright light engulfed them.

Izotz shielded his eyes, and out the corner of them he saw Apple Bloom fall unconscious to the ground. The attack she used must have drained her, because he sensed her power level going down. The power level in the light, however, was rapidly growing.

"Curses!" He hissed venomously.

The light died down, and there stood a glowing warrior with massive amounts of glowing hair, minus his eyebrows. He wore a short, black vest jacket with orange shoulder flares, and white, slightly baggy pants. The new warrior looked confused at the unconscious pony, and then over to Izotz and back again.

"Uh.." He finally spoke; his voice sounding like Goku and Vegeta talking at the same time. "..right...well...I am neither Goku, nor Vegeta! I am Gogeta; and this is Super Saiyan 3!"

Gogeta struck a pose, standing on one foot, the other leg off to the side while he tilted slightly on the side of the grounded one, his arms spread and palms wide-open.

Izotz only stared at the strange display, not sure what to make of Gogeta. His power level was huge, but he looked like a total buffoon.

Gogeta finally seemed to notice Izotz hood had ben removed. He then backed away in slight revulsion.

"Ew, yuck, you are one ugly guy!"

Izotz frowned. "I don't have time to play around with you!"

The ice-man grabbed the Dragon Ball and took off flying down the hall at his top speed. Gogeta was taken aback, but regained his composure, and flew off after him.

The two blasted through corridors and chambers; zipping around the exhibits and artifacts like an aerial race track. It wasn't long before Gogeta caught up to the fleeing Izotz.

"Hey, Roadburn, where ya goin'?" Gogeta mocked, insulting his deformed face. "Don't tell me you're scared of little old me?"

Izotz reacted by throwing s shard of ice at the warrior, who easily caught it and crushed it in his hand. The two continued to zip around the museum, and passed overtop Gohan, who was startled out of his trance by the sudden disturbance.

A second later, Gogeta came back, and patted Gohan on the head, then spoke his statement at what seemed to Gohan a hundred miles an hour.

"Hey, Gohan, how's your leg? Hope it doesn't hurt anymore. Hey, you know Apple Bloom? Course ya do, we brought her here. Anywho, she's unconscious and hurt and laying over that way in a hallway, just look for the shattered ice. Make sure you bring the senzu beans! Gotta go kill frosty, bye!"

And with that, Gogeta was gone after Izotz again.

Gohan blinked in surprise.

"Was that...Gogeta..? And why is Apple Bloom unconscious? Gah, I knew I should've gone instead of her..."

He got ready to limp off to find her, searching the pack for the senzu beans. After searching for a good minute and not finding them, he scratched his head.

"That's strange...where the heck did they go..?"

* * *

Trunks walked into one of the darkest rooms the museum had; the planetarium. Since the electricity was out, there was almost no light in the room, and this, he figured, would be an alright place.

He pulled the bag of senzu beans from his jacket, and gave them a quick smile. He took one from the bag, saving it for later before tossing the rest on the floor; it landed with a sound like marbles clashing against each other.

With one swift motion, he vaporized the senzu beans with a ki blast. Smiling wickedly at the smoldering remains, he turned around and walked back towards where he had come from...

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