• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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Goku and Vegeta Arrive!

Sapphic launched Goten skyward and grabbed onto the half-saiyan's leg as he rose. Letting out a shout of anger, he threw him away and followed up with a multitude of rapid fire ki bolts which all hit the Super Saiyan dead on, exploding loudly, and causing quite a bit of pain to Goten.

Apple Bloom attacked from the side at that instant, and Sapphic barely dodged the three punches that followed, but the forth caught him in the side of the face, taking him off his feet, and causing him crawl on his knees and hand. The anthro attempted a strong axe kick which would have surely put him out of commission had he not rolled away at the last second; the hoof she used making the ground burst out from it like a splash in a body of water.

Sapphic took no time at all getting close to Apple Bloom, and knocking the wind out of her once more, then grabbing her around the waist to strike with an overcompensating move similar to a DDT, as he fell back, driving her upper body straight into the ground. He watched her struggle to pull herself out of the hole for a second before blasting the entire area in front of him with a yell. s the energy and smoke cleared, he looked up to see Luna carrying Apple Bloom by her leg.

The alicorn released her, and the two went right back at it. Sapphic had managed to keep Goten and Apple Bloom apart so far, but he was back to square one as Goten launched an assault from behind. The king jumped up to avoid the crushing cash, and hoped they might buttheads. They did no such thing and spiraled up together to go after him.

He bellowed again, his frustration rising ever so quickly, and thrust his palm forward to blow them both away with an explosive ki attack. They flew off in two separate directions as the attack detonated where they'd been seconds ago, and the shockwave sent them both tumbling away. It was several seconds before they regained their flight control.

Apple Bloom breathed hard, staring at the evil tyrant as he hovered above. He was still so damn strong, and even all the injuries he had received had barely done anything to slow him down. They were scoring hits, yes, but nothing strong enough to finish him off had connected yet. If this kept up, they'd all die, and all the training Apple Bloom had gone through would be for not.

But she was fighting at her full power; every bit of potential Elder Kai had unlocked was brought out to bear, and it was still not enough to gain an advantage. What crazy demon was this guy?

Princess Luna hovered behind him; the warriors had him inside of an aerial three-way deadlock as they all gathered their wits. If they struck now, maybe Sapphic would make a mistake; but then again, the could make one as well, and then Sapphic would once again have the advantage. As long as Goten and her worked I a tandem, they at least had the tyrant on the defensive, and if they could chain togather with Luna, they could have a chance.

Apple Bloom's eyes widened slightly when she saw no sign of Piccolo; the mighty namekian was absent from the battle at the moment, and she couldn't sense him nearby. She was about to panic, when hi ki signature finally registered in her senses with a ping; he was alive, but he was drained, and trying to regain his energy slowly down below the ground. He felt as though he had been close to death...

Horseapples, why? Why was it that everytime someone or somepony depended on her, she always let them down? First Sweetie Belle when she couldn't save her from that perverted killer stallion, and then poor Goten when the saibamen bombed him inside the ice museum; she hadn't been there to help Goku and Vegeta when Sapphic got his hands on the Dragon Balls, and she hadn't been able to save Trunks from dying at the hands of the evil king's blade. Equestria was in ruins because she had taken so long to get here, and now Piccolo had almost bit the big one coming back to save her...when she was supposed to be the one to beat Sapphic and save everyone...

Why? Why was she so useless....?

Goten noticed Apple Bloom's facial expressions which gave away her despair. HE made to move towards her, but Sapphic, thinking he was going to launch another assault with her, divebombed him in the blink of an eye; sending him careening into the ground far below.

"Goten!" She cried out.

Luna attacked next, attempting to impale Sapphic from behind, but he sensed her coming and twirled overhead, bringing his armored elbow down on her back, and stunning her long enough to send her back to the flats that were once Canterlot as well.

He turned his attention to Apple Bloom who was transfixed on her friends' plight. She had just hovered there wile they'd attacked, and had done nothing because she was too absorbed in her own thoughts. Darn it, why was it now she had to be thinking this stuff?

Sapphic lunged for her and she readied for battle when a pair of familiar voices split the air.







The two extremely powerful energy waves soared towards Sapphic who tried to fly away; the beams were too fast and he hadto find a way to deflect them. He spun around once on the ground, and waited ill the last second to bat them both into the ground at his feet. They exploded on contact, sending Sapphic back a few feet. He gritted his teeth and looked down at his burned hand; he could still use it, but now it was riddled with a tingling painful sensation and blackened.

Apple Bloom joined him in looking at the newcomers; Goku in his Super Saiyan 4 form, and Vegeta in Super Saiyan 2 hovered above along with a figure she hadn't ever seen before.

"Thank you, Whis." Goku said, not actually turning to the stranger.

"No need to thank me. Just do your best." The one she assumed was named Whis replied, floating down to the surface of Equestria to take up an observer's stance.

He was here to watch? Who wanted to just watch something so awful happen? She looked back down at Sapphic and decided it didn't matter. At least Goku and Vegeta were here; now they had a much better chance to win.

Sapphic looked at all three of the combatants waiting for him, and looked back at Goten and Luna, who were on their feet again, and ready to go at it once more. He couldn't help but chuckle a bit; these people really wanted him dead so bad they were bringing in all of the big guns it seemed. It didn't matter, though; not one o them was at his level of power anyway. Although, Sapphic found it strange that he could not sense the power level of the blue one standing off to the side with a scepter, watching as if a curious bystander. He was going to hav to keep an eye on that one.

"Well, it looks like the new players have arrived." He shouted, readying himself for a tough battle. "Let's get this party started once more."

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