• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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Even though they'd only been flying for a little while, Apple Bloom was starting be able to fly faster with each passing moment. Her movements were becoming more natural, and her balance in mid-air was no longer awkward. They still could not fly at full speed yet, but she was learning, and learning fast.

She kept thinking about this Uub person. If he had power enough to take on everyone like that, how he heck did he look? Was he huge like Spike had gotten when he became a hoarder? Was he as buff and jacked as Iron Will? However Uub looked, he was sure to be intimidating.

She looked forward, dropping her train of thought. The village was right up ahead, but something felt...off. The sky above the small town was blackened slightly; almost as if there was an old TV film grain over it. Then her nostrils were assaulted by the smell of smoke. The village was burning.

She looked over to Goku, who had a horrified expression on his face, as did his two sons.

"Dad..." Gohan breathed.

"I feel it, Gohan..." Goku replied. "It's...dark..."

Apple Bloom was confused. Feel what? The sky? She guessed that would explain the "it's dark" comment.

Goku turned to Apple Bloom, and a very serious look crossed his face. Something was no doubt wrong, now.

"Apple Bloom, we're gonna land, but as soon as we do, you find a place to hide, understand?"

Apple Bloom blinked in surprise. "But..I wanna help.."

"I understand, but trust me..." Goku said back. "I think it's best if you just stay hidden for now."

She reluctantly nodded, and the group descended. The smoke was very thick now that they were so close to the flames of the burning straw huts; the smell was no better. It was like a cloud of evil that choked out all life and swallowed their very breath.

Once they touched down, Apple Bloom took cover behind a large stack of wood that had miraculously not been caught aflame yet. She peeked around the corner and watched as Goku, Gohan, and Goten took up fighting stances. Was there an enemy around? Was that why he had told Apple Bloom to hide? If so, this was very very bad indeed.

"Uub! Uub! Where are you?!" Goku's strong voice bellowed through the smoke and flames.

As if in reply to his question, a young boy not a lot younger than Goten was suddenly thrown through the black fire cloud before them. The poor tribal child grunting in pain as he bounced to a stop in front of the warriors.

He was toned, but didn't have much in the way of actual muscle, and he wore his hair in an unstarched Mohawk. His tan skin was covered with several gashes and bruises; even a few burn marks from the flames themselves.

"Uub!" Goku cried out, kneeling down to pick up the young teen in his arms.

So that was Uub? He didn't look too threatening at all, especially in the state he was in. What was going on here?

"Oh, I'm sorry," Came a voice from behind the smoke. "did you know that poor wretch?"

The voice carried a tone of cockiness in it, and yet a refined edge; like a wealthy noble that also had a dark sense of humor. It was not a welcoming voice.

Gohan and Goten stepped in front of Goku as he pulled his bag of senzu beans from his pack to give to the injured Uub.

Out of the blackness walked a very interestingly dressed man. It was obviously armor the tall fella wore, but it was strange looking. It was colored nearly pitch black with orange accent lines around the edges of the whole thing; the bottom back half flowing like a trench coat behind his legs. On his chest, just above where Apple Bloom assumed his heart to be was a round insignia also colored orange with a darker shaded star in he middle of the same color. His hair looked like a very light pink, and his eyes a brilliant teal. He smiled almost in a seductive way while regarding the three warriors.

"My, my, don't you three look serious." He cooed. "What's the matter? Don't like my art style?"

As if to point out a portrait, he spread his arms out in an arch, addressing the flaming structures and blackened skies around them.

"I rather think it's a masterpiece." He continued. "A brash and yet beautiful scene of destruction! I suppose uncultured saiyans such as yourselves wouldn't understand."

"How do you know we're saiyans?" Gohan asked angrily, not dropping his guard one bit.

"I can sense your power." The armored arsonist answered. "No other race but saiyans have such an aura about them. Besides, the one tending to the weakling behind you is Goku, is it not?"

Goku put Uub down after feeding him a senzu bean, and looked dangerously over at the man. "Yes, I am Son Goku; and just who are you?"

"I thought you'd never ask." He breathed out. "I am the one true artist of death and destruction; the brush from which the streaks of flaming beauty are spawned from; I am Aedus; painter of ashes!"

The three did not drop their serious looks, but Apple Bloom was bewildered. This guy was a total weirdo. She knew it was rude to call others names, but considering this guy seemed to be responsible for the chaos surrounding the place, it was deserved.

As she looked on, Uub got up quickly, completely restored by the senzu bean. Goku turned to him and didn't waste any time with formalities.

"Why is this Aedus character here? What does he want?" He asked Uub.

Apple Bloom expected a voice small and frail to come from the tribal boy's mouth, but when he spoke, she was surprised to hear a rather strong and determined one instead.

"He wants the Dragon Ball!" Uub informed them. "I found it a few days ago, and today this guy shows up demanding it, saying it's his right to have the one star ball! When we refused, he became more aggressive, and eventually just started...started killing everyone and setting everything on fire! He's like a walking volcano!"

"Is your mother and the rest of your tribe safe?" Goku questioned.

"My mother is safe, yes. As for the rest of them I got as many as I could out...but...I..."

Goku placed a hand on Uub's head suddenly, causing the him to look up in curiosity at what his master was about to say.

"You've done a good job, Uub. Get the Dragon Ball and get it out of here. We'll take it from here."

Uub swiftly nodded, and pulling the one star ball from his vest to make sure it was intact, he dashed off into the sky, blowing a bit of the smoke away for a few seconds. Apple Bloom watched as he soared off, wondering where he was taking the Dragon Ball. She was a bit nervous they had just lost it, but she turned back to the scene on the ground, and her nervousness over the Dragon Ball was replaced with one over this strange man named Aedus.

She realized the orange insignia on his chest piece was a likeness of the one star ball Uub had just flown off with. Aedus really believed he owned the one star ball indeed.

"You killed innocents just to get your hands on a Dragon Ball?" Goku interrogated. "That's unforgivable."

The air around him started to pulse with energy as did the area around Gohan and Goten. Apple Bloom felt immense pressure being built up where they stood. What the hay was going on? Her fur was standing on end, and a bit of her mane floated upwards. She prayed she wouldn't start flying without wanting to again and get her cover blown.

As she looked on, Goku's expression only darkened. "I can sense your pretty powerful, so I'm gonna start off with something special."

He stood stock straight for a second, and a flash of light and pop in the air later, Apple Bloom had to to blink and slap herself to believe what Goku had done.

His jet black hair had turned into a bright gold color and was standing straight up as if by massive static electricity was coursing through him. His body also possessed the same glowing qualities around his being; his eyes had changed to a brilliant blue as well. Was that even still Goku? She realized her jaw had been open for a moment to long as she tasted smoke and cinders. After she finished coughing into her leg, she returned her attention to the warrior that she assumed to be Goku.

He stepped in front of his sons, and they both backed up a bit.

"I'll handle this." He said, a slightly deeper tone in his voice. "Only get involved if you see I'm in trouble, ok?"

The two nodded and jumped back a ways to survey the fight that was surely about to start.

None of them knew this Aedus, but from what Goku could sense, his power was no joke. He couldn't get careless.

"Come," Aedus teased, a finger gesturing Goku to do so. "give me a new canvas to blaze."

Goku said nothing until he leaped forward, howling a battle cry that sent shivers down Apple Blooms spine, and not the good kind.

The fight was on.

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