• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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Author's Note:

Goodness it's been hectic! o.O First DDos on FIMFiction, then my podcast last night, and today tons and tons of logs I had to move. And with no wheelbarrow to be found T_T

Oh well! I'm back, baby! And so is Appleten!

As always, thanks for reading!

"This is impossible!" Sapphic finally managed to shout out in utter disbelief. "You can't be a Super Saiyan! If you're a half-saiyan then your pony half should have diluted the saiyan blood within you! How?!"

Appleten stood for a bit staring death into the tyrant's eyes with her own greenish-blue ones; her mane and tail being spiked up as if a perpetual blowdryer were under her feet and glowing as gold as Celestia's crown had once been; perhaps even brighter.

There was absolutely no possible way she should be able t do this; she had pony blood in her, this much was obvious. He himself couldn't undergo the transformation because of his changeling heritage. So why was she in the Super Saiyan state anyway?

"You won't live long enough to find out." She calmly fumed.

The very instant she finished her statement, she had vanished like a phantom. Sapphic didn't have to wonder where she was very long, as a knife-edged hand chop came crashing into his neck from behind. The blow was excruciating and felt like he'd just had seventy-five barns filled to the rafters with ten ton steel wrecking balls and coated in fast drying cement blocks hit him in just that one spot. Then the pain spread, and he felt like he'd been flattened by a stampede. All this happened the split second before he went soaring faster than any sniper's bullet has, could, or ever will go down the road of Canterlot.

He did not tumble, nor even spin; he was moving far too fast to even twitch. Not like he could anyway; he was pretty sure the attack had just paralyzed him as he couldn't feel anything throughout his entire anatomy. He smashed into another boutique and it crumbled into dust from the force he hit it with. The remaining few brackets and beams fell hard upon him, and as soon as the dust settled, his pain receptors and nerves kicked back into working status. He screamed the loudest he had ever done so in his entire existence.

He blasted the rubble off of him in a powerful, feral blast of energy, vaporizing al of it. He was standing, but his equilibrium had not fully recovered, and so he was a bit wobbly. He'd never get the chance to steady himself, because Appleten appeared in front of him at that moment, planting her boot into the changeling king's lower jaw so hard his tongue felt it.

Sapphic was flung upwards at high speed, and suddenly smashed sideways; then smashed the opposite way not even two seconds later. For a full sixty seconds,the anthro played a sort of pinball game, and he was the pain-wracked ball.

Everytime she struck him, it was like a freight train juiced up on the best steroids the hype department could offer times twenty. He couldn't even breathe at the rate of speed she was batting him around. If the blunt force trauma didn't kill him even through his armor, his lungs exploding or shriveling up most likely would.

She sent him careening back towards the ground at just the right angle that he would skid against the cobblestone streets and as he struck them with his steel-plated body, he dug a trench in it as he moved. Appleten appeared above him, flying over him at the exact speed he was skidding at, and grabbed him by his masked head. She gave a cut grunt and forced his skull into the ground further, speeding up and dragging the helpless tyrant through the streets quite literally. She grinded his head into the cobblestone for a good six blocks which only felt like one at her speed, and she then threw him up as if serving a tennis ball.

He caught a glimpse of her impossibly long Spirit Sword arching towards him, most likely intent on slicing him in half. He barely managed to activate his own magical blade to block the attack. The shudders that reverberated through his armor at the impact of the energy blades meeting was enough to turn a lesser being's bones to jelly.

The Spirit Sword dissipated, and Appleten was above him, grabbing him by his forearm where the blade's emerald power source was embedded.

"This could be a problem for me. Better take care of it." She dryly joked.

She squeezed the gauntlet with only a small bit of pressure, and it bent, stabbing bits and points into his exposed muscle beneath, causing him to cry out once more; the emerald in the steel sheath shattered like thin glass against a wall. She ripped the remnants of the gauntlet off and tossed it aside. She next put her finger to the center of Sapphic's forehead; her hand gesture in the shape of a gun. The steel death mask was still on him, but he was deathly afraid of what was about to happen anyway.

There was a short pause before Appleten said one thing; "Bang."

She jerked her finger back as if it had recoiled, and let go of his arm with her other hand. A smll spark erupted from her finger and shatter the skull-like mask into dust particles and snapping the changeling king's head back with amazing force. Were henot only half conscious as he fell back to the streets, he would have marveled at the fact his neck had not snapped from whiplash of that force.

He was jolted back into alertness when he was drilled at high speed back to the streets; or rather, through the streets by Appleten's fist. She continued to use the momentum from the one punch to smash him deeper and deeper into the ground. At long last they smash through bedrock, and she pulled away from him, watching him fall into the magma below. She never let him touch it though, and kicked him into several stalactites which plummeted into the searing liquid beneath them. He managedto gain enough control to hover and not fall to a fiery death.

His entire body was in pain, and his armor (or what was left of it) was mangled and dented. The breastplate, elbow protector, and boots were the only actual armor left. The chainmail on his arm was in unrepairable condition, and the chainmail on his legs was starting to come unlinked from all the bashing about. He was in dire straights, and it hadn't even been five minutes. Hell, he figured it hadn't even been three yet since this anthro saiyan started her attack.

He stared at her across the flowing lava below and she stared back; the rage and pent up anger in her blazing eyes was made only more intimidating by the very magma they hovered over reflecting off them.

"Is...is that all...you...got.." He managed, green blood near flowing from his mouth and coating his teeth and jaw.

"I'm almost finishedwith my warm-up." She deadpanned once more.

Sapphic could only gulp.

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