• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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Something's Amiss

The impact was sudden; debris flew into the air, and a loud boom sounded across the sky as Appleten's fist smashed into Sapphic's.

Several of the few remaining intact buildings lost their roofings and some of their walls from the sheer force of the shockwave, and the combatants pushed against each other like two bulls trying to overpower each other. They separated, and once again rushed forward, causing another large shockwave of pressure.

Sapphic sidestepped around the anthro, and made to smash his armored elbow into the back of her skull, but Appleten was quick as lightning. She turned around and caught the strike in her left palm, then moved to smash his head inwith her right fist. The changeling king dodged this just barely, and moved to sweep kick her off her feet. At first it seemed as though he had done so, but Appleten merely flipped back onto her feet after doing a full rotation in mid-air.

He was getting aggravated already with this mysterious stranger whom Piccolo claimed was strong enough to kill him. He admitted she was quick and powerful, but she had no chance of doing more than keeping him at a stalemate with her power level.

He went to jab a knife-edge chop into her throat, and she batted his arm away, having no intention of letting an attack like that hit her. After she did so, she countered by grabbing the arm she had just batted away at the wrist, pulling him into her readied elbow of her opposite limb. The appendage lodged itself into Sapphic's throat, causing him to cough harshly, and kick at Appleten's heel. She jumped to avoid it, and distanced herself from him as she watched him hold his pain-filled windpipe with his only hand.

Once he was able to breathe again. he looked up at her; the rage in her smoldering eyes had not even died down slightly, but it was just that; a smoldering. There was a full boar flame somewhere in those eyes, and for some reason, he knew he wasn't seeing it. She said nothing as she watched him slowly recover. Why was she doing this? She could've seriously hurt him just now, and yet chose to let him catch his breath.

He looked over to Piccolo and Trunks; the duo was just standing by the wayside, watching the fight as if it were a sporting event.

Something was definitely amiss here. All three warriors wanted him dead, but why were they just standing watching this anthro exchange blows with him? Were they that confident she could defeat him? Or were they resting as if this were a gauntlet fight; one of them jumping in if Appleten was beaten?

Either way, it irritated him.

He yelled angrily and tossed a ki last directly at the two. Before it even made it halfway, the anthro was right there as if she had teleported, and holding the ball of energy he had thrown in her hand like a baseball. Piccolo and Trunks stood behind her as if nothing had happened; watching.

Sapphic shook himself out of his shock, and chuckled slightly from beneath is death's head mask. "You're fast, I'll give you that."

Appleten said nothing, and just stood there holding the ball of ki in her right hand; her eyes never leaving his. The very stare was like ice daggers being buried in his blackened heart, and he felt even more aggravated by the sensation those angry eyes were giving him. He was the one who made others cower with but a stare, not the other way around.

"What' the matter?" He said, his tone raising a bit. "Don't wanna say anything?"

She didn't even acknowledge he had spoken and just continued to stare.

He had had just about enough of those eyes of hers; those condescending and hate-filled eyes.

"You think you're better than me?! Is that it, anthro?"

"I don't think." She finally spoke; her double voice rumbling with barely controlled rage. "I know I'm better than you."

Her voice slightly surprised Sapphic, but he quickly got over it, and decided enough was enough. "Let's see if that theory holds water! Or better yet; blood!"

He dashed forward, aiming low and going for her abdomen. She side-stepped, and whirled around him to throw his own energy attack down on top of him, causing a large explosion. Before the dust even settled, Sapphic burst out of the cloud doing a back flip; his cape was in tatters and only fell to his mid-back now.

He landed and fired off a couple more ki attacks and followed them closely towards Appleten. The anthro grabbed both the energy blasts in her hands, but failed to stop the punch that nearly rendered her insides jellified. She gasped in pain, and clapped the ki balls together with the king's head in the middle. He moved away as her hands clapped together, exploding in her face.

He touched his feet back to the ground, only to be pushed off them and thrown through the air into a desecrated structure that might have once been a clothing store. e debris crumpled like a wet towel around his armored form as he landed. He recovered quickly, blasting away the debris with a shout, and engaging in quick and barely visible punch trading with Appleten.

Piccolo found it hard to monitor the moves they were putting out; their speed was incredible, and he knew Appleten was still holding back. The question was, though; was Sapphic holding back as well? The namekian knew his saiyan blood must have made him stronger since he arrived in Equestria, and by that logic, he could very well be even more powerful than Goku.

A small bead of sweat ran down Piccolo's forehead as he thought on that, and t did not go unnoticed by Trunks. The young half-saiyan saw the nervousness on the nameian warrior's face.

"What's wrong, Piccolo?" He asked.

"Nothing...at least not yet." He answered, still trying to track the movements of the combatants before them. "I'm just wondering if Sapphic is showing his true power here..."

The tyrant launched a fierce knee forward, but Appleten did the same, and the two smashed legs together in the center of the cobblestone street, once again causing a shockwave of intense pressure to burst outwards in all directions like a gale force hurricane.

He grabbed her by the shirt, and tossed her away into the air, and she responded by shooting a beam of ki back down at him. Sapphic smacked the attack away as it exploded magnificently on the horizon like a weapon of mass destruction.

His hand was numb for a moment before it returned to normal, and that worried him. That had been just a simple beam attack, and it had hurt him even through his armor. Deflected or not, it had affected him, and he grew very agitated as a result.

"You wanna show some power?" He shouted up at her. "Well, I got one..."

Sapphic put his hand back as if to through something. An orb of yellow colored ki appeared there.

"...for you! Double Buster!"

"What?!" Trunks called out at the mention of one of his attacks.

Sapphic thrust his glowing hand forward, and two separate beams shot forth, curving outwards from each other before homing in like heat seeking missiles on Appleten. The potara warrior just hovered there, not even attempting to make a move.

"Appleten!" Trunks called out, dashing up.

"Trunks! Stop!" Piccolo shouted after him.

The young half-saiyan listened, and looked at Piccolo quizzically before he turned back to the fight.

The beams smashed together on Appleten's location and exploded violently; the pressure was intense in the blast radius, and Trunks returned to the ground clumsily and harshly as he was blasted back. Piccolo had to uncross his arms and shield his face from the brilliant light; leaning forward slightly to stay on his feet as his cape dragged behind him.

Sapphic laughed triumphantly, but stopped when he still sensed her power level inside the cloud of smoke. As it cleared away, Appleten was still hovering in the same spot; her hands were casually placed up on each side, facing away from her. She'd blacked the attack without even trying.

Trunks looked on amazed that one the attacks he had invented had been nothing to he fusion fighter. Then he smiled and laughed.

"Woo! Appleten!"

She didn't even look at him, and continued to stare down at Sapphic, who was shaking in utter rage at the mare's impudence.

"If that's the best you got, we're gonna be here all night." She casually said, putting her hands to her sides. "If I was you, I'd start bringing in the artillery."

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