• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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Be Honest With Yourself

Author's Note:

I understand that some of you are upset with the length of the battle so I've cut out some things and will be moving at a quicker pace.

I hope you continue to enjoy what's left to go, and apologize if I drag things out too much.

As always, thanks for reading!

The next few moments happened within seconds; Goten kicked at Sapphic's head, only to miss and kick a lunging Luna in the muzzle, sending her back in pain, and then receiving a massive punch to his gut and then his chin. Vegeta attacked next with Goku rght by his side. The two attacked as one, but Sapphic saw weak spots in their combined assault that were not present in Apple Bloom and Goten's. HE exploited one, knocking the saiyan prince's head into Goku's and then slamming it into his knee, bouncing Vegeta back. He turned back to the Super Saiyan 4 and shot a curt explosive blast at him which sent him reeling back.

Apple Bloom hovered and watched in awe, and realized she shouldn't just be standing there. She charged forward, ready to smash the king's head in, but at the last second he saw it coming and ducked down. Apple Bloom smashed into the ground, but whipped back to start punching and kicking away at him loudly, trying to intimidate him into making a mistake. The tactic did not work, as Sapphic knew she was not as dangerous to him without Goten, and sidestepped her last punch, smacking her arm away and chopping the back of her neck hard enough to temporarily paralyze her.

As she fell to the ground, she caught a glimpse of Goten flying full speed at the tyrant, and they started to tangle, but once again, Sapphic proved stronger, and batted the Super Saiyan away.

She tried to get up and keep fighting, but her body wasn't responding yet. Her terror amplified when she saw the changeling king turn his surging palm on her prone form wit intent to kill in his eyes. Right before he fired, Goku grabbed Apple Bloom, flying her out of harm's way just as the attack hit the ground where she had been just moments before. The explosion toppled both of them and they skidded across the dirt, tumbling before Goku regained his posture on his knee. Apple Bloom merely rolled onto her back, her body still not fully back to working function.

Goku rushed back into the battle, and Apple Bloom couldn't see it from her perspective, but could tell from the sounds of pain coming from her friends that t was not going well at all. Once again she was on the sidelines being protected by others,and they were paying the price for it. She had still failed...even with all the power she had, she was still too weak to save anyone...

She blinked when the blue stranger named Whis walked calmly over to her and looked down. His eyes were not pitiful nor malicious. They were...curious; almost analytical. She felt like he(?) was scanning her for something important, but didn't know what exactly. For a long moment he said nothing.

"You look rather down." HE finally spoke in an out of place cheerful tone as Vegeta's painful howl echoed across the sky.

"Gee, you think?" She grunted, trying once again to move but only managing to flop. "I'm...like a helpless fish out of water here...my friends need me!"

"YEs, it would appear they do." Whis agreed, ducking as Luna flew over his head before jumping back into the battle. "So what's stopping you from helping them?"

Was he that oblivious? "I've been paralyzed, dummy! I can't move!"

"It sounds like an excuse to me." He said, his silly smile still on his face. "Tsk tsk; one should not be so lazy in times like this. If you truly wanted to help, you would forget about the paralysis and get up anyway."

"That's not possible..." he grunted, gritting her teeth hard, finally managing to move a leg.

"It is possible, Apple Bloom." He simply stated. "If you want to help your friends, you have to fight through whatever is holding you back. Right now it's your body. Once you overcome that, you'll have ne more obstacle to overcome. Only then will you be able to save everyone."

What in the hay was this weirdo talking about? This wasn't the time for some philosophical mumbo jumbo, she needed to get up, and get back in the fight before something really bad happened. Maybe if she'd attacked with the others instead of being frozen in the headlights, so to speak, she wouldn't be in this mess. It was her own fault her friends were dying for her once again.

Whis chuckled. "The body obstacle will be easy...but it seems you still need a bit of time for that second one."

He touched her belly with his staff, and instantly she felt her body come under her control again. She looked at him wide eyed; how had he done that?

Whis motioned for her to jump back into battle as if casually suggesting an eatery. "Go on. I only sped things along. I can't help you do everything."

She was just about to when Goku came flying at her full force, landing atop her form a blast Sapphic had launched. She and the saiyan got up quickly, and began to rush back into battle, but not before Sapphic did his worst.

He grabbed Luna by the throat, and used her horn to impale Goten through the chest. He stabbed the body part into the ground hard, and before the princess could remove her trapped natural weapon, the king kicked one of her back legs in, and snapped it in two with a loud crack.

The lunar princess screamed in agony and fell down atop the trapped half-saiyan, unable to muster the strength the pull her horn from the ground. Goten could not do it either; he was unconscious, and no longer in Super Saiyan state.

Vegeta attacked next, launching a flurry of powerful ki blasts at the tyrant, attempting to blast him into space-dust, and end this debacle; get revenge for his son. Sapphic waited for the fireworks to die down; the blasts had been painful to him, but not lethal, and he managed to withstand the pain until Vegeta gave pause. At that moment, he burst forth, slamming him throat first into the dirt and unleashing a blast powerful enough to obliterate the ground beneath them, sending Vegeta into a canyon like hole.

Vegeta promptly got up, but was smashed over the head twice by a couple boulders thrown by the changeling king.

Goku reached him and started to attack once more. After several punches, he kicked Sapphic away and readied his signature attack.

"Kamehameha!!" He shouted out, firing the intense ki wave at him.

Sapphic prepared his arm, and batted the beam away, before delivering a swift knee to the Super Saiyan 4's chin.

Apple Bloom fell to her knees as Goku fell on his back in front of her, clearly hurting. This was hopeless; even Goku was at the mercy of this monster that had taken over her home and killed her friends. He was far too strong for even her power. She was fighting at full 100% the entire time, and had only managed a few punches. Sapphic was getting stronger by the moment as the battle dragged on, and she had done not much more than be a burden to everyone present.

Trunks, Piccolo, Princess Luna, Goten....even Vegeta and Goku...she was still not able to help them at all.

"What point is there in fighting anymore..." She breathed, barely audible over Sapphic's insane cackling. "I...I can't win...none of us can win..."

Goku opened his eyes slowly and painfully as he heard the words come out of Apple Bloom's mouth. "No....you...youcan win...Apple Bloom..."

he looked down at him shocked; he was lying there on the ground in a mess and was still telling her there was a chance. What chance did they have if even Goku couldn't win?

"I can't, Goku!" She cried, tears welling up as she looked over at Goten, still impaled by the weeping Luna's horn. "I wasn't strong enough...I never was..and I never will be! Icouldn't save anypony! Not Sweetie Belle, not Goten, not Trunks...and obviously not Equestria!"

She was full on sobbing into her ands now, her power starting to fade as she slowly gave up hope.

"I'm just too weak to help anypony..."

There was silence aside from the sound of Sapphic punching in Vegeta's face down in the massive crater. That is, until Goku finally spoke again; pain very evident in his voice.


She looked at him incredulously. "What..?"

"You're...a liar, Apple Bloom." He repeated.

"H--how am I a liar..?"

"You've been lying to yourself..all along...just like your lying to yourself now." He said, trying to keep his eyes open through the waves of pain in his body. "You keep saying...you're to..weak to help anyone...to save anyone.."

He tilted his head back further to see her eyes better; those tear filled amber orbs that looked straight back at him.

"You've...been lying by saying all that...and because you've...been lying about it so long...you're starting to believe it as truth...don't...don't do that. You're not weak and you're not useless...you just think you are because of the way your life has been until now...sometimes...life throws things at us we can't control...it's not..our fault that it happens...but we still..have to roll with it, yknow?"

He tried to sit up, but only did a half crunchie before falling back on his furry back.

"And you've been lying...about your usefulness...you think...you've done nothing but wrong by your friends...when the opposite is true..." He grunted out. "You've...worked so hard...to get to the level you're at now...and besides that, you've..made a great impact on many of our lives...you've...accomplished..so much in such..a short time...and on a...lighter note...you've made my son a happy young man...and a proud potential father-in-law out of me..."

She continued to stare as the sounds of Vegeta's punishment ceased, and Sapphic started to saunter up to the surface again.

"Listen...you've gotta stop deceiving yourself...that's what's really making you weak right now...you need to let go of the past...and realize that you are not to blame for what has happened before...you always try your best, and you get..get better because of it. Not even I can beat Sapphic..but you? You can, Apple Bloom...you have the power within you....you just have to be honest with yourself for once and realize...you're not useless or burden...you're family...and we would never have gotten this far without you..."

He gave her a wry smile. "Stop lying to yourself, Apple Bloom...if you stop deceiving yourself into thinking you're some bad luck charm...you'll find a whole new you..."

Something started to rise inside Apple Bloom all throughout Goku's speech to her, and she felt it in the pit of her stomach and it spread outwards like a warmth inside her. He just might be right; maybe she had been lying to herself. Maybe she was more than she gave herself credit for. Had it really been her fault that the storm had rolled into Ponyville the day Applejack died? Had it truly been her fault that some stallions were awful pones? Was she really to blame for Sapphic's evil and destructive nature; or for the lives he had taken on his warpath?


No she was not.

She had tried her best in every situation she had been through, just like Goku had said; she'd trained hard, found love with Goten, and even gained the strength she had sought after for so many years. She was not a failure; she'd achieved the goal she'd set out form Ponyville to do, and more. She wasn't weak; she had power that even surpassed her teacher's. She was not useless; she had found Goten, and she knew that he cared for her more than he even cared for himself.

She was Apple Bloom; and she was not going to let Sapphic get away with anymore of this.

As the changeling king emerged from the newly formed gorge, he was nearly blinded by an intense light that emitted form Apple Bloom, who began to rise into the air like a phoenix reborn. Her power level was sky rocketing like nothing he'd ever felt; it was even surpassing Appleten's power, and still going.

* * *

Pinkie Pie shuttered next to her sister as they returned to the Pie family home.

"What's wrong, Pinkie?" Maud asked.

For a second, Pinkie didn't respond. Then, she smiled happily.

"I...don't know how to explain it but...I can sense an energy that feels just like Applejack's!"

* * *

Sapphic tried to get close to attack the glowing anthro, but he could get no closer than where he was because of the brightness of the light she was giving off.

After several more seconds, the light slowly faded, and what stood before Sapphic made his eyes bulge in fear.

Apple Bloom stood imposingly before him; her mane and tail had grown out significantly and sported two blonde streaks throughout their entire length. Her fur around her wrists and hooves was adorned with several smaller version of her cutie mark in a beautiful and elegant pattern Rarity would have been astounded by. Her aura glowed with an intense golden-orange light that seemed to give off limitless power and a pure feeling along with it.

Goku sensed the energy as well, and smiled. It was a warm and honest energy just like Elder Kai had said before.

"What...what are you..?" Sapphic questioned, earning a small smirk from Whis as he watched on form the side.

"I'm Apple Bloom." She stated strongly, no longer wavering. "The Element of Honesty."

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