• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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The Imposter Revealed

King Kai approached his three students as they sat in front of him, eager to learn more about the Kaioken attack the rotund blue kai had talked about earlier.

Apple Bloom remembered he had said something about the Kaioken being a powerful but risky technique that he had taught to several of his past students. Only four had ever mastered it. Apple Bloom planned to make that number five, at least.

"Ok, listen up." King Kai began speaking. "The Kaioken is a technique that multiplies your strength, speed, sight and hearing by whatever multiplier you employ in it. In theory, you could make yourself the strongest ever, as you can multiply it up as many times as you want."

Apple Bloom and Goten exchanged exchanged excited looks at that. The prospect of becoming super strong with single technique piqued their eagerness tenfold.

"However," King Kai continued. "that's only in theory. In reality, when you multiply up in Kaioken state, you raise your ki levels, or for simpler terms, your energy levels will go up the same as the multiplier you use in the Kaioken state. If you were to multiply your Kaioken by, say, six; your ki levels would rise to multiply by six."

He started to pace back and forth, his hands placed behind his back as he spoke.

"One thing you have to know is that matter and energy are interchangeable; that means that eventually, one will replace the other. If you multiply the Kaioken by too much, it will obliterate your body from the sheer amount of energy that would rise inside you."

He pushed his round shades back up as they had slid down his snout slightly. Applejack, Goten, and Apple Bloom were staring at him, eyes glued to their teacher as he explained.

"Goku's maximum multiplier when using he Kaioken, or at least the max he's ever used, was times twenty." He said. "If it weren't for his incredible willpower and strength, his body would've been disintegrated by the exertion he had put on his body. So before I teach you this technique, I want you three to all promise me something."

They leaned in, ready to hear what the condition was to learn this powerful and dangerous move.

"You must promise to not go over times three in the Kaioken state, at least while you're training with me; promise me."

"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." The apple sisters recited at once.

"Uh...what they said.." Goten agreed, not fully aware of the meaning of the promise.

King Kai nodded in satisfaction; his smile returning to his face. He motioned for the three to get up. It was time for the training to begin.

* * *

Vegeta stood in the place he was to meet Kakarot and Trunks once the Dragon Balls had all been gathered. He really wished the fool would get a cell phone like his sons, but Kakarot was too simple minded to care to learn how to use it; at least that's what Vegeta himself thought the reason was.

That wasn't too important right now though; what was important was getting all the Dragon Balls together and making their wishes. Kakarot had the others, and Trunks was fetching the last few; Vegeta only held the three-star ball, and he was praying against all odds that those monsters from the desert hadn't followed him.

He felt a power level approaching, and whirled around, ready to fight. He calmed down a little when he saw his son walking towards him, two Dragon Balls held in his hands.

As Trunks got within earshot, Vegeta finally spoke.

"Took you long enough." He said. "How many people did you stab in the back this time?"

Trunks didn't change his expression as he handed Vegeta to Dragon Balls in his possession. "I'll tell you in a minute; where's Goku?"

Vegeta took the balls and turned around to place them on the ground next to the three-star ball. He looked down at the three glowing orbs as they shimmered even in the darkening night sky; the few gray clouds adding a very chilling feel to the horizon.

"He's on his way, presumably. He should have all the other Dragon Balls with him as well."

Trunks grunted in satisfaction, and made a motion to grab at the hilt of this sword on his back. He smirked a little, knowing it was time.

"Now, to answer your question from before; about how many people I had to stab in the back to get those Dragon Balls. The answer isn't a big number..."

In a flash, "Trunks" drew the ancient weapon and jutted the ki enhanced blade straight through the saiyan prince's back; the blade, now covered in the crimson liquid that was Vegeta's royal blood, protruded out of his chest like a horrible growth erupting from within him.

Vegeta stood twitching, his eyes wide open in pure shock and disbelief. He looked down slowly at the sword that had pierced his body; he could feel the cold steel inside him pushing muscle and tissue aside that it hadn't slashed and cut through already. It's edge was dangerously close to his now rapidly beating heart.

He fell to his knees as "Trunks" let go of the weapon, leaving it buried in Vegeta's back.

"It's just one." He said, smiling evily; a green glow appearing in his eyes.

"S--son..." Vegeta managed, finally managing to turn his head to "Trunks." "W--w--why...?"

"For starters...I'm afraid you've been fooled, prince Vegeta." The imposter cackled. "I'm not your dear son...in fact, he's not even here right now."


The one wearing Trunks' face brushed some hair away from his face; his eyes completely emerald green now. Vegeta swore he saw fangs on what appeared to be his son's face.

"Let me show you something...before you die."

"Trunks" began to change before Vegeta's very eyes. First his purple hair grew down to is waist, turning a dark green as it did so; his pale skin quickly darkened to a near pitch black. He grew at least three feet in height, and slimmed down a bit from the beefed up musculature of the one he'd been impersonating; his arms and legs began to form small holes like swiss cheese, and his fingers became sharp as steak knives. His clothes also changed along with him, turning form the Capsule Corporation jacket to a long white robe akin to an emperor's garb with a large seven-star Dragon Ball insignia on the chest piece.

The disgusting creature gave a shout as he hunched over sprouting clear, insect-like wings from his back. The transformation was complete, and a monster straight of a nightmare stood before the dying prince, who looked on in absolute horror.

"I am Prince Sapphic, and I thank you kindly for finding the Dragon Balls for me. I am now one step closer to getting my revenge, thanks to all of you."

As Sapphic watched Vegeta finally fall forward onto the ground, the sword still stuck in his body, he looked into the sky; a slick smile crossing his bug-like features.

Goku was hovering in the air not far away, his eyes focused on Vegeta's dying form on the grass below. He was shaking with rage as he turned towards the insect-like humanoid who was had been impersonating Trunks the whole time.

Sapphic flipped his hair back on one side of his head, revealing a pointed ear. He was so close to victory he could taste it. Only Goku stood in his way now...

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