• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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"I'm Beginning To Feel Like A Wub God"

Vinyl Scratch; the famous DJ Pon3 stood with her music mixing machine in front of her, the turntables completely still for the moment. The white unicorn looked ready for a concert, and indeed she was. But this would not be a normal concert; her audience would consist only of changelings, and the end of her show would be met with crushing silence rather than deafening cheers.

She had heard the story about this "Prince Sapphic" back in Canterlot; her and her marefriend Octavia had been out to dinner when news spread about what had happened to Appaloosa. It sickened her to think someone could be so cruel as to kill off an entire town for something as stupid as revenge.

When she had told Octavia what she planned to do about it, the gray earth pony had chastised her, and argued with her, and finally pleaded with her to not follow this course of action.

"Vinyl! Stop! If you go out there alone, you'll die!" Octavia cried out, tears in her normally stern eyes.

"I can't let this bozo get away with this kinda crap, Octi." Vinyl told her. "This jerk is gonna pay big time!"

"Let the Wonderbolts handle this! The Elements..the Princesses! This isn't your fight! This isn't our fight!"

"Isn't it, though?" She turned to look her gorgeous lover in her lavender eyes. "You think he's gonna stop at Appaloosa? Word is he wants Celestia and Luna, which means eventually, he'll come here! Right here to Canterlot! And what do you suppose he's going to do when he gets here, huh? Leave all us little ponies alone while he beats on the Princesses? No, he's gonna do the samethin to us that he did to the Appaloosans! He's gonna kill us all! He's gonna kill you....and I can't let that happen, no matter what."

Octavia sniffled as she realized she was running out of options to make her alabaster lover stay put in Canterlot. "So this is to protect me, is it?"

Vinyl nodded an affirmative, and took the cellists face in her hooves gently. "I can't let any harm come to the mare I love...I'm going to go help stop Sapphic. And don't you worry...I'll be back! It'll take more than a few bug-eyed freaks to take out DJ Pon3!"

Vinyl gave one last kiss to the gray mare before her, and then galloped off towards Ponyville; Octavia watching her go with watery eyes.

Now here she was; her bass cannon primed and ready in her hooves, and her mixing station ready to play a killer show, literally.

She looked overhead as she heard the buzzing of hundreds of clear wings; the sound was like a parasprite swarm come to destroy the harvest. Through her purple tinted shades, and a few strands of her electric blue mane, she spotted Sapphic at the head of the swarm.

She aimed the gigantic tubular cannon over her small shoulder and fired off a wave of intense sound that vibrated the very air it touched making a noise like a pulsating laser as it soared towards it's target.

Sapphic heard the attack before he felt it. The near solid wave of sound smacked him hard, and threw off every changeling in the vicinity. There was confusion and chaos as Sapphic, disoriented by the soundwave, plummeted to the ground along with many of his siblings.

After the ringing in his ears stopped, he looked out towards what the source had been. The white unicorn with the blue mane and tail was standing behind her turntables in the middle of the meadow; a large cannon at her side, still looking primed and ready to fire by it's bright, blue glow.

"Who in the Hell are you, and what I the world was that..?" He groaned, his equilibrium still a bit off as small bits of green blood trickled from his ear holes.

The unicorn named Vinyl Scratch smiled devilishly. "Oh, I'm DJ Pon3. And this baby? Aw, it's nothin' special, just my mutha buckin' bass cannon!"

She aimed and fired another loud and air rending blast from thehuge weapon. How she could lift something so massive was beyond Sapphic, but he moved from the path of the very visible wall of noise that was headed for him. Though he avoided the physical aspect of it, his ears once again began to ring as the high intensity sound bounced around on his eardrums. Several of his brothers and sisters had not been as quick, and were crushed by the sheer pressure of the waves that blasted them back.

He opened his eyes, his vision a bit blurry, and saw the DJ had put away her weapon, and had turned on her large mixing station. A short beat began to protrude from the massive and ridiculously sized speakers on each side of the turntables every half second.

Through his throbbing ears, he swore he heard her say something along the lines of "Now we get this party started!"

Immediately after, a loud and rapturous sound erupted from the towering speakers; the intensity so huge it shook the very ground upon which they touched, sending vibrations through the dirt and rock, and shaking several trees in the distance with enough force to drop some leaves.

He saw many of his changeling followers grasp their heads in agony t the nose that must be shredding their senses to pieces; Sapphic himself couldn't believe how huge the pressure in his head was becoming. I felt like he was going to explode.

* * *

"That sounds like Vinyl's music.." Pinkie Pie stated as the loud beats could be heard al the way in Ponyville. Several birds flew into the sky desperately trying to get out of the area that allthis commotion was taking place in.

Twilight looked in the direction the sound appeared to be coming from; the noise level at that intensity would surely pop a few changeling brains. It was a good thing she had given the DJ from Canterlot that high tech set of headphones, or she may have suffered the same fate as her enemies.

Shining Armor stood beside his royal sister as he too looked off into the distance. "You think she can stop them?"

Twilight was silent for a moment, going over every scenario in her mind. "Perhaps...we'll have to see."

"Should I send some troops to her location for back up?" Shining suggested.

"No." Twilight responded, shaking her head. "They wouldn't be able to handle the noise levels she's putting out. Let's let DJ Pon3 do her own thing here.

* * *

Vinyl cranked the volume up higher as she saw some of the changelings keeling over from brain aneurisms. She guessed not everypony could handle such sick beats. Through her protective headphones, she could feel the rumbling of the bass as it thundered out it's rhythm, and she couldn't help but shake her white coated body to the beat, swaying her rump and tail from side to side.

Sapphic couldn't even scream; the pain in his brain was immense and unbearable. He noticed he had begun to bleed not just from his barely covered ears, but also from his eyes and nose. If this kept up, he would have a brain failure, and die without ever having fulfilled his destiny.

His rage only grew as several of his siblings met their fate at the hooves of this insane unicorn and her hellacious machine of dubstep. This was not how the great King Sapphic was going to go down. Through sheer willpower and rage, he stood, his whole body vibrating with the force of the blasts of sound coming from literally every direction. Some loose chunks of his already ravaged exoskeleton shook off and disintegrated before they even touched the ground.

Vinyl saw the biped stand up in the face of her wicked rhythms, and knew she had to turn it up a notch. She put the needles to the records on her turntables, and looked over to Sapphic with a smug look.

"You call yourself king of the changelings, right?" She shouted, knowing he couldn't hear her, but not being able to help it anyway. "You know what's better than a king? A god! And you're lookin' at one! The wub god of Equestria! Now...bow down!"

She flipped several switches, and several instruments joined the massive bass and beat, mixing into an even greater volume of death music which hit Sapphic with the force of twenty big rigs. He slid back, and tried to stop from falling to his knees. No way was he going to kneel before a licentious pony; not he, the son of Chrysalis.

With a painful shout, he shot forward a beam of energy hot as the sun which Celestia claimed to raise each day. Vinyl retreated from her machine, and the powerful attack obliterated the mechanized noise-maker from Tartarus into mechanical giblets.

The unicorn flew back a few feet, landing on her back with a heavy grunt, the pain shooting up her spine as wires and metal fell around her.

Sapphic placed his hands on his knees and heaved his breaths; his ears not having recovered, and his eye sight not back to normal. He swore he could see double of the mare that had nearly killed him as he started to shamble over to her.

She watched him approach, and he finally grabbed her by the neck, and held her to his face so he could see her properly.

"I...I..applaud your...attempt...but...you've..only...doomed your...your friends..." He strained to say through his still jumbled brain.

Vinyl cracked a smile again. Did this mare think it funny she was going to die?

"I know you can't hear me," she said as she reached for her headset. "but your about to have the house brought down on ya!"

She yanked her headphones off, flipping a switch on them and promptly placed them over Sapphic's pointed and bleeding ears. The changeling prince dropped the DJ as he reeled back; the high pitched tone of static that floodedhis senses was literally mind-numbing.

"That frequency causes brain death in ponies who listen to it at high volume..." Vinyl triumphantly said. "In other words, goodnight, sweet prince!"

She watched as the light started to fade from Sapphic's emerald eyes, and he started to teeter on his hole riddled feet. Green blood was now streaming from his eyes and nostrils as the white noise was fed directly into his brain.

One of the changelings that had survived the bass maelstrom saw the treacherous act taking place before her. Knowing her King would be killed if she stood by and did nothing, the drone flew forth as best she could with her disoriented senses, and snatched the headphones off of Sapphic, causing Vinyl to gasp in surprise. The unicorn hadn't expected the other changelings to still be able to move.

Sapphic stood still, slowlyrecovering his equilibrium, and took a one-eyed look at Vinyl so he could see without double-vision.

"Thanks....for the...power..boost..." He strained, and fired a ki blast straight from his palm.

Vinyl braced herself as the searing hot attack came closer and closer, ready to send her into the next life. Even though her own life was about to end, rather than a complete flashback of her life, all she could think of in that moment..was Octavia.

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