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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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Piccolo, Meet the Ponies

As Piccolo followed the power levels he was sensing, he couldn't help but notice the landscape was becoming more and more barren. These were not war scars across the terrain, however; they were just naturally dull areas. If he didn't know any better, the namekian might have thought he was entering an old black and white TV set.

One other thing slightly bothered him as he flew through the air; the sun should have been gone hours ago. Yet it sat there just on the edge of the horizon in a perpetual sunset as he flew in it's general direction. It was a bittersweet beauty.

His senses pinged as he drew closer to what looked like a farm. Piccolo couldn't really tell if that's what it was, however. There were no livestock, no fields of crop...there was just the buildings and rocks. Lots of rocks.

"Strange.." He mumbled as his cape once again caught a bit of the breeze while he hovered in place.

The power levels he had sensed were no doubt inside the rather large and weathered looking house unit. Aside form the two large power levels, there were several small ones and many of them unmistakably belonged to children. He touched down gently onto the hard and rocky surface of the ground, preparing himself for a possible fight.

* * *

Luna felt a very large power level approaching as she woke from her slumber. She did not recognize this one, so there was no way it could be Sapphic. But that also meant it was not Tia or Twilight Sparkle. The fact she could not identify it troubled her.

Getting up as quickly as her tired body allowed, she found Maud tending to one of the injured foals in the next room over.

"Maud," She spoke strongly. "I sense a force approaching our doorstep. I do not recognize it, nor do I trust it. It could be one of Sapphic's assassins sent to finish me or capture you."

Maud gave the young foal a pat on the head and shooed him away before following the alicorn to the front door.

* * *

Piccolo stopped. One of the large power levels and smaller one were right behind the door of the house. Either they knew he was coming, or they were about to.

He prepared himself for whatever may come out, and waited; his large white cape still flowing freely.

* * *

"We'll open the door and quickly ambush him from both sides." Maud said in her usual monotone voice. "Just be careful not to exert yourself too much, princess."

Luna nodded and prepared to launch herself from the doorway as the earth pony kicked open the door.

* * *

Piccolo tensed when the wooden frame swung open swiftly, making a loud bang sound as it hit the wall behind it. Two blurs leapt out in two directions from the open passageway, and at first, the namekian couldn't tell what they were. He got his answer when they nearly struck him from both sides as he stopped both their hooves from connecting attacks.

Ponies; he was being attacked by ponies.

"Hey, wait a min--ugh!" He tried to say.

He was cut off a the smaller one with the gray fur landed a rather impressive blow to his abdomen, and the larger one with the wings and horn tried to make him lose his footing by tripping him from behind his ankles. Piccolo countered this by floating away from the engagement as he fell back, regaining his stance in the air.

Luna followed him up into the sky, and motioned to strike him again. Piccolo moved to block, but it had been a feint, and her hoof met his face forcefully.

He backed off again quickly, trying to get some breathing room.

"Listen, I'm not your en--"

He once again had to shut up as he leaned back to avoid a speedy kick from the alicorn. As she soared over him, he grabbed her hind leg and pulled her into a chokehold tight enough to hold her, but not constrict her breathing. She struggled against him, thrashing wildly about. Her strength was impressive, and he had to tighten his grip a little to not lose it.

"Just stop for a second and listen to m--"

Thrice Piccolo was cut off, but this time by a gigantic boulder that had been tossed up and used to bring him down to the ground. The heavy rock landed atop the namekian in a painful fashion, earning a short cry of pain from him as he was smashed underneath the stone as he hit the ground.

He was getting rather annoyed at this point and shoved the boulder off of himself before quickly standing and stretching his arms over towards the two ponies.

They tried to escape his grasp, but Piccolo was fast enough to wrap them both up in his long limbs before they got far enough away. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold the larger pony for long, so he figured if he was going to speak, it better be now.

"Listen!" He bellowed. "I'm not an enemy! I'm here to help you!"

Luna scoffed at him, still struggling against her fleshy bonds. "Help us? Is that why you attack us now?"

"In case you didn't notice, you attacked me first!"

"I beg to--" Luna stopped herself. "Yes...I suppose we did."

"Look, I know you don't know me, and you've probably got no idea what I even am. But trust me when I say I am here to help...not to hurt..." Piccolo finally managed to say. "Now, if you promise no to attack me again, I'll let you go."

"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." Maud recited dully.

The namekian blinked. "What..?"

"It's a Pinkie Promise." She explained briefly. "It's an unbreakable promise. I promise."

He decided that was good enough, and returned his arms to their normal function. The ponies got to their hooves and met Piccolo face to face for the first time without a struggle of any kind.

"My name is Piccolo."

"I am Luna, and this is Maud." The princess of the night responded.

"Luna, I apologize for scaring you. I had no idea you could sense power levels; that is if that's what you call the term."

"It is, but only I can of the group assembled here in this home."

"I see. I'm here on a mission, but I'd rather not discuss it out here in the open. May I come inside?"

The ponies looked at each other for a moment, and finally Maud nodded an affirmative, and led them back into the house.

Awhile passed as Piccolo was introduced to the many residents. He was greeted with a mix of fear and suspicion; he didn't blame them. He'd be wary of strange beings too if they came to Earth and wiped out nearly everyone he knew. After some brief conversations to ease the tension inside the abode caused by his presence, it was just Luna, Maud, himself, and the one called Pinkie Pie in the room in the very back of the house. It was a decrepit place, but was still serviceable. He was impressed that the ponies had managed to make due with the little supplies they had on hand.

"So, Piccolo," Maud said. "what exactly are you doing here? You're obviously not from Equestria."

"No, I'm not." Piccolo answered. "I come from a place called Earth; it's a separate pocket dimension within your world. We exist as one planet, but in two separate realities. It would take too long to fully explain, but that's where I come from."

"Oh, so that's where the two second party was!"Pinkie happily said. "Earth! Why doesthat name sound familiar.."

"Praytell, Piccolo, why have you traveled here to Equestria?" Luna asked.

"Well, for starters, I didn't come alone. I have allies searching for other groups like yours that we hope to save from the coming battle."

"Coming battle?"

"That's right; my friends and I are here to defeat Sapphic, and save your world."

Luna's eyes went wide with shock at these words. "Surely you jest?"

Piccolo shook his head to confirm he was not joking around. "We know he's done a number on your reality already, and we're here to mke it right. But before we can, we have to remove Sapphic from the equation."

"But...'tis a task nigh impossible!" The alicorn spat, true worry in her tone. "I have fought against the monster with mine own sister by my side! Even with our combined and divine might, 'twas not enough to defeat the beast! It is a death wish to fight him!"

"You're still alive aren't you?" Piccolo questioned.

"Only by luck, Mr. Piccolo...only by luck....I fear my sister was not so fortunate. I was removed from the battle before I could finish the usurper off..."

Piccolo raised an eyebrow at that. 'Finish him off?'

"You were about to finish him?"

Luna nodded curtly. "I could have vanquished him, but my own pride got in my way...now I fear I may not be able to use that same power in a rematch, for fear of the same result... "

"But that means he's weakened right now...he'll need time to recover from that. We need to strike now while he's wounded..."

By we, he of course meant Appleten, Trunks, and himself. He didn't want these ponies anywhere near the battlefield if the fight was to be what he expected. If Sapphic was weakened from fighting Luna and her sister, he would be easier to take out. But at th same time, he would be more dangerous; wounded animals normally are.

"I have to get my friends together and find him. Appleten says he is most likely in Canterlot, is that correct?"

"Yes, he is there." Luna confirmed. "But how does this Appleten know that information?"

"Long story, but this is her home, and she's the one who's going to save it. Trust me; there is no power like hers inside any other mortal..." Piccolo paraphrased.

He noticed the ponies all looked rather confused. The namekian sighed, knowing he would have to explain a lot more.

"Here, I'll explain..."

* * *

Sapphic's senses suddenly sky rocketed as he felt an enormous power pop up and then vanish out of thin air. What in all of Tartarus was that? That power had been immense, and far stronger than even his own; it was unlike any power he'd sesned before. Not even Celestia and Luna had had so much power.

And yet, he had felt a strange familiarity within it. Though it was but a fleeting thing, he could feel it. That sense of deja vu inside his head.

The fact that this power had far exceeded his own worried him. If there was a pony out there that had that much power inside them, he may not be holding the throne for very long. Something would have to be done, and soon.

As soon as the armor smith finished his suit, he would go and find whoever this power belonged to, and kill them before they could have a chance to dethrone him. He had spent his whole life waiting for this moment; growing stronger and stronger to be where he now was. No thick skulled equine was going to take that away from him.

As he made his way down the hall, he could've sworn he saw a shadow pass in the corner of his eye as a split second chill ran down his spine. It was as if something was waiting for him. He dismissed this as paranoia and continued down to the dungeons to check on his armor.

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