• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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Sapphic's Armor

Sapphic stood impressed as he watched his newly crafted armor be brought to him by his drones and the armor smith pony he had forced to make it. It came to him in pieces, as the stallion apparently wanted to explain each feature of the armor. Sapphic had rolled his eyes, deciding there wasn't much to armor but to protect oneself, but he would humor the stallion out of curiosity.

The first item he received was the leggings; chainmail in material, and light and flexible because of it. It did not weigh him down, nor constrict any movement.

The next article of the armor was the boots. The silver steel of the shin guard shimmered in the fire light of the castle, as did the foot plates which folded in on each other to allow foot movement. Each one had a spring activated blade about an inch in length and width that would pop out from under the toe area.

The breast plate came next; it too being made of silver steel. The shoulder guards were attached to it, and spread out past his own shoulders a good three inches. They were both laden with sharp and lethal looking spikes that pointed straight up from the steel as if to impale by shoulder ramming an opponent.

The arm guard for his one remaining arm was chainmail as well, except for the elbow guard, which was actually forged from a rare metal that the ponies had discovered years ago. The stallion said that it would be unbreakable, and hard as diamond, making it an effective bludgeoning weapon should he decide to bash his opponent to death with elbow strikes.

The gauntlet that covered his lower arm and hand was forged of the same normal steel as most of the armor, but contained a magically infused gem which sparkled bright green (a good bonus, he thought. It matched his eyes) which when activated produced a green magical blade that could extend to a maximum of one foot in length, and could be up to four inches in width.

He also was presented a cape, which was a near black dark red in color with tinted golden borders that hung down from his shoulder guards to his ankles.

His personal favorite of the entire set, however, was the helmet. The stallion had modeled it after a humanoid skull which wore a crown of four points; the armor smith had seen it once in a horror-type book. The silver skull face plate had holes in the eyes and nose parts, and the bottom jaw was not present so as the king could speak. There was an opening at the top of the top of the helmet which stated inside the crown portion of it to allow his long dark green hair to flow out from it. As the changeling king donned this fearsome visage, his long locks fell to cover half his face along with the normal parts of his being it covered, making him appear much more menacing.

His armor complete, he looked over himself, fairly pleased with what he was seeing. The pony had spared no expenses as per his orders, and now Sapphic wore armor fit for a god, which to these sniveling equine, he now was.

"I am grateful that you are satisfied...m-my...my king..."

The armor smith pony strained the last words out as if he were pulling his own teeth out. Sapphic just smirked beneath his death's head; he would soon learn to address him a king without such hesitancy, as would all the ponies of Equestria.

"Drones," Sapphic commanded, his voice slightly deepened by the mask. "take him back to the dungeons. He has earned the right to live with this work."

* * *

Octavia watched as the stallion whom Sapphic had draggedaway before was thrown rather forcefully back into the cramped and dark holding chamber. She waited until the door slammed shut and locked again before saying anything.

"What did he do to you? Are you hurt?" She asked him.

"No, I'm...I'm....ok, I guess." The stallion responded, still feeling guilt over what had happened when he had left this room. "He had me build him a suit of armor that was basically a walking arsenal..."

"And you complied with that?!" Octavia gasped, thinking of the already dangerous tyrant wearing something like a war machine on his mutilated body.

The stallion nodded somberly, but he smirked ever so slightly. This puzzled he cellist as she tilted her head to see it. What was he smiling about? He had jus given the one who had forcefully taken their homes from them a weapon and a suit of armor.

"I didn't build it without a failsafe, you could say..." He chuckled ever so quietly in case a guard was stationed outside the dungeon room. "I built in time locked spring traps inside the breastplate....as soon as he activates one of the armor's many functions, a countdown timer will start, and when that countdown reaches zero...well, let's just say our new 'king' won't be threatening anypony ever again..."

The gray mare put a hoof to her mouth in shock at the dastardly scheming of the stallion before her. It was a good thing, but the fact that he had thought it up scared her a little. This whole debacle was taking them all in a dark, dark direction. She wondered how long before she would start thinking like that...

* * *

Appleten walked away from the sixteen mutilated corpses of changelings she had found harassing a blue unicorn in the middle of the plains. The unicorn in question had escaped with the opportunity Appleten had given her, and then the potara warrior unleashed hell upon them.

The changelings had barely seen it coming just as the ones in Ponyville had; she doubted the next squad she found would either, if she came across anymore.

She was half tempted to turn right back for Canterlot, and rip the tyrant to shreds right now. But she knew that that wasn't a good idea; not because she couldn't do it, but because of whatever idea Piccolo had that they would have to enact to save what little of pony kind remained.

Locking on to the namekian's power level, she took off into the skies, still showered in changeling gore, and made way west.

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