• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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Think of The Angel...

"Now just concentrate." Gohan instructed. "You've made great progress."

Apple Bloom wished that was true. They'd been training her to fly for hours and hours, and the most she had managed was a slight hover for a few seconds. At least she knew it was possible, but would she ever really master it? The two warriors made it look so easy. She randomly wondered if Goten could fly as well.

"Oh, Goten..." She sighed under her breath.

She was feeling bit guilty for not having said good-bye to him after he'd stayed with her for the night. It was mighty rude of her to do so. She hoped that he wouldn't be mad at her or anything. That would be much worse than never being able to fly.

She internally chastised herself for not concentrating on the training. She'd come to this place to learn to be a fighter, and she was fantasizing over a male who wasn't even her species; and yet...

Yet she didn't stop thinking about him like that even after realizing it's "foalishness." She was hopelessly infatuated with the young half-saiyan. She may as well accept it and quit trying to understand it. Afterall, Big Mac had once said that love was not easily understood. But was this love?

"Hey, Apple Bloom."

The voice of Goku snapped the mare out her thoughts and she looked a him. She was surprised to be staring at his face head on and not looking up at him. He wasn't kneeling down so...

"Don't look now, but you kinda floated about sixty or so feet off the ground while you were mumbling to yourself." He said, giving a slight laugh.

"What?" Apple Bloom's eyes widened, and she immediately looked down.

Goku wasn't joking; she was so high in the air she could see above most of the trees and saw some birds flying underneath her. Her natural fear of the unknown took hold, and she panicked, flailing wildly and she began to descend rapidly.

She was immediately halted in her fall by Gohan, who caught her quickly in his arms.

"Why so scared? You were doing so good." He chuckled, a similar grin to his father on his face as well.

"I...I didn't even realize I was flyin'!" She gasped.

"Well, you did look pretty deep in thought." He pointed out. "Whatever you were thinking of, it made you as light as a feather. What were you thinking about, anyway?"

Apple Bloom's face seemed to immediately burn. She couldn't tell him she was feeling frisky about his little brother. What would he say? What would Goku say if he found out she was thinking these things about his youngest son?

She remembered when she had first met them, Goku had read a majority of her mind. She prayed to Celestia, or whatever deity might hear her he didn't do it now.

"I was thinkin' about..uh....apples!" She blurted.

"Apples?" Goku and Gohan repeated in unison.

"Eeyup! Apples! Used to sell 'em with my older sister all the time!" She laughed nervously with a wide, fake smile. "'Buy some apples!' I'd always say!"

Applejack was probably turning in her grave at the fact Apple Bloom had just told such a boldfaced lie...

The two warriors looked at each other in confusion, and then shrugged.

"Well, if thinking about apples makes you happy enough to fly, let's try and focus on that while we train." Gohan suggested. "This time, try to not zone out and fly away without realizing it, ok?"

"Uh..right.." She agreed, rubbing her neck.

This was gonna be a long journey....

* * *

Chi Chi was washing dishes in the kitchen when a knock came at her door. She was startled slightly, as she hadn't been expecting any visitors.

"One moment." She called out.

She dried her hands off and went to answer the door. When the wooden frame swung inwards, it revealed a toned young man with light purple hair that came down to cover his ears. He sported a blue Capsule Corporation jacket over a black tank top with black jeans to match; a sword strapped to his back.

"Trunks!" Chi Chi exclaimed happily. "Hello there young man, what can I do for you?"

"Hey, Chi Chi." Trunks replied. "Is Goten home? He and I were gonna do some intense training inside my dad's gravity machine. Gotta train hard to look good for the ladies, yknow."

Chi Chi giggled. "You are a ladies man, aren't you Trunks? I think Goten is upstairs. Please come in."

Trunks did so with a short bow, and put his hands in his pockets while looking around at the familiar sight of the Goku family's home. Normally, as soon as Chi Chi said Trunks' name, Goten was racing down to meet him. Something was up.

He suddenly twitched. That was strange.

"Chi Chi?" He asked.

"Yes, Trunks?"

"Are you sure Goten didn't leave for somewhere else earlier today?"

Chi Chi looked at him, confused. "Of course, he hasn't come down at all to say anything all morning. He must still be sleeping."

"Chi Chi," Trunks continued, a bead of sweat on his brow for what he was about to incur with his next sentence. "I can't sense Goten's power level in the area."

Chi Chi stiffened and dropped a plate into the sink, which cracked loudly against the metal surface. She stood there for a second, and then bolted up to her son's room. The next thing Trunks heard was Chi Chi's furious shouting about Goten sneaking out.

Even less time than that, and Chi Chi was back downstairs, yelling at him for being a "bad influence" on her "precious" Goten.

"When I get my hands on that sneaky little--!"

"Uh, Chi Chi, just calm down!" Trunks said, waving his hands frantically to try and stop her from going to search-and-destroy his best friend. "How..how about I go find him, and if I do, I'll give you a call, ok? I promise things are ok. I'm sure Goten had a good reason for doing this."

He had better have had a good reason for this indeed, because now Trunks had to put off his gravity training, and that in turn meant no girl impressing. Life was not fair sometimes...

Author's Note:

So I'm attempting to makelonger chapters now, but I get distracted way too easy, and it's also 3:30 a.m. right now, and I've been working for about 14 hours today *nervous laugh* So I'm sorry! I hope the frequent little chapters are ok, but I am trying!

I'm gonna attempt some sleep now, please continue enjoying the story, and as always thanks for supporting it x3

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