• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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Temptations and Dreams

Author's Note:

So there's no actual sex in this chapter, but since (SPOILERS) there is a description of a sexual act, even though a bit vague, I'm going to add the sex tag to this story.

Anywho, keep enjoying please, and thanks for reading! :)

P.S. I love how passionately some of you responded to these ponies deaths. It shows me you really are invested in watching this bug-brain prince get squashed x3

The last month had been intense for Apple Bloom and Goten. Goku was an extremely hard teacher, and even though he wasn't strict on most things, he was very insistent on always going full boar in their sparring sessions. Sometimes, those sessions would go on for hours, sometimes taking up an entire day within the Chamber.

Of course, there was no real way aside from the massive clock on the ceiling of the entrance to Earth for them to tell day from night. On rare occasions, the whiteness would actually change to an icy wasteland complete with blizzards, and on others would become a raging inferno threatening to swallow them in flames.

The young anthropomorphic mare was very happy at the end of each day, but not just because she could finally rest for a few hours, but because she knew through all of this turmoil, she would come out even better than before. Once, while they were bathing, she noticed she was starting to grow visible abdominal muscles; it made her look tough, and she liked that.

But her own muscles weren't the only thing she'd noticed on those occasions. The Time Chamber had only one bath tub and to save time, Goku suggested they all bath together just as Gohan and he had when they trained together inside the Chamber. She wasn't too worried about herself being nude around them; for goodness sakes, she'd been naked around them since she'd known them before gaining this body. Her face had heated up like a kettle on the boil though when she saw Goten fully revealed the first time. She remembered all those sex education classes from her youth, and even though the had been on pony bodies, she was able to tell what parts were what fairly well, and found it increasingly hard to avert her eyes from said parts.

Whenever they would bathe, she would have to mentally remind herself that even thoughhe was built, Goten was still only sixteen whereas she was eighteen. It was within a three year difference, yes, and back in Equestria it wasn't frowned upon too much; but she was of an age where she could do certain things Goten could not. Just that little, seemingly insignificant fact was enough to make her keep herself in control during these times. It did not, however, keep her from fantasizing about things when the boys would fall asleep. This bipedal body had a couple extra places and capabilities she had rather enjoyed exploring the uses of.

Speaking of sleeping, she was always a bit guilty at the fact that there were only two beds in the Time Chamber, and three of them. The reason for his guilt was because Goku would always end up sleeping on the tile floor of the Earth entrance. She also found it rather curious that the dead needed to sleep, but then again...the sentence seemed to both make sense, and not make sense.

She had once suggested that she take the floor instead, but Goku would always deny the offer, saying he didn't need comfort to get rest. She would've also suggested she share a bed with Goten, so Goku would have the other, but once again, certain things came to her mind.

She was so ashamed of her perverted mind; especially since she had slept with Goten before back before the entire fiasco, and nothing inappropriate had happened. But she had a body similar to his now...

Apple Bloom was becoming distracted by these thoughts as she sat at the table with Goku and Goten; the many plates starting to stack up as they inhaled their food. She shook her head and brought herself crashing back to reality.

How long had it been now? Over a month? That seemed about right, but if she ever forgot, she was sure Goku would have it in his head. For someone she had heard was so simple minded, he was rather intelligent; and even though he was a hard teacher, he was a righteous warrior. Everything he did, he did for the good of something. Right now, he was destroying the meals before him for the good of his seemingly bottomless stomach.

As they all finished eating, Goku stretched and yawned.

"Well, tomorrow, we're gonna be doing things a little different." He stated, looking at his son and his pupil.

"How do ya mean?" Apple Bloom questioned, eager to hear what was next to be introduced.

"So far, I've gotten you to let go of your inhibitions. Now, I have to teach you control."

Apple Bloom was confused. "Wasn't the whole point of this to get me to use all my power? Why am I suddenly going back to holding back?"

"You won't be holding back." Goku explained. "You'll be learning how to bring the power out without using anger. You see, you two, anger is a useful tool,but it's a double-edged sword in many cases. It can give you a massive power boost, and sometimes even keep you alive in certain situations. But anger is dangerous, because if you become too angry, and start to 'see red' so to speak, you might become unfocused; savage. You could forget all forms of training and discipline. In extreme cases, you could temporarily lose who you are in a blind rage and become nothing more than a monster that destroys or gets yourself killed."

Apple Bloom though on that. Big Mac had once told her when she was first learning what to do on the farm that getting mad at things would only make everything else go wrong, and that keeping a calm head was better. Anger had let her release her mental hold-ups about using her power, but now, if she relied only on rage to bring it out, she might mess everything up, including herself. It was slightly confusing, but she thought she had the gist of it.

"So we'll be training to control our new power without needing to be angry then. Good, I'm getting kinda tired of thinking of bad stuff." Goten laughed.

Goku and Apple Bloom chuckled as well, and after a few moments, Goku announced was time to sleep. The three warriors found their places, and began to drift off into unconsciousness.

* * *

"Apple Bloom?"

Apple Bloom opened her eyes slowly; the sunlight causing her to blink rapidly before she saw the source of the voice that had called her name. When her amber eyes finally focused, they met Goten's own, and the mare felt a smile crawl across her face.

He was holding her in a gentle embrace underneath a large tree; the branches dangling leaves all around them as the golden glow of the sun lit up the wheat colored grass all around them. The sky above was as blue as one could hope for on a nice day, and several birds could be heard chirping in the distance; their cheerful tunes a sort of ballad for the two of them.

"Hi, Goten." She cooed, her hand coming up to brush away some of her bright red mane from her face.

Without another word, she nuzzled up against his neck, closing her eyes as she breathed in his scent. That, mixed with the smell of the tree and the air itself, sent her heart into a blissful flutter.

She giggled a little as she felt one of his fingers poke her in the side, making her look up at him with a big grin. He chuckled as well, and made a mock discovery face.

"I think someone's a little bit ticklish, aren't they?" He said with a silly tone in his voice. "Are you ticklish, Apple Bloom? Someone tough as you couldn't be ticklish, right?"

She giggled some more, and squirmed in his arm as his other hand began to move i's fingers all over her side and belly. It was lightly painful, but overall was not a bad feeling, but it was tickling her, and she was gonna have sore cheeks from laughing if he didn't stop.

When the half-saiyan finally showed her belly mercy, he brought his lips to her muzzle, and gave her quick kiss on her nose. This action, coupled by his hand taking hers in it, made her blush and sigh a little. This must be what it was like to fall in love.

"Goten..." She half-sighed. "You'll never leave me right?"

Goten shook his head, a gentle smile on his features as he looked at her. "Never. You're the only apple of my eye."

She blushed again at the play on words and her family name. When she looked back up at him, saw not the black eyes of her crush, but the blazing emerald eyes of something malicious.

"And just like the rest of Equestria," 'Goten' said, a much more menacing voice coming fromhis mouth as the sky turned hellish. "this apple looks just good enough to eat!"

Sapphic's jaw unhinged and his rows of sharp teeth came flashing at the mare as she screamed.

* * *

"Get away!" She cried out, an involuntary punch shattering one of the marble pillars beside her bed into small bits.

Goten shot up into a sitting position; his jet black hair going gold for a moment before he realized what was going on. Apple Bloom sat upright on the opposite side of the room, her legs curled in as she hugged herself, wiping away the small tears that had formed in her eyes. The half-saiyan walked quickly over to his furry friend, and sat next to her.

"Apple Bloom, are you ok?" He asked, putting a hand on her shoulder.

She didn't say anything and just pulled the young man into a hug, which, after getting over the sudden surprise, he returned.

"I had another nightmare..." She finally told him.

"Was it one of your flashbacks..?" Goten asked.

He felt her shake her head against his shoulder, sniffing once. "It was Sapphic...he was disguised as you..."

Goten's face fell, and he pulled away just enough to look at her face. She was finding it a bit hard to look at him; afraid she was going to see those evil green eyes again.

He let her find the courage to look up at him before speaking.

"Hey, it's ok, Apple Bloom. Sapphic isn't here, and he can't hurt you right now....and even if he was trying to, I would do everything in my power to make sure it didn't happen."

"But he is hurting my friends...back home..." She squeaked out. "And I can't do anything to help 'em..."

Goten pulled her into onemore hug to comfort her, understanding her helpless feeling at the situation reality had for them.

"I know...but once we get out of here, we'll how him what happens when he messes with the ponies you love. We'll teach him a lesson...together."

She nodded a bit, her mind somewhat eased by his words of future promise. She then took a look around the room, not seeing any sign of Goku.

"Where's your dad?" She asked him, genuinely curious.

Goten seemed to just notice as well, and looked around before coming to a conclusion. "He must have gone out for some late training.."

He then turned back to the mare, a reassuring look directed at her. "We should get some sleep. Tomorrow we'll be doing some crazy training, and then when it's over, Sapphic won't be able to touch either of us."

He started to walk over to his side of the room before Apple Bloom called out for him to stop. The half-saiyan turned around to see what she needed.

She hesitated before asking what she had on her mind; she was afraid of the nightmare coming back, just like the memories from before.

"Will...will you sleep here with me like..like you did when I had hose bad memories before..? I think I'd feel more..more at ease that way.." She said.

Goten grinned and chuckled a bit. "It's no problem at all, Apple Bloom."

He returned to her bed, and once the two of them were under the sheets, he wrapped hi powerful arms around her muscular, fur covered body. She faced away from him, and she closed her eyes and sighed as she felt his hot breath on the back of her neck and his rigid, yet soft form pressing against hers.

She remembered back to that moment on the World of the Kais, and how she had wanted to finally confess her feelings for him, but hadn't had the chance. She saw no distractions, or any possible ones around in the Time Chamber, and swallowed hard, getting ready to finally say it; this seemed as good a time as any.

"Goten, I--" She started as she turned slightly to see him.

She stopped when she saw the young man was already fast asleep; his chest rising and falling slowly and rhythmically.

She laughed a little at the ridiculous speed he had gotten back to resting, and simply decided she could wait to tell him; she didn't want to disturb his dreams more than once in one night.

She turned bak away from him and pressed herself against him further, pulling his arms gently closer to her. As he started to finally drift off once more, she wondered if Goten ever dreamed of her like she did about him.

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