• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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We Found One

Apple Bloom awoke as the morning sun peered over the distant mountain tops; it's rays glistening off of the tiny droplets of dew on the grass upon which Goten and herself laid.

She noticed the forms of Goku and Gohan sparring a little ways away. Did these guys ever not get up early to punch each other? It's not bad to train of course, but this happened every morning. Oh well, she decided; at least Goten didn't do that. If he had, she wouldn't have been able to enjoy this moment.

She tilted her head up and into his chin, nuzzling against it gently so as to not wake him. His breathing was slow and deep; going in some calming rhythm with his heartbeat. Her ear closest to it turned slowly towards the blood pumping organ thumping inside the half-saiyan's chest, pressing against it. She let her eyes close and sighed happily.

There had not been another night terror; no horrible memory to haunt her mind. She knew it was because of Goten; it had to be. Somehow his presence banished away the horrible thoughts that lurked within the shadows of her mind. He was a source of light and warmth in the present that dispelled the coldness of her past.

She felt Goten stir underneath her, ad she realized with sadness they would have to get up sooner rather than later. She almost hated that she had fallen asleep rather than enjoy his embrace all night.

The half-saiyan opened his eyes and blinked the sleep away quickly. When he moved to stretch, the cold air brushed chills through Apple Bloom's fur, and caused her to gasp quietly in slight shock at the sensation. He really had been her warmth afterall.

He looked down at her and smiled.

"Morning!" He beamed. "You ready for another day?"

She smiled and nodded. "Eeyup. I'm ready to get my training on."

"Awesome!" He exclaimed, getting up.

Apple Bloom decided to slide down his torso as he rose rather than get off him immediately. Land sakes, she was acting like Winona...

Realizing her silly behavior, she got up on her hooves and followed Goten over to where Goku and Gohan were still trading blows. When they spotted the late risers approaching, they stopped and gave a wave.

"Nice of you two to join us." Gohan stated, chuckling slightly. "Have a nice sleep?"

"Very nice." Apple Bloom mused.

"Slept like a baby." Goten laughed.

"Good. You needed that rest."

"Why?" Goten asked. "It's not like training is gonna be super difficult."

"Because we found one." Goku answered.

"Found one?" Apple Bloom queried.

"A Dragon Ball."

Her eyes widened as her sleep riddled mind called forth the reason they were on this journey.

"Well, where is it?" She asked, suddenly very excited.

She hadn't expected the first ball to be s easy to find. If the rate kept up like this, she'd be an anthropomorph in no time. Then she'd really be able to train like crazy.

"The dragon radar says it's off to the east." Gohan said, checking the large device. "Not even a few minutes from here if we fly at a brisk pace."

Apple Bloom was so excited, she was starting to float again; Goten gently pulled her hoof to bring her back down to Earth.

She just couldn't wait to see what the Dragon Ball looked like. She was ready to go right this instant to retrieve the magical orb.

"Hey, I know that place!" Goku said, looking at the radar. "That's Uub's village!"

Apple Bloom was once again struck by a name she had no face for. "Who's Uub?" She asked.

"Uub is another student of mine." Goku sad, turning to the yellow mare. "I started training him a few years ago. He's the reincarnation of the evil side of Majin Buu, and he's super strong. He doesn't quite know it yet, though."

The phrase "reincarnation of the evil side of Majin Buu" made her gulp a bit. "Y'mean, he's bad?"

Goku laughed. "No way! Uub? Evil? Nah, just reincarnation of someone who WAS evil. He isn't like he was in his past life at all, save for his power."

"Oh, well, that sounds ok then." She said. "Out of curiosity, just how powerful was this 'Majin Buu' guy?"

Goku's face suddenly became a bit serious. The tension in the air was suddenly thicker than fog as even Goten had a dark expression.

"I--I'm sorry," She quickly apologized. "I didn't mean to--"

"It's not cuz of what you asked, Apple Bloom." Goku told her in a tone that was much deeper than what he had always spoken to her in. "It's just the memory of Majin Buu is not something we like to remember. He was a monster. A true terror that had almost limitless power and magical abilities. It took everyone to stop him, and I mean everyone on Earth and even Namek had to help me..."

Apple Bloom was trying to picture seven billion beings like Goku fighting one person and still barely winning; the effort made her head ache. She also thought, what the heck was Namek? Was that another name, or a place? She didn't want to ask anymore questions about Majin Buu though. The tension was thick enough, and she wished she hadn't asked.

Gohan sighed, and then, picking the dragon radar up again, he started to float into the air; the tension already dissipating as he smiled.

"Well, shall we go and get us a Dragon Ball?" He suggested.

To Apple Bloom's relief, all of them lightened up instantly and flew upwards, which she followed suite in.

* * *

"Well, obviously something happened here." Trunks said to himself as he surveyed the giant gash in the ground.

It looked like it had been caused by a massive blade; this was confirmed when he turned and saw the huge steel weapon lying ownerless in the field. He walked past it, and instantly he sensed a dying power level in the brush. It was fading pretty rapidly, so he decided to check it out. He was however in no big hurry.

As he neared the dying form of Demon King Gaki, he scoffed.

"Looks like Goten's handiwork. He couldn't have moved to far since then."

He tried to locate Goten's power level; after a minute, he located not Goten's power level, but Goku's. After another moment he sensed Gohan.

"Goten is probably following them on that little Apple Bloom's training journey." He sighed. "Dad said she was even worse than Yamcha is a fight. What's got Goten so interested in her?"

As he started to head out, the cracked voice of Gaki hacked out a single phrase


Trunk turned to look at the dying demon; he truly was a pathetic sight. He thought of what his father would do. Then a sinister grin spread across his features.

He put a hand out as if to help the wounded giant up. With a breathless thanks, Gaki took Trunks' hand. There was a moment of silence; suddenly Trunks rushed a huge surge of energy through his arm, and as it exited his limb, it fried the Demon King in a blinding flash of light and in another instant, an explosion rocked the area, blasting back a few nearby trees.

There was nothing left of the demon except a crater where he had been laying. Trunks chuckled darkly.

"Scum like you doesn't deserve help." He said.

With that, he turned and flew off to follow the power levels he had sensed earlier.

Author's Note:

Sorry it's so short, but I had a friend come over I haven't seen in a few years, and we lost track of time, and I lost a lot of my train of thought. XP I'll probably put another chapter up tonight if I think of something, but anyway, enjoy!

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