• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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Playing With Fire

The first blow was the loudest.

Apple Bloom had thought she'd heard Goku shout out something along the lines of "Super God Fist" or something to that effect. Well, the attack certainly lived up to the name; as soon as Goku's fist contacted Aedus' face, it caused a shockwave that nearly obliterated the black smoke clouds looming all around and even toppled one of the less stable buildings that had finally stopped burning. It had also blown away all the logs she had been hiding behind, causing her to have to scurry to a new hiding spot underneath a workbench near one of the few still intact homes; she had also bruised her leg doing so when one of the logs landed on it. That had hurt a lot.

But she didn't focus on the pain in her hind leg right now. Her wide eyes were focused on the fierce fight that was happening before her very eyes. The two were like a blur almost; she couldn't make out the individual moves at the speed they were brawling.

She glanced at Gohan and Goten who were intently watching the battle take place; their faces reacting to what they saw was happening. She couldn't understand how they could see all of this without getting a head ache, but she turned back and tried anyway.

Goku tried to plant his fist into the armored man's gut, but he caught it just before it made contact, and pushed it away, turning the saiyan around so his back was to Aedus. Avoiding the jab that had been aimed at his spine by backflipping over the strange warrior, Goku grabbed him by the hair, and as soon as he landed on his feet, yanked hard and threw the fighter into one of the burning abodes.

The impact caused it to fold in on itself; the flames flaring out magnificently and then dissipating to embers as their source of life crumbled. Aedus rose up, and aside from the ash covering his suit, he looked relatively unharmed.

Goku blasted forward, giving another battle cry to try and shake Aedus' confidence, but it did little more than make the black-clad warrior chortle with amusement.

As the saiyan raised on Earth raised his foot to kick out, Aedus stepped to the side and let Goku's own momentum drive his throat into his well-placed elbow.

Goku's eyes went wide for a second, and he grabbed at his injured windpipe as he hit the hot ground; soot covering his back and embers burning small holes in his blue gi.

Aedus made a move as if to stab his pointer finger into Goku's chest, but he would not have that. He rolled quickly out of the way, looking to see what might have become of his sternum had he not moved.

Aedus pulled his finger from the ground; a small fissure opened up where the strike had landed as he did so.

"That's some intense concentrated power you have there." He analyzed. "Such precision in your ki control..."

"As I said before," Aedus smiled. "I am the one true artist of destruction. Fighting is but one form of self-expression in which everything must be perfect."

Goku laughed a little. "I know someone who might not like you calling yourself that."

"Please, Goku, allow me to show you some of my...finer works."

Goku suddenly sensed a massive increase in power coming from within the fighter before him.

An instant later, Aedus spat forth a wave of bright orange flame from his mouth; the heat from it alone could probably melt steel in an instant.

Goku put two fingers to his forehead before the flames reached him, and he disappeared only to reappear behind Aedus, ready to drop a hand chop across his neck.

The fire spewing artist saw it coming and ducked, causing the saiyan's attack to go right over his head. He then whirled around and smashed his fist into Goku's kidney area, causing him to cry out in pain and grab at the injury.

He tried to think of a counter attack, but Aedus was obviously not going to let up. When Goku turned his head to the arsonist, he only saw a palm grab at his face.

Once Aedus had a hold on Goku's skull, he proceeded to quickly heat up his flesh in an attempt to burn the saiyan's face off.

Goku screamed in absolute agony at the searing fingers that were melting into his head. He had little time to react if he wanted to live, so he put his palms against his assailant's gut and let forth a large ki blast that sent him fling back, but not without taking some of the saiyan's facial flesh with him.

Earth's mightiest warrior fell to his knees, grabbing at his face in intense pain; he couldn't help but cry out furiously at the sensation that had befallen him.

That was the last straw for Gohan and Goten as they shot across the ground towards Aedus, who was already nonchalantly brushing himself off and examining the hole in his armor. He noticed Gohan coming and smacked him away with a quick backhand, but couldn't react fast enough to stop Goten from smashing head first into his face.

Now Aedus was the one giving painful howls as he held his bleeding nose. Goten's skull had busted up the arsonists nose, and now globs of dark red blood flowed freely from it.

"You little---"

He didn't have time to finis his sentence as both Gohan and Goten launched an all out assault with their fists an feet; their strikes were like lightning in a bottle that someone had just pulled the cork off of.

Aedus had to think fast, or he wouldn't be able to keep the defense up much longer. He stomped the ground, causing flames to shoot up into the half-saiyan's faces; the two jumped back to avoid being seared.

Aedus jumped back as well, but instead of resting, he made a strange sign with his hands and put his fist out. A huge bird of unknown species made of brilliant blazing flames shot forth from his knuckles; it's heat radiating even stronger than his other attacks.

The two dodged it, but only barely; it soared past and completely disintegrated another hut; all that remained of it being a heavy pile of white ash and glowing coals.

The heat from the fires already burning and Aedus' constant blasts was making it increasingly hard to breath; the oxygen was being swallowed by the hungry fires burning all around.

"We can't keep this up for long, Goten.." Gohan breathed hard. "The air is too thin...he has the advantage..."

Goten nodded, sweat nearly pouring from his body in torrents causing his shirt to stick to his body like wet glue.

Apple Bloom was coughing now. The smoke combined with the thin air was taking it's toll on her lungs. She looked over to Goku, who was patting at the ash covered ground. At first, she didn't know what he was looking for, but then she figured it out. He must have dropped his senzu beans.

She took a glance at the confrontation between the other three, making sure Aedus would not notice her. Once she was sure, she galloped as quickly as her smoke filled lungs would let her towards her master.

He must have heard her hooves thumping in the dirt and soot, because he immediately spoke to her.

"Apple Bloom..." He grunted; his eyes were shut tight, and his face was burnt severally in several places. "The senzu beans...where are they..?"

"Hang on!" She told him, digging frantically in the ashen remains of the village for the baggie. "I'll find 'em!"

Find them she did; her hoof brushed against the leather bag full of tough beans when she searched to her left. She quickly picked it up in her teeth, groaning at the hot embers that touched her lips as her eyes watered slightly, and put them in Goku's outstretched hand.

"Thanks, Apple Bloom!" He said as he popped one in his mouth.

A few seconds passed, and Goku's face began to heal, and once it reached the point he could open his eyes again, he stood up and gave the bag back to the yellow mare.

"Keep those safe, and stay out of Aedus' sight." He said, and flew back into the fray.

Apple Bloom did as she was told and dove behind a rock a few feet away from her position. When she peeked her head out, she saw Gohan and Goten holding Aedus' arms, preventing him from moving.

"No! This is not fair! Shenron will punish you!!" He called out.

Goku was headed at the trapped fighter at high speed, and connected a colossal blow with his jaw, sending him flying into the air.

Instead of following him up, Apple Bloom watched as Goku took the same pose Goten had taken when he saved her for that demon. There was another rise in pressure, as some of the ashes and rocks around Goku began to float upwards.


A blue orb of energy appeared in Goku's hands.


It suddenly grew larger, radiating beyond his fingertips. When it looked ready to burst, Goku thrusted his palms forward.


The beam of pure energy travelled at high speeds towards Aedus, who looked about as helpless as a kitten; watching the beam come ever closer to him.

He screamed, and he was no longer visible as the beam passed over him, incinerating his body and leaving nothing behind but that loud echo of a scream.

Goku's hair and eyes suddenly returned to normal, and he took a knee. Apple Bloom rushed over, happy as could be that this ordeal was over.

"Are you ok?" She made sure, looking over all three of the warriors.

"Yeah." Goku answered. "This was just a small skirmish. A little rest and we'll be good to go."

"That was sure impressive." A familiar voice called from behind.

The four of them turned around, and Goten smiled and laughed when he saw who it was walking over.

"Trunks!" He said. "What are you doing here?"

"Well I came to make sure you were ok, Goten." Trunks answered swiftly. "Your mom is pretty worried. But I'm sure it's no big deal seeing as how Goku can keep you guys pretty safe. But just to be sure, I think I'll join you guys."

"Kinda sudden of you." Gohan said. "You haven't even met Apple Bloom here."

He gestured at the mare who was gazing at Trunks with an uneasy look.

There was something about this Trunks guy she didn't quite like; something...off. But Goten seemed to be best friends with him, so she shrugged off the feeling for the moment. If Goten could be friends with him, he must not be all bad.

"Pleased to meet you, Apple Bloom." Trunks said, shaking he hoof before she even put it out. "I've heard a small bit about you."

"Uh...thanks, I think?" She replied awkwardly.

"Why don't you guys get out of this bad air and recover a bit. I'll clean up and make sure this doesn't spread." Trunks said. "Besides, you should make sure that Uub kid got away safe with the Dragon Ball."

"How did you know about Uub?" Goku questioned.

"Well, I saw him flying off when I arrived. He told me what was going on."

Apple Bloom suddenly got that uneasy feeling again. Why was it when Trunks explained things she got some kind of suspicious feeling?

"We can sort things out later. For now, let's let Trunks do his thing. Meet up with us once you're done, Trunks. We'll find Uub." Gohan announced.

The purple haired saiyan waved an affirmative and watched as they flew off.

* * *

"Initiate One is dead." Came a dark voice from the communicator on the table.

Five beings sat around the wooden surface; the only light source being a few candles in the large room.

"Are you certain, Grand Elder Seven?" One of the men asked.

"Positive, Three." The voice crackled in response. "I saw it myself. We're going to need to rethink our approach on the hunt."

"What do you suggest, Grand Elder Seven?"

There was silence for a moment, and then the voice of the grand elder came through again.

"We will discuss that later. For now, make sure to bring some saibamen with you on each hunt. We almost have all of them, brothers. We will not let the saiyans get in the way of our goal."

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