• Published 8th Mar 2015
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Blooming Talent - Griffin Productions

Apple Bloom wants to become a great martial artist. There is only one being in the entire multiverse who can teach her the best: Son Goku. (Dragonball/MLP Crossover)

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"Twilight!" Spike's voice carried through the town as he approached the purple alicorn.

Twilight turned to her number one assistant and gave him a look as if to say, "go on."

"Report..from...the...captain...of...the Wonderbolts..." He said, out of breath from running around all night.

Twilight thanked her little dragon friend, and unrolled the parchment she held in her magical aura; her eyes darted down the lines of written ink as she read quickly.

"Princess Twilight Sparkle,
We've been tracking Prince Sapphic's ongoings, and after he fled Appaloosa, we lost track of him. But now more than an hour ago, one of our scouts spotted the changeling exiting a cave in the mountains south of your current location; he appears to have amassed a rather sizable number of changelings to aid him in his conquest. We estimate at least 800 of them minimum.

He looks to be on a course for Canterlot, but as you are aware, that path will take him over Ponyville, and I am happy to hear yo have defenses ready. However, to give you as much time as possible, I will be leading my most elite squadrons in an interception mission to try and stall tem for as long as we can. We do not expect to get them all, especially not Sapphic himself; but we'll do what we can and give it our all.

In closing,

Captain Scootaloo of the Wonderbolts

P.S. Please take care of yourself and keep everyone safe, Twilight. You've been a good friend to me since Iwas a filly. If this is the last letter I ever send you, I just want to say, thanks for everything you did for me and the other CMC back in the day. And tell Rainbow Dash that I love her; she's been the best big sister a mare could ask for."

Twilight clenched her eyes in frustration and pain. She knew Scootaloo would be hurt badly in this course of action, and might even---

No, Scootaloo was tough, but she was also smart. If she knew too many lives would be lost she would retreat and fight on another day. Twilight wanted deeply to fly off and help her, but knew her and the other Elements' places were here in Ponyville.

"Oh, Celestia.." She muttered a prayer. "Watch over poor Scootaloo and the Wonderbolts..."

* * *

Sapphic flew at the head of the swarm as he and his changelings soared over fields and mountains looking for pony settlements to destroy and pillage. Appaloosa had been just the first of the many places he was going to tear asunder on his quest of vengeance; this was justice. The ponies were finally getting what they'd long since had coming.

He sensed several small power levels, and a slightly larger one approaching rapidly. He smiled to himself as he halted,the entire hive doing the same instantly as he waited for the ponies to arrive.

Within a few seconds, the Wonderbolts hovered before his army of darkness; each uniform emblazoned with a high ranking insignia. He was quite flattered; they had sent their best, but he noticed one was not among them.

"Where is yourcaptain, fair Wonderbolts?" He taunted. "Is she too cowardly to face me herself, just as the Princesses are?"

A fit looking, slim mare flew forward in front of her squadron; a captain insignia on her chest puffed with pride and defiance. Her coat was orange, and her mane a light purple as were her intense eyes beneath her goggles.

"You're not Spitfire." He laughed. "Did the hag finally kick the bucket?"

The mare didn't flinch, but her eyes narrowed at the insult to her predecessor.

"No." She informed the laughing bipedal changeling. "Former Captain Spitfire is happily retired and taking care of her family back home. I am captain of the Wonderbolts now. My name is Scootaloo; and I'm gonna be the last thing you see before you bite the big one, bug-breath!"

Sapphic nearly tumbled in mid-air with wicked laughter; he genuinely thought that last statement was funny.

"Come..." He said, finally calming down. "Let's test your little threat."

With a war cry, the Wonderbolts sped forward into battle against the massive wave of changelings that sprung to life as they did so.

* * *

Elder Kai continued to work his magic as Apple Bloom and Goten both meditated before him; each one raising their energy levels carefully.

Apple Bloom's mind was wandering, though. She continued to think what could possibly be happening back in Equestria. Goku had said that in three days, she'd be strong enough to defeat Sapphic, butjust how was that gonna happen? Even if this Elder Kai could unlock her "hidden potential", she doubted she actually had the power to fight someone who could defeat whole waves of enemies with a nod. She would try her darndest, of course, but that didn't mean she could win.

If only Big Macintosh had been here...he'd know what to say to make everything bett--

"Oh! There it is!" Elder Kai exclaimed suddenly. "I've found both your hidden potentials. My, my, my they are huge!"

The two looked up at the Elder Kai, and looks of disbelief crossed both of their faces.

"Just let me unlock yours first, Goten." He said, turning to the young half-saiyan.

There was a moment of silence, and then Elder Kai spoke once more. "Go ahead and raise your power level, son; make like you're going Super Saiyan, but don't actually transform."

Goten nodded, and stood up. He hunched over slightly, and gave a loud yell that echoed across the violet skyline of the kai world. In a few short seconds, a brilliant white aura surrounded Goten; it oozed power and light.

Apple Bloom looked on, feeling the power level of her crush had risen exponentially. Maybe Elder Kai would be helpful afterall.

"Ok, Apple Bloom, it's your turn."

He focused his efforts on the bipedal mare for a few moments, and all of a sudden there was a rush of intense energy that burst like a dam from Apple Bloom. Elder Kai and Goten were instantly blown back several feet, and the ground below the young anthropomorph dented inward like a crater.

The aura around Apple Bloom was not the same as Goten's; it was much, much more powerful. The sudden release of power had started up a maelstrom, and trees were being uprooted all over the landscape as far as the present company could see. The ground began to break loose, and chunks of the planet began to break loose and float upwards like hot-air balloons. Apple Bloom herself was also floating, but from her completely terrified expression, Goten could tell she wasn't doing it willingly.

"Woah!" Goku grunted out over the thunderous winds threatening to throw him across the planet. "This is insane! Is this her true potential?!"

Apple Bloom looked around in rapid panic, not knowing what to do. Without warning, a powerful ki blast fired from her outstretched hand, hitting a close by hill and blasting it to smithereens in less than a second. She looked at her hands in shock and fear, and several more ki blasts fired off into the sky, exploding like fireworks across the horizon.

She couldn't control herself; she felt the power rising and rising, and it didn't look like it was going to stop anytime soon. She was absolutely horrified, and tears started to stream from her eyes as she realized she couldn't control herself any longer; the massive outpouring of energy from within her was unspeakable.

"Help!!" She shrieked as loud as she could, the sound becoming almost earsplitting as another beam of energy shot from her maw into the sky as she screamed.

"Hang on, Apple Bloom!" Goku shouted, transforming instantly into Super Saiyan 4.

He jetted for the crying anthropomorph; the huge force of the winds cutting at his flesh even in this form. She reached out a hand to grasp Goku in desperation, but another large beam of energy surged from it, and hit the mighty saiyan dead in the gut, sending him flying so far back he disappeared from sight.

She let out several more cries of terror and hopelessness as her uncontrollable power raged on.

"Elder Kai!" Kibito Kai shouted, his fingers diggng into the ground to stay in place. "Ifshe keeps this up, the entire planet could be laid to waste!"

"It's unbelievable!" he older kai shouted out in response. "Such power!"

Goten watched in shock as his friend continued to writhe in helplessness as her energy released itself violently in all directions. He had to do something; anything t help her out. He raised his ki levels to his full potential, and then multiplied it by going Super Saiyan as he pushed through the hurricane force towards Apple Bloom.

The bipedal mare saw her crush pushing towards her through the whirlwind, and a greater terror seized her heart.

"Goten!" She screamed, her tears staining her yellow fur. "Don't! I don't wanna hurt you! No!"

Goten continued on, looking her straight in the eyes with his brilliant blue ones. "You won't hurt me, Apple Bloom!"

"Yes I will! I can't control myself!"

"Then let me help you control it!"

He neared her, and the energy swirled like physical knives, slicing his skin and clothing. He grabbed her by the hand, and instantly, Apple Bloom looked down at him.

"Let me help you through this like you helped me before!" He smiled up at her, gently starting to pull her down with his impressive strength.

She allowed him to lower her to the ground, and before she knew it, she felt his arms embrace her tightly, his chin resting on her shoulder and hands on her back, and one stroking the back of her head and mane.

She slowly raised her arms to hug him back, burying her face in his shoulder as the energy finally started to die down. Rocks fell back into place, trees that hadn't already been uprooted stopped swaying violently as the two held each other firmly.

"It's ok, Apple Bloom. Everything is ok.." Goten whispered to her as she cried heavily into his shoulder.

"I...I was so scared...I...I couldn't...stop myself..!" She coughed inbetween heavy gasps and sobs.

"Shhhh." He told her, holding her shaking body closer to himself as his Super Saiyan energy warmed her. "It's alright now. Everything is alright."

Goku finally arrived back, still in Super Saiyan 4 mode, and saw the scene before him. He looked around at the area, and his eyes went wide with surprise. The planet looked like it had been through Hell and back, and then went for seconds.

"This...this..is madness...wow..." He breathed.

He looked at Apple Bloom and Goten, hugging each other atop what remained of the hill they'd been sitting on not a few minutes ago.

Elder Kai, brushing himself off, stood next to the mighty saiyan raised on Earth.

"You know what the scary thing is, Goku?" He said, not taking his eyes away from the two. "That's not even her full power..."

Goku looked down at himin shock. "What do you mean?!"

"There was an energy that I found within her but could not unlock. It was a strange, but gentle power; honest and pure. I couldn't seem to tap into it though. But perhaps, that is for the better..."

Goku nodded, his mouth agape. He was almost positive she could defeat Sapphic now, but only if she could learn to control it.

She would have a year to do so, once they got to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

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