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This story is a sequel to The Best Nightmare Of My Life

Jeanne Tempest Jones, or Tempest to her friends, leads a rather ordinary life. At least for a teenager. However, one night everything changes. She wakes up in a mysterious land in a strange body, one that is feared and hated by the locals. Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Brian, and his twin sister Brianna find themselves along for the ride halfway across Equestria. Under the tender care of the Thestral (Bat Ponies) community, they will have their own challenges to face.

Now faced with numerous troubles, the largest being that no one seems to trust her, just how exactly will Tempest and her two friends reunite and find their way home?

Marked as a sequel to The Best Nightmare of my Life, as the concept being further explored is the one that sparked the Halloween One-shot. This is less comedy-oriented and more serious as to the topic of "Human looking like a villain" though.

(Title is once more a twist on the song "The Best Day of my Life")

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Yes! I was w8ing for this!

yay for bat pony community stuff! and pyromania stuff.

Awwwww yeah!

Finally got off your ass and released the thing!

~Skeeter The Lurker


Had to wait on the artist, who then decided to prematurely post the art at midnight last night, heh...

But yeah. Got the next chapter in the works as well. Fun little story so far.

Oh, I like this a lot. Can't wait to see the shouting match with Luna.
ETA on next chapter?


Shouting match? *rubs hands together* :trollestia: Glad you like it, been tweaking and working on it for the last month now.

Working on it alongside two other stories at the moment as far as the next chapter goes. No promises, although tentatively speaking, maybe a week or two. I've found myself taking 2-3 runs at editing, which means I need to give people time to look over it as well.


Glad to hear that you enjoy it.

Truthfully, the only reason I tagged the Halloween One-shot as a prequel as it is one, in loose terms. The concept itself is what I am further exploring, but while the prequel was fun, overt comedy brought about by genderswapping a human and putting them into Nightmare Moon's body, it set the wrong tone for what I was going for in a novel-length story. Needed to tone the comedy down some, so while this is looking further into the concept of "Human-Looking-Like-Villain" it actually will not include the protagonist from it.

Looks good! I'll be sure to read it!

As to who helps them...

4450433 Week or two eh? Sounds good.

Oooh, i liked the oneshot you posted earlier with this concept! Now you're doing a full story, Space? Count me in for a fave and thumb. Can't wait to see how this all goes.


Yeah, that one-shot nagged me from October clear through my hiatus. One could even say coming up with this idea got me off of the hiatus, even if it took me another month to have it strong enough to write. Hope you enjoy it, man.

MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flutterrage:


Lol, hey Parable. Just a 'moar' comment, hey? No feedback? Tsk tsk! :rainbowwild:

I certainly intend to!


Lol, well, feed back...

Love the little light hinting at the fact that Tempy might very well actually be Nightmare in truth. The eyecolor and sudden appearance of the little baby just kinda screamed that IMO.

Her reactions to suddenly having four left hooves was rather amusing. Everypony dance the stumble-horse!

Kewl. Faved and liked.


That art was well worth the wait, mate.

~Skeeter The Lurlker

I just read it (well, the good parts eg. Tempest arrives in Equestria) and I must say that now I wanna do a story like this!

This is a pretty good one, and I can't wait to see what Luna does to a Nightmare Moon that isn't really Nightmare Moon.

Prediction: RUN, TEMPEST, RUN!

Oh, hey, I should have been editing this. XD



Well aren't you just a whore for the kinds of stories that I'm interested in? If this is anything like your other works I'm sure to be enraptured. Again. :twilightsmile:


Lol, thanks. Glad ya liked it though, was fun doing this one and it got me out of my funk.

Lol! I was inspired after the Halloween One-Shot, what with the whole "Human Looking Like X Villain" but I had no idea where to take it until about 6-8 weeks back. This is the result.

Maybe? :rainbowwild: If you do find anything I'll make the changes. Think I went over both chapters about five times and had a bunch of others pick through it as well, so shouldn't be too much, at least technically.

I know, right? Originally I was going to add in a scene in which Twilight planned out her response, and decided on going to Luna, and then the events that led to this shout occurred, but... figured I would cliffhanger it instead and write that up for the next Tempest oriented chapter.

Pst, still waiting on... okay, no nagging, Space. xD I'm glad to see that you're here for the ride, I am a fan of your story as well, and your name has been popping up a bit more frequently. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedbacks once you finish these first two chapters.

This comment is quite useless to me, so I would ask that you elaborate. What about this chapter was meh? What did you find unsatisfactory about it? What were its deficiencies? What were its strong points? Et cetera, simply posting "meh" with the little Applejack face serves no purpose, truthfully.

interesting prologue

This... this story seems familiar...


Fairly certain that you're not someone who is in one of the Skype groups that I've shared the rough drafts or ideas with, so I have no clue where you might have seen something similar before, unless you want to talk broad and mention any of the multitude of "Human as Nightmare Moon" stories that exist. Well, maybe not multitudes, but there are quite a few. I haven't really read any of them myself, however.

Good story:coolphoto:, but dang it Twilight!!:facehoof:

This should be interesting! Promising start, can't wait to read more.


Twilight misunderstandings are best misunderstandings, am I right?

Glad you've liked what I've gotten thus far.

glad to hear you enjoyed it.

4452359 Its still a good story, its just that I'm reading another story with the same premiss at the moment.

So...is this open to OC appearances...because if it is, boy do I have an OC for you!

When is the next chapter coming out, and on that note, what stage is it's progress at? I'M DYING TO KNOW!

I mean, it’s silly, everything has taken one look at me and ended up running as if I were going to eat them or something.

At what point did this happen? :rainbowhuh:

~The lizardman has taken interest in this story, so he shall fave it


Was more of an off-screen type thing, as I shifted from Tempest to Twilight for a period of time, and then back to Tempest. While there was some overlap, there was a period time in which Tempest was 'off-screen' prior to her attempting the ill-fated trial of flight. I had brought that up to a friend for a line, and he and others agreed it was quite comical, so I went with it.

Glad that you seem to have liked it as well

4453755 And just who did she run into? Clearly not any ponies, since then the town would be up in arms.

~The lizardman is curious

idk if anyone else brought this up before sorry if you have. But it is widly accepted that NNM possessed luna but was her own entity im guessing in this fic? if not plz correct me. so if she was then i would think that luna might be bumbfounded that she has a body that is not hers. though her reaction was expected. cause that seemes odd though i think i know how it happened dosent mean the characters do. sorry if i missed something lolz.

Hehe, I saw (and commented on) the commissioned cover photo on deviantart before the fiction even appeared here.

*puts on hipster glasses*

I saw the Coverart on DA first, then I saw it here... nice commission. but... if this isn't your commission, its rude not to leave a link and at least commendation to the artist, especially one as good as her...


Lol, indeed ya did. You commented on it first as well, you have the exact same icon so I remember it. I would've posted the story, but... Who submits anything for approval at 12:30 am on a Monday morning? Love her work, but that language barrier... Cripes.

It is sourced, hover over the image. Plus, if you had taken a few seconds to look at the little bit of info she posted when she put that up, you would have noticed the same icon and name over on DeviantArt that I use here. As well as the link to this specific story. It's why I sat on these two chapters for as long as I did, if you look at the published dates on them. :facehoof:


This isn't meant as critical but I also initially thought this was a different story. A couple months ago a story by the name of "Trust in the Night" featured a similar setup: a girl ends up going to Equestria and becoming Nightmare Moon. Though yours has a bit more backstory and hinted justification for it.

I think that's what makes your story seem just more. With the timing and similarities its implied that Tempest is Nightmare Moon after having been defeated. But she's essentially gotten a second chance and now this is really her homecoming. It's not just some human ending up as Nightmare Moon and having to overcome the natural negative reactions from everyone; it's potentially also Nightmare Moon having to overcome herself as old thoughts, feelings, and maybe even memories start to return. How does an oblivious and good-natured Nightmare Moon deal with an angry, vengeful side resurfacing and possibly proving all of her friends' fears right?

That's what I got from these two chapters. :pinkiehappy:


Honestly, even after hours, my description skills still suck. I think I rely a lot on people having seen/heard of me and my writing, as well as curiosity when I write something new. This one I really struggled with, and I do recall the story you mentioned. I actually delayed writing this one because while I was planning it out, that story was released and got featured. I was going to sit on this even longer originally, but then the artist went and posted the coverart... gah! I suppose I should read that one to see what they did, to ensure nothing overlaps. I truly doubt anything will though.

And yeah, the fact that she might be Nightmare Moon is a big part of the conflict of the first half of the story. The fact that everyone holds fear or hatred towards her is just part of the conflict. Her two friends are actually going to come into the play, the next chapter is actually more oriented towards them.

Thanks for the feedback though, love it. Working on rereading through TLaP still as well. Almost 200k now, which is extremely impressive.

cute backstory of the name:twilightsmile: helps answering why a character would have a cool name without it being somehow mary sue...

4455364 Good sir, I am lazy! :moustache:

Hmm, I enjoyed this story so far :twilightsmile:

Like others have mentioned, I've also read a story with similar premise. But in this case, the conflict arising from the possibility that Tempest might be an incarnation of Nightmare Moon makes it even more interesting. I will be eagerly waiting for future updates :pinkiehappy:


Originally it was going to be her first name, but then I had it pointed out to me that it was "Mary-Stu" "Too pony" "A stripper's name" and one friend that simply cursed it out. :rainbowlaugh: So, a bit of work, and she's now the 'edgy' teenager who is using her crazy middle name because 'it sounds cool.'

Thanks. I saw that story a few months ago, and didn't read it, but shelved this story for awhile just in case. I am guessing a lot of people are making the connection between that story and mine though, the difference being that maybe I'm getting glossed over by some as 'it's just another X story,' but who knows. I'm glad you did like it though, it is fun to write. I'm looking forward to writing this Thestra (Batpony) society in the next chapter as well.

Very interesting start! Will say more after chapter 1

This comment is quite useless to me. What did you find unsatisfactory about it? :ajbemused:

YES. Eagerly following and liking this! (Love that you're dragging twins into it as well, and putting them in Hollow Shades. (Guessing that, because it LOOKS like a Thestral Community on the map...))

Glad to see her have SOME sort of a panic attack, brief as it was, having to keep forcing herself to focus/not panic. Helps make it feel a bit more real.


Yeah. Was trying to figure out what to use to calm her down that wasn't overplayed or a major freakout, and friend of mine smacked me in the head and just said one word. Pyromaniac. I was sold on it. And yes, Thestrals, Batponies, whatever you would like to call them have a nice role in this story, and I'm looking forward to writing about them.

While I enjoy comments, a simple meh doesn't elaborate what exactly you found boring, unsatisfactory, et cetera about the story. So, if there is a valid issue that is making you go 'meh' then that means I have no clue what it is that might need further scrutiny on my end.

Hands?!?!?!?!?!? Omg lyra would love this fic!!!

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