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Everyone knows how fairy tales go: We meet a dumb protagonist who does something foolish. Things go wrong. We learn a moral.

Clearly, fairy tale authors have never met Clyde Pie.

In this collaboration, a number of your favorite ponyfic authors take a fresh look at classic fairy tales, and what we can learn from the wisdom of an eminently sensible earth pony. (This is an open collection; submission rules can be found here.)

List of authors:

Cloud Wander
Meta Four
Quixotic Enigma
Caffeinated Pinkie
Thomas Hunter
Ghost Pikachu
The Iguana Man

Cover art by Veggie55

Chapters (35)
Comments ( 316 )

If you want to submit a story to this collection, please send it by PM to Salivanth.


- The story should be fairly short. No hard limits, but stories that are longer than 600 words or so should be very good to compensate.

- The story should feature a sensible Clyde as the protagonist. Clyde's actions are the focus of the story, and Clyde is never left holding the Idiot Ball.

- The story should match the fairy-tale genre. It doesn't have to be a parallel to an existing fairy tale, but it should evoke similar imagery.

Speaking as one of the contributors: I had more fun writing for this collection than I have in months.

Speaking as a reader: I love every moment of my collaborators' tales. (What's not to like? It's Pinkie Pie's father, Fractured Fairy Tales, and Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality thrown into a blender.)

Someone is an AD&D player. :D

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Irresponsible headcanon: this is how Clyde met she-who-is-not-Emma

Well, that was a shitty chapter.

I agree. I blame the idiot who approved it :/

Comment posted by Salivanth deleted Nov 4th, 2013


Guilty :) I wish there was a more common rock-eating creature in mythology. Seems like a large gap if you ask me. Maybe someday the FIM team will give us one...a man can dream.

Oddly, this is what I think of when I picture a critter that eats rock, despite growing up playing AD&D since 1982...


THIS. I love it! It plays on the original fairy tale, the audience's (at least mine) expectations, and canon itself.

Eheheh, this is awesome.

So, it doesn't have to be just fairy tales, also folk tales? I shall keep that in mind. What about ponified urban legends?

I didn't get it at first; but then I laughed.

So, that's two versions of Rapunzel we have here. Interesting.

Love it. :twilightsmile: It's subtly clever that Clyde ends up breaking even.

Now we just need a third subversion, starring Clyde as Rapunzel, and we'll be all set!


I'm not sure exactly what that would entail, so it'd probably depend on the legend. Ideally, whatever it was would have to be pretty well known, for instance. What it comes down to is that the better the story is, the more rules can be bent to accommodate it.

I honestly think this version of the story has a better moral than the story it was based on. (Or the one I think it was based on, anyway...)

Even better moral than the last time I praised this series!:ajsmug:


That was the intention :) Glad you liked them!

Delicious, delicious grapes.:pinkiehappy:

This needs an alt version with Rainbow Dash, who would fly up the beanstalk... because that gal ain't bright enough to realize she doesn't actually need the beanstalk to get to the cloud castle... and buck the giant in the FACE! :rainbowkiss:

Then she'd get eaten. :rainbowderp:

3445586 In the USA's version of the ant and grasshopper, the grasshopper gets lots of welfare programs even though he's a washed out drug addict while the ant works a dead-end job and is oppressed by ever-increasing taxes. :ajbemused:


>>>"Sometimes it is easier to placate fools than to argue with them," Clyde said.>>>

*nods slowly* Amen, brother... :ajsmug:

And Twilight Sparkle beat them all by teleporting.

Moral: When in doubt, OP the crap out of the competition. :trollestia:

3443149 Hmm, I shall have to give this some thought, now that I have a little free time. Shall I choose an Asian legend? Native American?

Ah... perhaps a version of the monk and the tiger... Yes, sensible Clyde would fit that quite well.

3444638 I blame the Magnificent Presto's mom. She shouldn'a been smokin' that stuff while pregnant. :trollestia:

And then Clyde transformed into his true form, a giant Slorn, and devoured them all.


Sombra, suitably impressed

I see what you did there. :ajsmug:

Man, I totally forgot about this series. I should write one.


Go for it. I don't check Fimfiction quite as often anymore, but I'm still around.

This is possibly the best moral so far.

Clyde dun gots bling.

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