• Published 4th Nov 2013
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Clyde's Tales - Salivanth

A collection of fairy tales featuring an eminently sensible earth pony named Clyde.

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Little Red Clyde-ing Hood

Once upon a time, the eminently sensible earth pony named Clyde came into his kitchen just in time to get a faceful of frosting.

“Daddy, I baked some cupcakes! They’re sugary and colorful, and sugary…” Pinkie, covered in batter, jumped around the kitchen. “I made them for Grandma Surprise!”

Clyde stared blankly at his daughter as he wiped the frosting off his face. He picked up the basket of cupcakes. “Let’s take them over there.” He then very slowly and deliberately walked out the door, Pinkie bouncing by his side. He grabbed his red cloak, as it was quite chilly.
On the way to his mother-in-law’s home, Clyde smelled a timberwolf nearby.

The timberwolf came out and thought that surely these ponies were not eminently sensible. “Where are you going?” he asked in the friendliest tone of voice he had.

Clyde opened his mouth to speak, but Pinkie spoke first. “We’re going to Grandma Surprise’s house, near the river bend!”

“Hush, don’t talk to strangers,” Clyde scolded briefly and looked up. “I daresay it’s none of your business. Please go away, sir.”

The timberwolf slunk away into the surrounding brush. He ran over to the house of this “Surprise” and stuffed her in a closet, tying her up. He proceeded to put on her apron and cap, awaiting the arrival of the ponies.

When Clyde and Pinkie arrived, they found the timberwolf sitting in a chair. “Oh, what a pleasant surprise! Are those cupcakes? Do put them on the kitchen counter, please.”

Clyde whispered to Pinkie, “Take the cupcakes to the kitchen and stay there. Be very quiet. I’ll get you in a few minutes.”

She nodded and trotted off.

“Your voice sounds odd. Have you a cold?” asked Clyde as he began inching his way across the room to the empty fireplace.

“Why yes, I do.”

“What big teeth you have,” remarked Clyde, grabbing the fire poker and slowly advancing towards the back of the timberwolf’s chair.

“All the better to—”

Clyde leapt forward and attacked the timberwolf, who went down quickly. He hacked the wolf to pieces as he roared and flailed around.
“Your breath stinks,” said Clyde as the fire poker took its toll and the timberwolf fell apart.

He heard muffled cries from the closet. Clyde opened the door to find Surprise tied up and struggling. He quickly freed her. They both looked at the timberwolf’s remains.

“Pinkie, you can come out now,” said Clyde.

Pinkie came out to see a fire blazing and asked, “Where did the fire come from? There wasn’t one when we came in.”

The moral of the story is: One should be wary of people they don’t know.

Author's Note:

By GhostPikachu.

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