Clyde's Tales

by Salivanth

Clyde and the Miser

Clyde And The Miser

Once upon a time, an eminently sensible earth pony named Clyde happened upon a diamond dog filling in a hole. Clyde offered to help, but the diamond dog shooed him away. “This hole is where I have buried my treasure,” said the dog, “and no one will approach it but me. I will keep it here forever, and it will be safe.”

“But,” said Clyde, “if you will keep it there forever, what good does it do? You may as well bury an ordinary rock.”

The diamond dog only sneered and kept on digging.

And when Clyde returned home, his wife chose an ordinary rock, and Clyde buried it in a secret place. Clyde's treasure remains safe to this day, and its presence brings him great joy.