Clyde's Tales

by Salivanth

The Nightmare and Clyde Pie

The Nightmare and Clyde Pie

The Nightmare went to a rock farm. She was lookin' for a soul to steal.
And there was Clyde, set down inside, eatin' a healthful meal.
With such a downright sens'ble guy, a deal could be tricky.
But since the Moon wiped out too soon, she wasn't feelin' picky.

"Hello there, pal, I'll tell you what," the Nightmare sat and said,
"I hear you're great in rock cultivatin'. Now don't that swell your head?
But I'll wager you I'm better yet. (That's just the Nightmare's role.)
You wanna bet your family's debt against a grip on your soul?"

Well, Clyde said, "I know I'm the best, at least 'round these here parts.
So whet your shoes, and come back Tues…day, when rock season starts."

Now Clyde, cinch up your harness tight, and weed those feldspar fields.
'Cause evil's cut the cards again and the Nightmare's gonna deal.
And if you win, your family's farm is purchased free and clear,
But if you lose, then Nightmare Earth is here.

So Tuesday comes, and in a burst of sulphur-flavored smoke,
the Nightmare's out, and starts to shout, "Now boy, pick up your yoke —"
But then a flash of rainbow light ker-blasts her where she stood,
She screams and writhes, cut down to size, and then is gone for good.

Clyde's daughter and her friends high-hoof and wander off to play.
Celestia lands. "Clyde, just as planned. You sure did save the day."
Clyde nods, and says, "I'll let you know if she comes back again,
'Cause that's my worth. I'm down-to-earth. The most that's ever been."