• Published 4th Nov 2013
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Clyde's Tales - Salivanth

A collection of fairy tales featuring an eminently sensible earth pony named Clyde.

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Clyde and the North Wind and the Sun

Clyde And The North Wind And The Sun

Once upon a time, an eminently unsensible alicorn named Boreas went before the other gods. “I am the greatest of us,” he said, “for I am the North Wind, and none of you can match my strength.”

So the gods challenged him, and one by one he overpowered them. At last he defeated all but Celestia, who only smiled. “If you are the greatest of us,” she said, “then surely you can take a cloak from a common pony.”

Boreas looked until he found the commonest pony in all Equestria: an eminently sensible earth pony named Clyde. And Boreas sent the North Wind to blow the cloak from Clyde's body. But when the icy wind blew, Clyde gripped his cloak, and the harder Boreas sent the North Wind, the harder Clyde gripped, until finally Boreas gave up in disgust.

“Your challenge is impossible,” Boreas told Celestia, “for that pony's will is unbreakable, and none of us can take that cloak, no matter how strong we may be.”

And so Celestia went before Clyde in all her glory, bearing her crown and her gorget and the fire of the Sun itself.
Clyde tipped his hat. “Ma'am,” he said, for his mother had told him to be polite.

“Hello, Clyde,” she said. “Would you please give me your cloak?” And he did.

Author's Note:

By Benman.

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