Clyde's Tales

by Salivanth

Clyde and the Desert Spirit

Long ago, an eminently sensible earth pony named Clyde was traveling through a desert with two other ponies he had met on the way.

Supplies were running short, and tempers likewise, and yet the end of their journey was nowhere in sight.

Suddenly, a figure arose from the sands and gave a sweeping bow.

“Greetings, fair ponies. I am a desert spirit, here to give aid to those traveling through my lands. Each of you will receive one wish. What shall it be?”

The first pony said, “I wish for more water!” And the spirit gave him a jug of water.

The second pony said, “I wish for more food!” And the spirit gave him a basket full of food.

Clyde, eminently sensible as always, thought for a moment and said, “I wish for all three of us to be at our destinations.” And the spirit teleported them to the endpoint of their journeys.

Clyde then arrived at his rock farm, where his family greeted him upon his safe return.

The moral of the story is: Consider long-term benefit before making a short-term decision.