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Story teller at heart. I like to examine the unusual. I spend too much time being 'reasonable'. I write to play, and hope others enjoy the results.


An ancient, storied evil arrives in Equestria, and joins Fluttershy's menagerie, as a baby dragon.
Will the Mane 6 Discover it in time?
Will they recognize the evil when they see it? Or can it avoid the temptation to succumb to his previous nature?
Will a brave knight challenge this evil with courage and the power of friendship? Helping him face the terror of the memories of his death?

Crossover, but that would give it away.
One Chapter one-shot.
Edit: Fixed several typos, added Alternate Universe tag, and changed the terrible description (to something less terrible, I hope).

Rated Teen for some rather uncomfortable implications.

Definitely a crossover, but spelling it out would be a spoiler. Disclaimer at the end.

Chapters (2)
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That was AWESOME! However, you need to mark it as Alternate Universe.

Terrible description. Wonderful story. And yes, it needs the alternate universe tag.

Loved his deconstruction on the main characters.

Well, at least it wasn't Ancalagon.

:pinkiehappy: Thank you for your comments and corrections.
:pinkiesad2: My first description was that bad, huh? I hope this one is better, without spoilers.

Good god man that was a fun read. Too bad its a one shot. I've been looking for a Smaug in Equestria story i've gotten so desperate as to attempt to write my own. though im basing more off of the movie Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch makes him sound amazing) rather than the old cartoon or book.
You inspire me!

Awesome read.

4074897 Glad you enjoyed it. Enjoy writing.

This was amazing. I cracked up quite a few times. One of the things I enjoy most about your writing is that you never get bogged down in the details - you instead cover what would have been multiple chapters or a whole story in just one chapter.

Are you here to be insulted, or just to hear yourself talk?" Smaug asked politely.

Ouch. Rainbow gets burned repeatedly in this fic.

Smaug's analysis of Discord was fantastic. As is his conclusion that he is in hell. Actually, all of your equestria-inserts seem to come to that conclusion... It would be amusing for all of them to meet up sometime.

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

4260291 Thank you, although I do admit, I can go overboard on avoiding unnecessary details.
Rainbow is trying to get into mental duels with Smaug, and so does Twilight. Smaug's an adult, the only other real adult in the series is Princess Celestia, so most of the Mane 6 are outclassed and outgunned. Besides, Smaug is still evil, he is just circumspect about it.
I may have a chapter in Feghoot like tat, where they are playing poker, or Diplomacy and discussing it. Although Barnum didn't think so, and Percy is afraid he isn't.

4668274 I hadn't considered submitting it, I'll think about it. Thanks.

Even after all this time, this is still my favorite story from your collection, and I see it has been expanded a little.

Have you heard of or read MLP Time Loops? There is an interesting thread of adventures contained within, that focus on various interactions between Smaug and a certain scattered collection of MLP:FIM characters. It does start rather far into the ... assemblage (?) of related stories though.

... That was... Good... Surprisingly good. Any chance for more? XD the adventures of Smaug and Angel Bunny?

Going through an old hard drive I found this, I hope you enjoy the continuation.

You depicted Smaug's personality more like one in movie rather than in the book. It's ironical that he got more horse sense and higher moral ground than flying colorful horses. Though latter, I guess, is Fluttershy rubbing off him.

Also, his former behavior got him painfully killed. Screaming terror and death can have that effect. Besides, now he's not much bigger than Angel, so he has tobe more circumspect.

What a coincidence. I re-read the first chapter a few days ago on a whim.

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