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Story teller at heart. I like to examine the unusual. I spend too much time being 'reasonable'. I write to play, and hope others enjoy the results.


A man finds a djinn with a cowboy hat and an attitude.
Applejack is placed in a strange world in a strange form during the first clash with Discord.

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Why doesn't this story have a crossover tag? You know, with I Dream of Genie?

This needs a sequel

My initial reaction was thinking they jumped from strangers to romance, and skipped the part that's supposed to be in the middle.

After thinking about it, I think I understand the theme.

The guy thought he worded his wish carefully enough to avoid unintentional consequences, but he didn't realize that reaching a level of perfect understanding with someone is a special kind of intimacy. At that point, you either have to love them or hate them.

It's a sweet little oneshot, that still makes the reader stop and think.

Also the plan to neutralize Discord was elegant in it's simplicity.

7500949 It really isn't a crossover, Jeanie kept her powers, unless the wish is spectacularly worded, she'll lose them here.

7501022 Naw, whichever way it goes someone is going to be heartbroken and lose their extended family. Those aren't fun stories to write.

7502699 The first wish was a throwaway, that's why Applejack was so worried about it. Glad you enjoyed it.

I'd have used the wish format from XKCD, but otherwise, an excellent story, and hopefully the start of another series!

Ah, the humble entrenching tool, an implement of a thousand and one uses--even when it isn't sharpened.

I can't believe I missed a new fic from you. I'd love to see where this goes if you ever come back to it.

This reminds me a little bit of The Rules of Wishing, for obvious and less obvious reasons. The language wish is a pretty creative wish, while still remaining relatively humble. There's certainly job security in that one. Especially if it includes programming languages. (Actually learning how to use the programming languages to create a program may still be required though.) He probably has what is needed to lay out the framework of a universal translator program that works. I'm also pretty sure that that wish would qualify him as a minor Spirit or Kami, because it is ridiculous to consider the possibility of knowing all languages.

I'm reminded that no one truly understands another person, only a rough mental model at most. Which means that for Applejack to understand the person to pick up her lamp, it would have to be something akin to a miracle.

Looks like Discord's luck hit pretty close to bottom, as he upset the only people around, in maybe the first situation he's been in where he had no power. Although, from what I've seen, Discord seems to at-least annoy everyone he meets.

Anyway, I liked the story.

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