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Story teller at heart. I like to examine the unusual. I spend too much time being 'reasonable'. I write to play, and hope others enjoy the results.


Equestria is an alien world. What if you aren't used to it, or they aren't used to you?
Even when both sides have the best intentions, there are problems. Little problems that aren't so little, ask the Martians in War of the Worlds.

A human arrives in Equestria, and brings death the ponies aren't ready for. Will they have time enough to deal with it?

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Really good. I mean it's sad that he died, but the premise and how it was carried out was really well written.

This is probably the only truly realistic work that shows what would happen if a human somehow got into Equestria. Most, if not all, others focus on the question, "Will they like me?". This particular work takes into account the diseases and the possibility for a Columbus-style event (one in which a new person finds the natives and the new diseases wipes out the natives), with the twist being the reversal of such an event. As for the content quality, this is one of the more high quality works I have seen. There are few mistakes and what there is proves to be so irrelevant that it can't be seen unless you know exactly what to look for and where to look for it. I won't take the time to point them out however, simply because it would take away from the style. The plot line was expertly executed and each detail is molded perfectly into the story. I commend you on all of this.


Thank you. I wanted to do something I hadn't seen elsewhere. I'm very glad you enjoyed it.

Whole new meaning to the term "animal reservoir"

Reading on synopsis alone.

I saw the title and thought this was a Hot Zone crossover... Eh, I might as well read it, since I'm here.

Really good. A bit sad, but inevitable.

Ahh, well that was a sudden and somewhat unexpected end. Pretty good story overall though.

How did he know what type of sugar they ate, btw?

Why name it Chapter 1 when you tag the story as complete, many ppl do that ;/

Congratulations! With this one 'realistic' fic the entire 'Human In Equestria' concept has been rendered... invalid. Ah, well, I guess I can forget about visiting Princess Luna in Canterlot, then. Still, it was a nice dream while it lasted.

On the fic:
What an awful thing to have happen; killed by Rainbow Dash's bloody feather-mites of all things... :facehoof:

1815602 - How did he know what type of sugar they ate, btw?
He probably had to teach them the trick about plane-polarized light, then to isolate the sugars and observe their rotation. Since you can only rotate clockwise or counterclockwise it's an easy test. A common sugar is D-Glucose, if ponies ran on L-Glucose, a human is seriously hosed.

1816953 - Why name it Chapter 1
If you don't give the chapter a specific name, it defaults automatically.

1817789 - the entire 'Human In Equestria' concept has been rendered
Now you have an explanation why so many Humans wind up in the hospital. They find them and give them a battery of shots and anti-allergen cures. And take a bunch of samples. You get fifty shots in one day and give a marrow sample, you'd probably black out and wake up feeling awful too.

1818404 - I dont get it
Simple, an alien arrives on a new world. Unless they are completely alien in physiology, they'll get allergies from nearly anything, have diseases that will make the plague and Ebola look like a joke, and be vulnerable to our diseases. Remember, WWI killed 37 million, the Spanish Flu that followed killed 20 million. In this case, they missed a fairly minor parasite.


Interestingly enough, I have a little story that involves extra-equestrian contact.

Germ theory is brought up, though not as a threatening issue. This is mitigated by nano-technology devices to filter out any contagions passing the blood/mucous barriers - and an ingrained cultural habit shared by the people living in space to share germs the way that Pinkie throws parties. (Washing your hands around someone would be to treat them as an outsider).

How could such a quirky cultural norm come to be? Easy! Natural Selection. The people living in space who did try to seal themselves away from foreign contaminants eventually crippled their own immune systems by severely limiting the exposure to pathogens. Everyone else is a walking thriving bioreactor.

Now we know what to do with the next one!:pinkiehappy:

This disturbs me, greatly.
Celestia doesn't know how she brought him (or so she says) there, but it should be easy to avoid doing it again. Just don't do the things you did different that day.

1835423 "Now we know what to do with the next one!"

I really hope that's just Pinkie being random rather than being part of an organized plan to keep bringing humans on in.

Actually there is less of a potential issue than one would think with regard to this sort of thing (although the mites were a good choice for the ending you had). Most viruses and bacteria etc are very specific in what they attack. If you encountered a species with no analogs to yourself then it is very unlikely you would spread anything of this manner without significant mutation going on and even then it most likely would not be compatible. Even on earth, you do not catch a cold from your cat nor do you give it one. Something like feather mites however, or any pest that found itself with a food supply and no predation would be a much larger problem. IE a parasprite on earth or stink bugs on equestria. Then there is the question of toxins, but even there it could be alien enough to not hurt you. That cockatrice might not be able to turn you into stone, and the venom of a manticore might not be effective. It is certainly more likely to not be effective than for it to be super-effective. Parasitic stuff is the most likely problem -- IE your feather mites. Water might be the largest hazard or more like what is living in it.

What gives you the idea that's not true? :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile: :scootangel:

An excellent piece of work. Rainbow Dash, however, seem unusually callous in her disregard for his plight.

4260214 she just doesn't want to believe she may have played a role in accidentally killing someone.

The fact that it was Feather Mites just makes it all the more personal.

>Ponies using Fahrenheit

Yeah no. :ajbemused:

5380766 Watch "Just for Sidekicks" again. Rarity gives instructions to Spike about the temperature that Opal is supposed to stay in, which is 81,4. While she doesn't specify the unit, that's way too high to be Celsius, too low to be Kelvin, and the show is American, so they're naturally gonna use a scale that kids understand, which would be Fahrenheit.

You know, I'm not really buying the whole idea that this is as realistic a scenario as you're trying to make it look. Under the bottom line it's really exactly as contrived as the ones where everything works out perfectly fine with no hiccups whatsoever. There are no dangerous germs, but there just so happens to be a species of mite analogues that are easily transferred by casual contact, thrive equally well in dry, cold environments like wings and the literally alien biochemistry of a hot, moist human lung, don't trigger any of the not invader-specific immune reactions that usually keep our lungs free of particulate matter and can casually consume whatever literally transdimensionally alien chemicals a human lung happens to be made of? Instead of dying of carbon dioxide poisoning or starving for lack of vital wingcruddium? Kinda stretching the definition of realistic a bit.

Haven't read this yet, but the comments make it sound like The Andromeda Strain by Michael Chrighton

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