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Story teller at heart. I like to examine the unusual. I spend too much time being 'reasonable'. I write to play, and hope others enjoy the results.


This story is a sequel to Drawn With the Night Into the Day

Dipper Doodle and Thunder Evening arrive in Canterlot, do I even need to say Chaos Ensues?

They are Fancy's kids after all.

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Always nice to see this ficverse continue.

Yeah, if it had come out on April 1st, I would have thought it was a joke story.

I love these stories. Also, thank you for waiting the day.

Emil #5 · Apr 3rd, 2018 · · 1 ·

I liked the earlier installments, but this is starting to sound repetitive. Once again, you've put Luna and Twilight into the role of Simplicio, and there really doesn't seem to have been any character growth on their parts. As if that wasn't enough, we now have amazingly precocious, super-capable kids as the ones making Luna and Twilight look stupid. I'll read the next installment, but I'm hoping for some changes.

"Yes, your Highness, the disgronification of Nazca brushes has reached an penultimate plenipotentiary level considering the quantum flux and uncertainty principles inherent in the dynamics of all involved. As long as the neutron flow polarity doesn't reverse, all should be well."

I don't think there's a force in this or any universe that would keep Discord from applauding.
Is the apex predator referring to wolves? Seems like a bit of an exaggeration, but I suppose the story is accurate enough and serves its purpose.
I've read a few origin myths with Discord at the epicenter and I tend to love them all. This interpretation of Discord is also intriguing in that he was never evil, but just got carried away with his perceived purpose and failed to see benefits of chaos in moderation.

8844413Or crying, he's so proud.
The apex predator are wolves, and the point is, humans can make friends with almost anybody. His father's ability to negotiate with almost any race on Equestia is proof of that. Thunder is telling her that it's in his bones to do it.

I've always liked these stories.

I may not understood half of this...but I enjoy it.

:twilightsmile: aaah, good stuff.

Points out the character-developing scenes, first from Luna, then from Twilight.

So, unless I seriously misunderstood Thunder and Celestia's conversation, Celestia and Klein had triplets together, correct? And Celestia not only kept it hidden, but then abandoned them with Klein? That's probably the most garbage move I've ever seen on her part. That's terrible.

Not abandoned, she sees them often, but she does rule a nation and can't be there all the time. Also note, Multicursal is on the other side of the world. Think about that and round (as opposed to flat) worlds.

She's with them while Luna is ruling Equestria

Have enjoyed this series a great deal, and had a question: why was Celestia so intent on mating with Klein? With her role as a teacher, she was already made a part of the family.

She was intent on being part of a family. The rest came more organically.

Hmm. I guess I can see why (no suitable mating partners under normal circumstances, Klein's desirability as a mate). Thanks!

I liked this continuation of the previous two stories. I read them a long time ago before I had an account. I kept track of stories I liked in a folder on my old computer and I’ve been steadily rereading those on the list. They were some of the earliest HIE stories I read and the first that put the Princesses in a bad light. Your story Cultural Artifacts was one of the others. While I don’t like your take on them, I like how you do it if that makes sense? I like how Celestia has grown. I do hope you will continue on with this series and maybe have Sparkle and Luna grow also. I kind of feel that Luna is a teenager for an Alicorn and even though she’s many years old, she hasn’t matured yet,(and the timeout on the moon basically stymied any growth in that time at all) but she may be closer now. Sparkle, however, was born mortal so maybe she’s closer to maturing than Luna. Which might be frustrating for Luna. Since I first read this, I’ve heard and perused some “Conversion Bureau” stories. Was that why Celestia was attacked? Wrong dimension target, maybe? Hopefully more will follow in time and with inspiration. I did like the mention of Fizzlepop from the Movie. So has Twilight started a friendship school in this reality? If so I wonder how failing to befriend the Bottles effected the curricula, First Impressions are Important 101, perhaps? Anyhow, liked and favorited, thank you for the entertainment!

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