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TwiShy, AppleDash and Rarixie lover and writer. Also a gamer. Something else you need to know is that I'm strongly against Alicorn Twilight.


This story is a sequel to Love Letters

After Twilight revealed herself to Fluttershy as her secret admirer, Fluttershy agreed to have a date with her. But the Pegasus couldn't be more nervous. Fortunately, she has friends who will make sure that the date isn't a disaster.

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I read this earlier today over on FanFiction and it is very good.
The song is typical Pinkie pie :pinkiehappy:, Angel is still the tough love kind of guy, And Spike is Spike:moustache:.
A good one shot continuation of another one shot. :twilightsmile: from me you get a 4/5 :yay:'s

Your style of describing all in this piece of writing is really amazing and picky. You do a great work here.

Tom Hardy FitJackets

5173765 Yeah, I couldn't update in both sites at once :twilightblush:
Thank you, Tobben! :pinkiehappy:
And thank you for noticing Pinkie's song! I'm actually trying to write her better :ajsmug:

5174608 You'r welcome.
Try to come up with a story that has Pinkie as a main character and thus writing seid story is a good way to practice on her characterization.
But i think you got it pretty much down.

5174625 I don't think I'm ready, too much Pinkie Pie! :rainbowlaugh:
Besides, my fics are shipping fics. I seem to suck at coming up with friendshipping fics :facehoof:

:rainbowhuh: Well, I don't remember readin Love Letters yet, maybe later i'll giv it a glance :applejackunsure:. Anyways this was a cute :twilightsmile::heart::yay: one-shot never t less :raritywink::pinkiehappy:

5175148 I highly recommend you to read the first part! :yay:
Thank you!

Heh, knowin my luck i hav already read t thing n' forgot :twilightsheepish: but, if not then obiviously i'll giv it a read as soon as i can :raritywink:. Oh n' ur welcome :yay:

Ok, I quickly skipped over here from you story, Love Letters and in have to say this was a nice tie up to the story. (I know there's another sequel to this, but I'm not really a fan of OC's in stories) You really out did yourself her but I am curious to know how twilight knew they were in the bushes. Again I don't know when you published this, so I'm gonna assume that this is your old work seeing as the last comment is a week old. I know you have probably improved since writing this so I'm gonna make this nice. I love the story and the reference to feeling pinkie keen, but I was expecting a bit more development in their relationship beyond the thought of admiring their relationship to ponies that already know about it, assuming that Applejack and rainbow dash aren't the only ones that know about this. All in all I'm gonna give this (I really need a new rating system) 7 out of 10 heart felt hugs.

5226889 There isn't a sequel to this fic, you already read both of them :rainbowderp:
But, thanks... again! :twilightblush:

Oops my bad. I was thinking of the sequel to magic of love part 2.

5228448 Yup! There isn't Northern Lights here :rainbowlaugh:

9980449 Thanks! I'm glad you think so :twilightsmile:

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