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Story teller at heart. I like to examine the unusual. I spend too much time being 'reasonable'. I write to play, and hope others enjoy the results.


Chpt 1) Pinkie and her friends celebrate a new holiday along with the citizens of Ponyville.
Chpt 2) A dark day for Equestria. Who is the new enemy and what do they want?

Chapters (3)
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Kinda short, but still enjoyable :pinkiehappy:

I don't get I- .....


Isaac Asimov would be proud of you for this one, Dan. :D

So.....The Borg took Pinkie, uploaded her, and then gave her back? Did that include all the other ponies as well?

Given that I'd just attended the huge Denver StarFest, this was even more hilarious.

As a former Alberta Athabascan Buccaneer, I grumble at those Saskatchewan Prairie Pirates and their oat haulin' way's to this day.

Makes me mighty jealous that does!

8093068 Don't worry, the rumors of plundering in New Mexico were a sting operation.

But why Stetsons instead of derbies and ballcaps?

8093090 Misplaced preconceptions which turned into embarrassed pride once someone pointed out the same thing.

We felt rather silly on that fateful day yet we kept at it to laugh when stress got to be too much.

8392854 Listen to the above linked song, then imagine Tractor Jack in Equestria.

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