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This story is a sequel to When the Stars Align

After the most bizzare week of her life, Starburst, the daughter of Princess Twilight Sparkle, finds herself in a relationship with Starfall. Despite their personalities being opposite of one another, she agreed to go on a date with the unicorn, and fell asleep next to him feeling happy and safe.

But will this relationship survive the test of time? Between Starfall's not so great beginnings in Ponyville, his tragic past, Starburst's family's attitude, and, worst of all, her friends' merciless jokes, does it even stand a chance?

What does their future hold?

Universe and most characters by: kilala
Cover art by: Faith-Wolff
Edited by: Zaleros, Lazygamer313
Proof-read by: Bazing, Sage Probo, guardianxela
Proof-read of the first chapter by: Zaleros, Sixkiller5, DarkZonker, Bazing, Sage Probo, guardianxela.

Chapters (22)

Spike wakes up to no memory of himself or why he's missing an arm. Someone sleeps against his chest, an angel of white, an apparently formal friend. What does a dragon, forgetting his past, do with his future?

[Self-induglent Sparity riddled with purple prose to cheer me up]

Chapters (1)

Okay, I'm gonna level with you here.

I have way more ideas with (and without) this character than is reasonable, so I'm just gonna shove em up here so I don't wind up writing a third goddamn full story. Think of it as therapy for the author. Most of these shorts will be set a number of years after the end of Make Love Not War. Knowledge of both prior Atom Smasher stories is not assumed, but will help (and it's also kind of spoilery).

Oh, and I guess you get more Atom Smasher. Lucky you.

Chapters (4)

Stella Sabre, years-long member of the Lunar Guard and one of Princess Luna’s most loyal soldiers, has achieved a major milestone in her life: a promotion to Captain of the Lunar Guard. She's also the youngest (bat)pony to do so in history! With her rapid rise through the ranks based solely on her merit and often… unconventional ways to get things done, the foul-mouthed Northern thestral mare is over the moon!

Turns out, there's a small caveat to her responsibility that she isn't particularly fond of: an unwanted shadow in the form of an adjutant.

Small little 3-Part AU Side project for my OC Stella Sabre.
Symbol of the Lunar Guard done by Ravvij, linked to his DA.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Parallels

The alliance between Equestria and Alemaneia continues to hold steadfast; Colonel Paul Werner and Generalfeldmarschall Aryanne Land's 'relationship' is at an all-time high... though that does not say much.

Things turn unprecedented, however, when Alemaneia becomes the victim. Actions against the state would never sit lightly with Aryanne, and she vows to unleash the entire military might of her nation against the offending foreign government... even at the threat of multi-state intervention in a to-be conflict. The world pleads with Equestria to rein in the fascist nation or risk a global conflict, and Paul is tasked with talking Aryanne's justified response down.

However, she'll only talk to him on one condition:

He must come to Alemaneia.

All the while, Paul must grapple with some of his biggest demons.

-Reading of 'Parallels' is not explicitly required, though highly encouraged if you want the surrounding details and lead-up.
-Awesome base Aryanne art done by Antamoanimisan-m, sourced to derpibooru. (Their tumblr is NSFW)

Chapters (4)

She is youngest monarch to ever ascend the throne on the continent... in the youngest nation on the continent. She has been groomed to etch her name in history and with all the tools at her disposal to realize her noble goals: A roaring economy, an eager population, and a nascent, rising empire. She would lead Alemaneia into an era of prosperity and prestige.

Her proponents (who feel she would bring young, modern blood to the nobility) and her skeptics (who feel she is far too young and cannot possibly have the ability to stand up to their regional rivals) both look upon her career with immense interest.

Perhaps everypony, in some way, would be right about her. And perhaps everypony, in some way, would be wrong about her.

So very, very wrong.

A six-part story of an unprecedented rise, and a spiraling, tragic fall of Regenfall IV.
Set in the Flower Mare Universe. Reading is NOT required, but I certainly won't stop you if you want to read the series.
Royal Painting by G_Hyze, linked to his DA proper.

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to The Village Called Respite

That little filly from Cloudsdale has blossomed into a true mare of Respite with the help of those not-quite altruistic twins. Joined by their bubbly friend, Toola Roola, they're ready to take their first steps into adulthood. But outside the village gates, the world is changing fast.

Can Sure Stroke and her friends keep up? Or will their happy life in that village hidden in the untamed Neighagara Forest take a turn as the world comes knocking at their door?

Cover art by Arcticwaters.

Chapters (16)

This story is a sequel to Just a Little Batty

For five long years, Nightingale Mooncrest has suffered from a terminal infection of Diamond-studded cooties; she is perfectly alright with this.

A Batty-verse Story Reading the first story first is highly recommended to avoid any confusion.

Cover Art Source
Artist is Kam3E433

Dreams of Ponies

Chapters (5)

It all used to be so simple: find a lead, survey the land, and grab a take to tide the Gang over for a few months. But the era of outlaws in the Equestrian Southwest is coming to an end, and it has no tolerance for ponies like Kestrel. Wanted by the law and stealing just to survive, Kestrel will have to take the fate of her band of outlaws into her own hooves and try to give them a good life... or die trying.

A comment-driven Choose Your Own Adventure story inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2. Key events in some chapters are in part influenced by dice rolls, which can be seen in my discord server. Be wary as the dice rolls may spoil current and past chapters.

As this story is different from traditional fare, there are a few caveats going in, inspired by another great CYOA story:

  1. The chapters will be kept fairly short, ideally not longer than 1500 words per chapter, barring the choices and author's notes.
  2. The vote will always have the last say, even if the choice they have chosen is suboptimal in terms of its effects in-world.
  3. The story will end once the fate of the Gang is resolved, though it may end prematurely if Kestrel dies before this can happen.

You can see Kestrel's character sheet, along with important information about the Gang, here.

Special thanks to Ruirik for the cover art.

Chapters (105)

After the Rogue Shadow is damaged in a fierce firefight with the Rebellion, Galen Marek aka Lord Starkiller makes a hyperspace jump to a seemingly random set of coordinates whispered to him by the Force, only to find himself marooned on an uncharted planet populated with bipedal equine creatures, a great many of whom were powerful Force-sensitives, known to them as magic, none more so than an Alicorn Princess by the name of Twilight Sparkle. With the Elements of Harmony and Maris Brood as his apprentices, Lord Starkiller forms the Espada Order, a group of Force wielders that some might call “Gray Jedi.” However, Starkiller’s absence does not escape the notice of Emperor Palpatine for long, and things only grow worse when Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion get involved. And when faced with a terrible tragedy, Starkiller’s greatest student and Equestria’s greatest hero might just become their greatest threat.

A Star Wars crossover. Contains TwiLuna and Galen Marek X Maris Brood.

Chapters (4)
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