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Spike wakes up to no memory of himself or why he's missing an arm. Someone sleeps against his chest, an angel of white, an apparently formal friend. What does a dragon, forgetting his past, do with his future?

[Self-induglent Sparity riddled with purple prose to cheer me up]

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or why he's missing AN arm

FTFY! ;)

[Self-induglent Sparity riddled with purple prose to cheer me up]

Oh hell yes :trollestia:

B_25 #3 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

Thanks. >:D

Poor spikey-Wikey always gets to play as life's punching bag 😭.

He did one of those, save the world, but at the cost of everything that you are kinda plays, didn't he?
I always loved the movies that did that, even if I didn't always like the way they did it.

A movie that I didn't think much of before seeing it was one called "Next Gen" which focused heavily on memory. I did end up rather liking that movie. Not a masterpiece, but a solid movie that hit me right in the feels with it's ending. Somehow, In a good way.

Good stuff laddie, can't diss the purple prose.
Very nice.

I'm a simple man. I see Sparity, I click.

Ok... I like it so far. Never read a story with Spike having memory loss and a missing arm.

You never cease to amaze me with your fics, It's going to be sad when you eventually leave/quit.

This opening reminds me of something I wrote long ago >_>

Regardless, I quite like this set up and how it's written. The focus on Spike's core emotions and instincts, acting with knowing why, it all gives a very nice touch to the extent of what ones self is when one has no self.

Wow. This sounds really interesting. Keep up the good work.


You havw my attention.

It ain’t even that trashy.

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