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This story is a sequel to Midnight's Shadow: Tainted Legacies

Magus Midnight Sparkle answers a summons to Swampy Bottom Bog as an evil spirit has taken residence deep within the depths of the swamp and is starting to corrupt the land. Midnight finds herself facing annoying haunts, malicious creatures disrupting her work, and irritating teenagers without any survival instincts. And most horrifying of all, she must face her true nemesis: mud.

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Midnight's Shadow: Succession Crisis

Midnight Sparkle is a rising star amongst the magi. She has proven herself time and again against threats as warlocks, hags, werewolves, and fey, but her recent successes yet leave her ambitions wanting.

An opportunity presents itself when the Archmagus of Eastmarch announces his retirement. The conclave to determine his successor—what should be a mundane thing—reveals a most tainted legacy as long-forgotten foes push Midnight to her very limits.

Chapters (17)

This story is a sequel to Midnight's Shadow

Midnight Sparkle's career has seen her though terrors nopony should have to endure: warlocks, hags, and worst of all, dirt. Her newest assignment promises to be no less challenging; when the Count of Honeyfield dies without a clear heir, Midnight is tasked by none other than Princess Celestia herself to oversee the transition of his estate to the count’s lawful heir. The question of why a magus of her talents and status would be given such a routine task quickly becomes moot; as the estate’s residents maneuver and plot for the late count’s estate, it’s clear that he might not be the only one laid to rest before it’s over.

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to Midnight's Shadow

Every year, the children of the Kicker Clan gather for an annual snowball fight to train them to work and fight as a unit. Hoping to gain an advantage in this year's contest, Gale Kicker asks her friend Magus Midnight Sparkle to join her team. Little does she realize the horrible mistake she made by inviting a cryomancer to a snowball fight.

Chapters (4)

Equestria is a nation on the edge of disaster after the devastation caused by the Lunar Rebellion. Beset on all sides by nefarious enemies, vicious foreign invaders, insane Lunar cultists, malicious fey, and diabolical conspirators all threaten Equestria’s borders and stability. Midnight Sparkle, daughter of Archmagus Sunbeam Sparkle and herself a newly minted Magus of Equestria, soon finds herself embroiled in the chaos surrounding her homeland. But what hope does a single unicorn have against so many overwhelming threats?

A chronological sequel to The Lunar Rebellion.

Chapters (15)
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