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Sunset Shimmer, having recently helped the human Twilight, helped save Camp Everfree, and graduated High School, finally decides she is ready to return to Equestria and make amends with Celestia. Meanwhile, in our world, a 6 year old boy is having a very rough time. One night at the orphanage he wishes on a shooting star, trying to get a better life. This seemingly simple act manages to teleport him to a different world and maybe, get a mom he deserves.

Note: Story takes place after Legends of Everfree, but disregards all Starlight related events. This means things like Chrysalis' second atack never happened.

Chapters (4)

In the Anon-A-Miss chaos fiasco thing and breaking up with her girlfriends, Sunset needed to find a way to stay away from everyone at Canterlot and CHS until she comes across a caretaker school. Deciding this would be a good idea to start, Sunset walks inside before her face was in shock of seeing kids with problems like disability, dyslexia, blind, deaf, etc. This is where her life restarts where she encounters a lonely boy who is both blind and deaf.

*Inspired by the amazing/sad/depressing 1962 film; The Miracle Worker*

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Twilight is very happy with her girlfriend, and wants their relationship to be as rich and healthy as possible. That means establishing a healthy relationship with her family.

Given their history, maybe Twilight is justified in being a bit nervous.

An almost comically overdue commission written for Majin Syeekoh

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Octavia's lived the high life for years. Practice after practice paid off and she's risen through the ranks. Now, she works for the Royal Orchestra itself, toiling every day to produce perfection. Untouchable, practiced, impeccable...lonely.

Vinyl couldn't be any lower. Out of home, out of work, and nowhere to go but to a cold grave. Cast out and left to fend for herself, Vinyl has nothing, not even a friend to call her own.

The two cross paths.

A love story that many have known, and yet different. Both come in broken, beaten down people, their only hope each other.

Chapters (15)

The new parents of Sunset and Twilight offer advice to Dash and AJ.

Continuity: Homecoming

A gift for AJTheRaven

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Apple Bloom, now a teenager, falls head over heels for a Strawberry named Strawbert. Will their love survive or will it be forever forbidden by their big sisters, Applejack and Strawberry Sunrise?

PS: Fully aware cutie mark isn't show accurate

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Sunset always knew that she was destined for greatness, but she never dreamed of how great she could become. Not until she had seen it – the mirror had shown her as an alicorn. Ignoring Celestia’s warnings, Sunset goes looking for answers.

When she learns that the mirror is also a portal to another world, well, what else was she supposed to do? But it seems that she hadn’t considered every possibility. She hadn’t, for example, considered that she might get herself trapped on the other side. Nor did she think she’d find herself transformed into a child again.

(Also available in print and as an audiobook)

A story set in the Who We Become series (earliest story, so a great starting point :raritywink:)

Who We Become is a realistic romantic drama series focussing on queer characters. People sensitive to queer issues should take caution before reading.

Many muches of thanks go out to ArchAngelsWings, Dessert, Mind Jack, Pasu-Chan,
CharCharChan, w_brown7, and eton975 for proofreading.
Additionally, thanks to Pasu-Chan for providing the glorious cover art :scootangel:

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Luna has returned to Equestria, but she is as cold and distant as the moon that held her captive. Celestia broods on her throne, regretting mistakes made and prices paid. Twilight Sparkle contemplates betrayal, and as her faith drains away, bitterness takes its place. And in the darkness, a relic of an ancient tragedy watches, his life consumed by greivances that he can neither remember nor forget. Betrayed and betrayers all, four ponies in need of a redemption that only one seeks. Will Honesty be enough to save them? Can one hoof, extended in trust and forgiveness, mend four wounded hearts?

Includes Applejack X Luna and slight Twilight X Celestia shipping.

With thanks to my editors, and

Written prior to season 2, so severely jossed by canon.

Chapters (15)

This story is a sequel to Too Shy for a Rainbow

If you liked this fic, check out the awesome Audio Dub version of it by The Lost Narrator!:

It's been a month since Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash started dating. Everything was going fine until Fluttershy started experiencing horrific nightmares that started keeping her up at night. Looking for answers, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie seek out Twilight. But when the three mares find themselves within the world of Silent Ponyville, will things turn out for the better? Or will things end in tragedy?


Chapters (14)

After rising to stardom following Rarity's first, poorly received fashion show, Vinyl Scratch struggles to adapt to the higher class of life celebrity status bestows. Her personality and own moral values do not mix with the fake, corporate ideals of her agent, and her sponsors are only interested in her as long as she conforms to their expectations. Her life is barely her own and soon she will have to decide what's more important; her existing relationships, her fame and fortune, or perhaps something unexpected in the form of a refreshingly grounded Canterlot Elite who just invited her to breakfast during the Canterlot Music Convention.

A Vinyl Scratch x Octavia story where the two Ponies involved don't instantly form a romantic relationship the moment they meet, and instead allows it to grow over time with good old character development.

All criticism is welcome, and of course some spoilers follow in the comments below so please read cautiously.
Mega thanks go to Cruel September for her fantastic cover art for the story. Go show her lots of love, she's an amazing artist.

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