• Published 31st Oct 2018
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The Miracle Phoenix. - Neutral Boy

Deciding to start her life somewhere from the chaos at CHS, Sunset encounters a boy who's blind & deaf as she now must protect him from danger and their past history.

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Chapter 2: Fields & fever.

Two human figures are seen in the fields with a few trees and calming breeze of melody.

One is male and the other is a female.

The female human is walking with the male to relax close to a tree.

They sit closely together and enjoying the time flying by and the fresh breeze flowing.

He couldn't hear of what she was saying to him as he felt something on his cheek and goes to sleep.

The scene changes of a dark rainy night with the sound of a sad melody.

A female is lying on the ground unresponsive while the male tries his best to wake her up.

Blood is flowing away from the female's body and tears were shown from the male's eyes.

Several other figures enter the scene as they all mourn for the female and comforting the male.

Scarlett wakes up from her nap and yawns before stretching up both her arms.

She looks to see Kimba sleeping at his usual corner with Sunset sleeping beside him with some open books and papers. Smiling, she gets up to grab some foods to eat for herself. Later she comes back to check up on Kimba and rubs his left shoulder.

"Kimba, wake up." She sweetly whispers to him.

She then notices that he's suddenly begins to shiver all over his body.


Curious, Scarlett uses her right hand to touch his forehead as her eyes widen in realization.

"Oh no."

Scarlett then turns toward Sunset and shakes both her shoulder to help wake her up.

"Sunset, please wake up."

Sunset groans in her sleep and felt that someone's disturbing her nice dream. Her eyes were slowly open and sees the look of Scarlett filled with worry and scared. She rubs her eyes together and speaks to Scarlett.

"Scarlett, what's wrong?"

"I need your help, Kimba is having a fever again."

Meanwhile at Camp Everfree. . .

A car is seen driving on the road with one girl driving and another girl sleeping in the passenger seat.

"What am I gonna do with you, Contralto?" Driver girl said sighing.

The driving girl is named Esbern. She has long violet hair, dark green eyes, t shirt of Camp Everfree, brown boots, and black shorts.

The one beside Esbern is Contralto. She has long mixed pink hair, light blue eyes, same shirt as Esbern, purple shoes, and purple shorts.

Some time ago back in Camp Everfree, both Esbern and Contralto were working hard with Gloriosa Daisy, Timber Spruce, and a few others set up everything for the next meeting. Although, Esbern did glance at her friend falling behind and her eyes have like lost their spark.

Esbern did try to ask Contralto if she needs help, but her friend dismissed her multiple that she's doing fine, even though it's not true of the way she says it from her mouth and felt like she could collapse.

So Esbern had no choice, but to knock her out in the head and carrying her on her back.

Esbern told her friends that both of them will be back at another as she heads toward her car and put her unconscious friend in the passenger seat before going to her driver seat and start the engine.

Now Esbern is driving at night being careful to not hit anything, until her phone suddenly rings.

She parks her car at the white line for a moment and picks up the phone to see that her friend is calling. She opens it up and starts speaking.


She hears some panic on the other end of the phone as her eyes widen on what her friend is saying.

"What? Is Kimba okay?"

Her friend is explaining everything to her as she sighs and rubbing both her eyes.

"Alright, we'll be on our way in a little bit."

Elsewhere. . .

Inside the Sparkle family house, a nerdy Twilight Sparkle is awake working on her researching while her pet dog assistant Spike is sleeping in his doggy bed. Twilight has been working on most of the night finding out the weird signatures and unknown origin of this mysterious cause coming from Canterlot City.

The only problem is that her new device is picking up readings at Crystal Academy's rival, Canterlot High School and she cant be seen by a lot of students there. Another weird thing is that her device isn't just pointing at CHS, but perhaps somewhere else and it lost the signal multiple times.

Shaking her head in annoyance of those thoughts, Twilight gets back to her work studies.

"Let's see, the difference between here and there. . ." Twilight murmurs.

While Twilight is busy studying, her device suddenly glows and has begun to vibrate out of control. The device moves off the table and onto the ground, alerting her as she looks down to see her device is shaking like having a seizure.

"Why is my device acting so crazy?"

She leans down and picks up her device off the ground and hold it both of her hands.

She gently shakes it a few times until it suddenly stops and the glowing radar disappears. Shaking her head, she places her device back on her table desk. Before going back to work, Twilight hears whimpering coming from behind her. She turns around to see Spike shivering and whimpering.


Twilight walks away from her studies and picks up her dog into her arms, comforting him.

"There, there, it's okay Spike. I'm right here." She whispers, rubbing his back.

She looks at her clock that it's getting close to midnight.

"I guess I can just call it a night."

So Twilight decides to turn off her a couple of lights, pack up her studies, and goes to her bed while still still comforting her dog who's still shivering. As she goes to sleep, her dog is still eyeing that weird device on her desk. The next thing, Spike sees some strange black smoke forming around the device, showing a figure's face with a nasty evil grin. Frighten at the scary figure, Spike doves into Twilight's blanket covers as the black smoke disappears.

Author's Note:

Hey everyone, sorry it took so long. Had some good and bad things going on in my hometown.

Here's an adorable picture for an apology.

Give in to the Chibi Sunset people, don't resist her.

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Dude. When there’s a Chibi Sunset Shimmer. There’s not a lot of people who can resist.

Oh boy, dogs really do sense evil...

why do people think that chibi looks cute i mean look at the teen titans reboot series is it cute?

So Esbern had no choice, but to knock her out in the head and carrying her on her back.

She gonna be mad as sh*t. Also, I’m a little bit confused. And, is this going to continue?

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