• Published 5th Apr 2018
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The Sun Sets on Motherhood - Sudrian Engineer

Sunset Shimmer has returned to Equestria and has been forgive, but when a young boy from the real word is brought to the land of ponies, will Sunset have what it takes to become a mom?

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No Place Like Home

Sunset felt her body twist and contort as she was slowly being turned back into a pony. Her eyes will filled with bright colors, and she was very dizzy. Thankfully this didn't last long and she came out of the other end. Still mentally in human mode, she was on her hind legs and tried to walk. However, due to being a pony now, when she took a step, she nearly fell over, thankfully Twilight ran over and caught her in a hug before she hit the ground.

"Sunset! I am so glad your here," Twilight said as she smiled at the yellow coated mare.

Sunset smiled back and laughed, "I am glad too, to be honest, I missed being a pony alot." The mare smiled for a moment, before taking a deep breath and sighing. "I am ready whenever Princess Celestia arrives, Twilight."

The purole mare nodded, understanding Sunset's change in mood, a small smile still on the Alicorn's face as she spoke. "She is already here actually, she is in the map room, waiting for you, allow me to take you there."

Sunset nodded and trotted along behind Twilight, mentally panicing as she worried what Princess Celestia would say. Many senerios ran through her mind, none of them good, and most resulting in her being banished from Equestria. Soon, however, a small smile came to her as she remembered what the other Celestia had told her. 'No matter what,' she thought to herself, 'I will accept whatever punishment she gives me with dignity and respect.'

With new found hooe and acceptance, she smiled bravely and followed Twilight to the Map Room doors. Once they arrived, the purple princess spoke, "She is in this room waiting for you." Keeping her brave smile, Sunset nodded and pushed the door open, walking in silently, trying her best not to shake in fear.

Soon enough, she fully saw Celestia and almost broke down sobbing, wanting desperatly to start apologizing profusely. Instead, however, she simply sat down in a chair across from the sun princess and spoke. "H-hello Princess Celestia." Saod alicorn seemed to make no response and they sat in silence for a bit.

"Sunset Shimmer," Celestia finally began, "It has been a long time since I have seen you."

Sunset nodded, "Yes," she replied, "It has, I have returned and want to ask for forgivness. I understand if you don't want to, I know I used to be a rotten, rude, rebellious filly. I don't deserve forgiveness and..." As she continued to speak, her defenses began to crumble. First a leg twitch and drops of water leaking from her eyes. Next, she fully sat, a steady stream of tears flowing out. Finally, she had fully collapsed to the ground, bawling profusely as she ranted about how horrible of a pony she used to be.

Celestia, after having her own defenses fail, lifted Sunset up in a levitation spell and pulled the mare close, hugging her as a Mom would their Child. She stroked the unicorn's main gently, starting to speak calmly to her. "My dear Sunset, I have missed you very much. Yes, it is true you were not the best student, but I failed you in a way much greater than they way you think you failed me."

"Wh-what do you mean Princess?" Sunset asked, confused. "I ran away and tried to take over Equestria."

The Princess felt tears of her own begin to fall as she answered. "I have failded you as a teacher. I neglected your faults in hopes that they would vanish. I showed you things before you were read, and, worst of all, I failed to help you when you needed it most."

"B-but, but, I made you be in a position that you COULDN'T help me, and never accepted the help you did attempt to provide..."

Celestia simply shook her head and sighed. "That may be true, but as your teacher, or more accuratly, your caregiver, I should habe made time for you and done things to help, can you forgive me?"

Sunset nodded tearfully, whimpering an answer. "O-only of you can forgive me." The two stayed in a hugging position for a good amount of time, neither wanting to let go. Soon, theu did let go though, still sharing a similar, tearful, smile. However, Celestia still had more to discuss with Sunset.

"There is one last question I ask Sunset. but it needs some explanation first." Sunset nodded, looking at the princess, who took it as a sign to continue. "When you first became my student, I knew you had no parents, and, as you may remember, signed some papers to make you an official resident of the castle." At this, Sunset nodded, remembering the event. "Since that day, I had done, what I thought was, my best to be like a caregiver to you and help you, Obviously I wasn't that good..."

Both shared a small laugh before Celestia went on. "I had always had a plan since that day, and was going to enact it on your birthday one year... the year you ran through the portal." Sunset gasped and teared up again. "You returning has proven to me that I still want to do it, so here goes." She pulled out some papers and set them on the table, "Sunset Shimmer. will you allow me to make up for my mistakes and become your mother?"

Sunset gasped again, tearing up more as the weight of what Celestia asked hit her fully. With a large smile, she took the quill and signed the papers, wrapping the sun princess in a tight hug afterwards. The pair cried again, even happier tears than before, embracing in a much longer hug this time. Twilight, meanwhile, who had heard everything, smiled and got an idea. Quickly, she dashed out of the castle and down the main street of Ponyville. Her smile proceeded to grow bigger as she began to the the brown and white room of a familier bakery... It was time for a party.

Author's Note:

I am SO SO sorry for how long this took...
Life has been finding more and more ways to mess with me. I PROMISE the next chapter will be out much quicker and I thank you all for continued support.